Thursday, November 10, 2011

Observer Reports Sex Crime But Why?

From the Charlotte Observer:

A Rock Hill man has been arrested on accusations that he tried multiple times to force a woman to have sex with him in her apartment, police say.

Keon Antoine Huntley, 22, has been charged with criminal sexual conduct, third degree, in connection to the May incident.

The 22-year-old woman claims her roommate had invited a friend of his to hang out at their apartment on May 26, according to a Rock Hill police report. About 3:30 a.m., the friend knocked on her bedroom door, and she allowed him inside. Later, he began touching her and asking her if she wanted to have intercourse with him.

She repeatedly told him no, and he continued touching her and tried to take her clothes off, the report states. She left the room and went to the bathroom, telling him to leave. She then walked outside and called her mother and police.

Officers searched the apartment but did not find the suspect, the report states.

After an investigation, a warrant for criminal sexual conduct was served on Huntley Wednesday.
Cedar's Take: I'm not sure why this is news. This sort of thing goes on all the time, so why did the Charlotte Observer decide this is news? I'm really concerned that our country has become so obsessed with sex crimes that even this "non-event" has become headline news. Clearly the guy was a jerk, and needed a knee to the groin to get him to chill. But come on, if this is a crime then back up the vans with the chain link fence on the inside to Granville Towers everybody goes to jail.


Anonymous said...

I only read the online version of the Observer. What I have noticed lately, is that the only crime that is reported in the poor fashion that they report in, is almost never IN Charlotte.
Jim K

Anonymous said...

Jim, you obviously haven't heard from Chief Monroe and his corportate/political suckups: there IS NO crime in Charlotte, and anyone who asks for any other truth than the truth that comes out of Rodney's mouth will be punished, attacked whatever ways work.

That's why none of the local media can find any Charlotte Crime issues to report, not because they are also suckups and too lazy to get the story. We have no crime in Charlotte.

Sorry you were confused Jim.