Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dems Sweep Mayor and City Council Elections

You saw this coming didn't you? No serious republican candidate for any of the Charlotte City Council races or Mayor. No serious republican support.

Scott Stone - ran a feeble minded campaign and just never got going or make that rolling. Anthony Foxx ran ads with embellished employment and crime numbers and Stone never was able to turn that into voting capital. We all know Mayor Foxx had nothing to do with crime going down, and Charlotte has a higher unemployment rate than Ohio. But who cares?

Stone's message was? Come on you know don't you? Let me get back to you on that. Frankly even his signs were all wrong. Too classy, too stylish like a fine home in Glen Eagles, need I saw more?

Edwin Peacock the III - Even with a Charlotte Observer endorsement lost because he is an "arrogant twit". I'm quoting Mrs. Cedar there, his twitter stream confirms her opinion as pretty much dead on. Cedar Posts years ago worked with his dad Ed Peacock, I found him genuine and the real deal something voters have noticed didn't get passed along to "Edwin".

Cannon, Howard and Barnes - Cannon was a sure bet, Howard rides his coat tails, and even Cedar Posts thinks Barnes does a good job.

LaWana Mayfield - Doesn't have the skill set to tie her own shoes and some have even questioned her literacy. But she had a great web presence and ran a slick campaign.

Claire Fallon - Won on effort and believability and being a democrat.

Beth Pickering - Won simply because she was running as a democrat. Pickering bested Curtis Watkins by 10,000 votes even though he had the Observer's endorsement. Pickering will be nothing more than a ditto for democrats. Seriously is anyone even home?

John Autry - Has a lot to prove in one of Charlotte's most threatened areas, I doubt he is the man to do it, but more about that later.

Which leaves Andy Dulin and Warren Cooksey as the two lone republicans on city council.

Republican leadership in Charlotte is at an all time low. They should be ashamed of themselves. You can't blame McCory for looking for something more, as with Myrick, and Vinroot. But the demographics of Charlotte has changed so much over the last 20 years that unless the republican base gets off their collective butts and starts encouraging some top leaders to step forward and take on city politics our taxes are going to go through the roof.

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