Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends - The CMPD Edition

How To End Up With The Watch Commander's Office Assignment

Most everyone knows that the Watch Commander's Office is the Chief's way of saying "Bad Cop No Donut". Seems a well respected Captain earned the demotion the equivalent of "window sitting" for Toyota, because get this, he was passing notes during a briefing conducted by Deputy Chief Katina Graue.

Graue was boring as usual, became incensed at the general inattention of those officers in attendance and took issue with the contents of the note which reportedly was nothing more the Chief Monroe's email tag line.

The Captain's next misdeed was to take a less than serious interest in church. If the facts check out the Captain who is an admitted agnostic (a person who believes that the existence of a greater power, such as a god, cannot be proven or disproved) made the mistake of saying he wasn't comfortable attending a church to represent the department but was ordered to attend the service anyway. After the first service the captain was told again to attend another service at the same church and he again protested.

Poof instant Watch Commander and Hello 3rd shift.

A Request From An Indianapolis Police Officer

Re: CMPD Baker One Domestic Battery Project

I am a patrolman in Indy looking for honest feedback from CMPD Officers who had experience with the Baker One Domestic Violence Project from 2001 to 2007.

We just began a similar initiative here in Indianapolis to link indicator crimes to dom. batt. cases. Our dept. has set the criteria for one to be a B1 offender as I understand it to be any person with 3 domestic reports in a three month period or 5 in a year. As part of this we are mandated to take a report on any domestic run.

This means that if they were only arguing verbally about taking out the trash and a neighbor calls in a disturbance, we have to file a police report. Three of these and they're flagged as a B1 offender.

Then should we identify early offenders we are to pursue them relentlessly and document every time we come into contact them for any reason and not exercise any discretion when we interact with them.

I am very apprehensive about the possibility of "harassment" claims this may generate. Any words on success and /or opinions would be appreciated.

Your can view the original post and respond here.

Spies Among Us - Occupy Charlotte Mole at CMPD?

This ought to get CMPD's Command Staff's Attention. The writer is Robert Tilford of Charlotte:

"This is also very sad, very sad indeed", says Jane Doe (not her real name) of Charlotte, N.C. a political operative who works inside the CMPD police department and is a self proclaimed "spy inside" for the Occupy Charlotte movement. Her husband, lets call him Paul, a county employee stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement and used to work as a lobbyist for a private hospital network. He says "the money and influence of special interests in Congress is amazing". Congress is basically "for sale" he says. Jane and Paul is among a number of people who are fed up with the political system and are seeking ways to change it."

The entire story is here.

UNCC SWAT Unit - File this under "You have got to be KIDDING!"

According to WCNC - The UNCC Police Department has formed a 13-member SWAT team with special training, special gear, and special tools and weapons.

"You can't just sit and wait for something to happen. You have to be ready at a moment's notice," said Lt. Josh Huffman of the UNCC Campus Police and SWAT team. "We can mobilize quickly. We have swat members on each squad, day shift and night shift.”

"I think it's very possible something like that could happen on campus," said sophomore Corbin Peters. Most of these students weren't in college yet when the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting happened, but it's something they remember. "It was kind of scary. I wasn't even there and I can only imagine how scary it was for the students," said sophomore Calinda Burrus. So learning their college campus has a SWAT team is very comforting.

More details are here.


jeff a. taylor said...

Uh, didn't the host committee float the idea of putting DNC convention "support staff" out at UNCC dorms?

Is that still on track? Is UNCC getting federal $$ for this militarization of its police force? Is it in any way related to any UNCC role in supplying convention housing?

Anonymous said...

If that is Jeff Pless you are talking about and that is what happened I hope he files a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I thought District 5 - Peterson was some kind of a flake. Based on that response, instead of writing in, "my big cock", I think I'll actually vote for the guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, from what I understand, that is Captain Pless.

And most of those facts are spot on...

Except you left out that Medlock, Zinkann had been trying to get him for a while, and seem to have Successfully recruited Graue into their "got 'cha" program of retaliation. Which wasn't hard to do, she was an eager and willing participant, as I understand she has been for other people.

The whole affair was set up and intentional, put into action a few days before Medlock left to go to his Grand Poobah job
as Grand Marshall of the DNC. They just used this issue to have him banished to the Watch Commander's Office. Typical Medlock, Zinkann and Graue.....they have done it before.

And yes, I hear he is prepared to take this all the way to Federal Court, if necessary.

A truly shitty way to treat a loyal and dedicated employee.

I hope he does.

Anonymous said...

hello to all the candidates who claim they don't know any problems in the police dept: have they not been reading Cedarposts for years and Citynewswatch this year?

Anyone who says they don't know what's going on if full of it. I guess they are hoping nobody will tell.

Anonymous said...

From all I have heard, you have got the story about Pless just about right.

And I have heard that now, with the help of a new Captain of their choosing, they are trying to put a different spin on what happened and the reason for the move.
More koolaid drinkers!

Business as usual at CMPD, trying to spin things to fit THEIR version of the truth.

Bullshit is what they are spreading.

And they may lie, but from what I hear, the guy in NY is not the only one to have the foresight to come to meetings prepared.

Just saying' !!!!!

Anonymous said...

what's that, Rob? did you say something?

Anonymous said...

City Council will not have any kind of plausible deniability when it comes to the misdeeds and corruption at the top at CMPD.

They would have to be really stupid and totally uninformed......oh, wait a minute.....

Green Mountain Realty said...

Great Information, Thanks for sharing


Unfortunately there are no loyalties left in Charlotte, the one eyes Monster they call Chief has made sure of that...not only turning Command staff against each other but has since trickled down even to Patrol. There is no camaraderie the department is no longer in anyway "Family Oriented"...Everyone for themselves...They say everyone is equal... that's why they have again re-sent everyone through's a sad day when the majority is the minority ..and the only ones held accountable...such as recent LEO officer who beat another g/f..(2nd incident) charges filed, didn't get arrested was able to resign...why because she's a minority...Honestly that pisses me off to no end...No one is equal , can never be looked at as equal as long as you have people who have agendas of their own and scores to settle...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32
Unfortunately, you are 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

You are right, most now on Command Staff use their positions to settle old scores and " get even" with people for often minor "perceived" grievances.....childish bullies.

And all those that go Long to get long ate just as guilty ....if you stand idly by watching others and don't do r say anything, you are aiding and abetting.

Lots of slimy behavior from many at cmpd now.

Those that have jumped on the shitty bandwagon for their own gain will be remembered!

Anonymous said...

The story about Pless does not surprise me, I saw him get his ass kicked hard for no good reason by Medlock at a few Compstat meetings.

Others would present the same facts and figures, but he was always singled out to take a bunch of shit from Harold, it was obvious he was always gunning for him.

Just another screwed up thing at cmpd!

What a total disaster Monroe's tenure has been......that he would listen to a loser like Medlock says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Just don't understand why these corrupt things are allowed to keep happening at cmpd.

What is going on with the media?

How about any other Agencies that should be investigating what is going on?

I really boggles the mind that he is allowed to continue to bring cmpd down to lower levels every day.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:46 =

hope everyone in Charlotte who doesn't care about doing the right thing or following laws to begin with is paying attention to Pennsylvania. Maybe the criminal charges and obvious civil suits coming will wake them up since ethical choices alone aren't enough.

so far they're getting away with too much by using city attorneys to block access to more proof -- there's a term for that.

keep sending documents and information to the people who are publishing. the more it's out and documented, the less they can deny.

Anonymous said...

Obstruction of Justice?

They are attorneys, aren't they?

Surely they know that they cannot be complicit in ANYTHING?

Why doesn't he open the door to the truth? Produce the documents the public has the right to see?

Anonymous said...

I hope there are special penalties for any attorneys found guilty of obstruction of justice. If there is a proven conspiracy and obstruction of justice, not to mention the other things on the list... attorneys and non- will be in deep legal trouble. Those people tend to lose all their money and go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Cedar,Check out Blue for Justice Blog.