Monday, November 28, 2011

In Case You Missed It Former CMPD SGT Hatley Case Goes Forward

WSOC is reporting the following:

A federal judge in Charlotte says the city has to pay a CMPD sergeant who lost her position as a Response Area Commander, the take-home car and 7 percent pay raise that went with it.

The ruling is a victory for Sgt. Tammy Hatley, who sued the department after she lost that position in 2010.
Hatley was one of 39 sergeants who became Response Area Commanders in 2008 and given the extra pay and take-home car in exchange for being on call 24 hours a day for problems in their own districts.

The department said the change was just a "reassignment" and was always meant to be temporary.
But Hatley argued it was a promotion and that she was demoted when she was bumped back to regular sergeant. The judge ruled that Hatley was in fact demoted, and since she did not have a chance to contest the demotion before the Civil Service Board, she is entitled to damages.

Judge Max Cogburn ruled it would be up to a jury to decide how much she gets. He set a hearing for the case for Dec. 5.
His ruling could have implications for 14 other Response Area Commanders who stand to lose their positions because they did not score high enough on a test for a new lieutenant position in the department.

Those promotions are set to become effective on Jan. 7.
In a statement late Monday, CMPD said it is reviewing the judge's ruling and will determine if it has any relevance to the promotion process.

Watch the entire WSOC report here.


Anonymous said...

Good for her!!!!!!! And I am sure that all those assholes that have had NOTHING to do with her, will now be fawning all over her.

What a totally screwed up department CMPD has become.

I also heard some people completely did not tell the truth.

Glad their testimony didn't make a difference, and hope to see them in an orange jumpsuit sooner or later, hopefully sooner!

Anonymous said...

The truth always comes out, period. At least she had the stamina to deal with it to go foward! Too many have taken steps backward because they were scared, Stay Strong Stg Hatley.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Sgt Hatley for her perseverance, courage, and taking a stand against the corruption within the system!

Didn't any others have the courage to pursue similar action?!

Anonymous said...

Nope, those that didn't make it will remain "victims" and blame others and let Hatley fight their battles for them.

How many other RACS stood up for her??


Anonymous said...

The House of Cards is falling down.

Are you talking about Katrina Graue being less than honest? Shocking, huh? Really, WHO does not know that?

What a bunch of loosers.....

I mean, really, after what Medlock, Zinkann and Graue did to Pless, does anything these loosers do surprise you?

Good for Hatley!!!!!

Anonymous said...

missed it-what did Graue testify about specifically?

Anonymous said...

orange jumpsuits on the way? finally. If I were Hatley's atty. & if I knew or believed there was perjury committed, I would file a complaint, demand a lie detector test and charges if they apply. Even if it didn't successfully change the outcome, it would still be a crime and should be investigated. It should also be a message to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Let's PRAY this is the beginning of the end for the Monroe regime! Send him back to Va.....let him finish his education! He needs it badly....

Anonymous said...

Hey November 28, 2011 11:32 PM, you have no idea what you are talking about with the lawsuit itself or with Hatley. Have another sip of Kool-aid, you are overheating...

Anonymous said...


Sure, whatever you the ones that stood up for the ones that did not talk bad about her and make fun of her. Go ahead!

Anonymous said...

There goes the raises for next year. I'm sure that when they give the extra RACs the compensation (7% and car) it will kill any real raise the line officers will get.

Good on Hatley though for seeing it through. Contrary to what CMPD says, it is a promotion and their actions to those subordinate to the RACs (even SGTs) shows it was a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:39

What are you talking about? If they were "drinking the koolaid". they would be kissing Rodney's butt...from what I have heard, what they said is right on the money!!

Anonymous said...

Did the Observer do anything on this?

Anonymous said...

Name the ones who helped her? Please don't. There are enough bulleseye targets being handed out as it is. But, by all means name the ones making fun of her...

citynewswatch said...

Observer put something on the web overnight. Haven't checked this afternoon.

Someone sent me the case and the judge's order, so I added it to the site for anyone who wants to read.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Chief isnt higher then a Federal Judge. I hope she has a jury of 12 who are tired of people being screwed by employers. A jury could award her with a big pay check. The city will then take notice.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sgt Hatley.

Sure hope that Graue and Bellamy are proud of the pins they wear on their collars every day since they were not as strong as you when the Chief made the wrong decision at a murder scene. When this is over you need to call the City Manager and let him know how they changed paperwork to cover it up. Then when the Chief knew he was caught he gave them both a promotion. Guess Deputy Chief and Major Promotions did not buy a Federal Judge.

Anonymous said...

Do puppets have spines? Isnt it impossible to walk without a spine? Certain leaders always promote people they can control. Please trade in your uniforms for suits. You know who you are.

citynewswatch said...

If Graue, Bellamy, or anyone else has information about covering up crimes or any misconduct, they need to speak out now. If Walton or HR won't take a statement or complaint, give it to someone who will.
See what happened to everyone who covered the allegations against Sandusky.
Or, have some integrity.

Anonymous said...

Graue is a shameless self promoter who would throw her own mother under the bus.

She has used that "I'm just a cute little girl" act ad nasueam!

She is treacherous. And it would not surprise anyone to know that she lied and covered up.....ESPECIALLY for promotion.

I suspect there are more lies in her future, to cover up for another "Chief".......because "oh what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive".

How do they look at do they live with themselves?

Anonymous said...

She has not had a PRD done in over two years.

A Police Officer here for 29 years.

Never had a violation. Made to work third shift. Her Officers love to work for her. One week she signs off on an exceptional PRD and the next they change it to Proformance Probation. She kept a copy of the Exceptional PRD. There is no record of it now. I thought all employees needed to have PRD's done every year. There is a lot more to this case then what people know. She just Cant talk about it.

Burkinator said...

Anyone know which attys. handled the case for the city? Going back to Chief Monroe over and over for the same flawed reading of the charter borders on malpractice. Unless Monroe/Walton insisted on that absurdity. If CLT ever rids itself of RM it'll start with the city's legal beagles deciding that the city cannot afford to keep him.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, the shredder works overtime at RODNEY'S CMPD.

Got a problem? NO problem!!! Just fire up the old shredder!! Then...lie and cover up..standard operating procedures.

It seems the corruption just never ends and permeates every part of CMPD now, top to bottom!

If you don't like someone, if someome disagrees with you, lie and fabricate evidence to get rid of them, in other words, set them up to suit your purposes.

Hatley was/is just a convenient scapegoat , a test ballon for them.

This kind of stuff goes on EVERY day under RM.

It must be exhausting, keeping all the stories of all the people you are screwing over straight.

Then all the things you are trying to cover up and keep the lid on.

Then all the INCOMPETENT, unethical people of NO integrity he has promoted and put in positions that will adversely affect CMPD for years to come because he OWES them for covering up for him, and you have a Police Deartment that needs MAJOR housecleaning, starting with Rodney, Medlock, Graue, Zinkann, IA, and the list goes on....

Not to mention the millions it is costing and will continue to cost the City and CMPD in lawsuits.

I hope Tammy breaks the bank, because it seems that is all CC listens to:The Almighty Dollar!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06

Right you are on all counts!

But what does ANYONE expect when you HIRE someone that lied from the get go??? Do you suddenly think he is going to develop honor, integrity, ethics A CONSCIENCE??

It's not gonna happen.....if anything, the power has just corrupted and corroded even more.

And, My God, the number of people that he has corrupted is just downright amazing and overwhelming!!

But it seems some have found their voices and way to the truth through the courts.

I hope Chris and Pless have good attorneys!

Anonymous said...

And how about that new Crime Scene Truck???

How much did that cost and where did the money come to pay for it??

Was it budgeted? Was it DNC funds? Was it Asset and Forfiture, was it some kind of Grant money?? What?

Anonymous said...

While I am glad for hatley has anyone one of these so called “leaders” within CMPD or City Council thought about the unintended consequences of this entire thing.

What about the lowly officers, who thanks to another one of ole RoMo’s screw ups, will yet again have to go without a pay raise.

"Hey guys I know you all have kids and spouses to support. And I know the cost of everything is going up. And I know the city is raising insurance premiums once again. And yep, you’re not gonna get a pay raise. But hey, I don't care. I got my 4 take home cars, private bathroom in my office and pretty white shirt so everyone knows I’m important all at the expense of your pay raise. So I don't care." RoMo

And thanks city council for now paying curt Walton more than the Vice President of the United States. Must be really tough managing the city of Charlotte

So thank you RoMo and all the so called “leaders” within CMPD who have successfully made my paycheck smaller. Thank you for allowing me to work more, spend less time with my children, put less food on the table, watch my kids wear worn out clothes and shoes because I can't buy them new clothes.

Thank you all, you worthless, spineless good for nothing "Leaders" in command staff. The department needs actually leaders. Not another administrator who is only out for themselves and damn whoever gets in the way.

On the eve before the new sgt list is published I challenge all the new and upcoming sgt's to remember what it was like when you were on third working countless hours of off duty a week just to make ends meet. Become leaders and not administrators. If you can't lead recognize it and do the entire department a favor and turn the promotion down. One day this department will be ran by leaders and not administrators. But until then, we’re all screwed.

Anonymous said...

As long as people don't speak up publicly, this will continue.

More people need to get the right information to the right people--immediately. Anonymous descriptions of what's going on are helpful to vent stress, but the way to end this sick situation is to be specific, name names, name incidents, forward reports, forward emails, have the real support of legal legs to stand on. Report it. And keep your records safe.

Sgt. Hatley stood up. Where are you?

There is more information coming, but you need to help.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36
The point being NO one stood up for her or went to bat for her, and all made fun of her, or shunned her.

The other RACS were scared shitless for their own "promotions".

Nice bunch, huh?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sgt. Hatley. I hope you bust the CMPD bank for all the shit you went through. CMPD IS JUST A BUNCH OF BACK STABBING MF'S.

If someone would look into UCD. I'm sure some interesting things are going on within the ranks.