Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CMPD Promotes Several Officers to the Rank of Lieutenant

From: Graue, Katrina

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 5:02 PM

To: CMPD everyone

Subject: Promotion to Lieutenant

Please join me in congratulating the following sergeants who were approved for promotion to the rank of lieutenant by the Civil Service Board. Details on assignments and a promotional ceremony will follow.

Sgt. Tonya Arrington
Sgt. Rich Austin Jr.
Sgt. Todd Blum
Sgt. Eric Brady
Sgt. Jackie Bryley
Sgt. Ryan Butler
Sgt. Joe Carey IV
Sgt. Lisa Carriker
Sgt. Casey Carver
Sgt. Travis Childs
Sgt. Spencer Cochran
Sgt. David Cristy
Sgt. Shawn Crooks
Sgt. Bill Cunningham Jr.
Sgt. Robert Dance
Sgt. Roseann DeTommaso
Sgt. Rod Farley
Sgt. Brian Foley
Sgt. Norman Garnes Jr.
Sgt. Todd Garrett
Sgt. Jeff Harless
Sgt. Andrew Harris
Sgt. Blake Hollar
Sgt. Steve Huber
Sgt. Jackie Hulsey
Sgt. Jim Hummel
Sgt. Dave Johnson
Sgt. Nathan King
Sgt. Pamela Lisenby
Sgt. Todd Lontz
Sgt. David Moorefield Jr.
Sgt. James Morrison
Sgt. Fred Newell
Sgt. Travis Pardue
Sgt. Mark Santaniello
Sgt. Kenneth Schul
Sgt. Jonathan Thomas
Sgt. John Thornton
Sgt. James Wright


Deputy Chief Katrina Graue
Administrative Services Group

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


Anonymous said...

Any new lieutenant worried your position doesn't exist? Or do you believe Monroe that you'll have protected status?
He'll just write a new rule if a problem develops-- no, not in writing

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the present RACS that were not promoted will get to keep their same pay.

Anonymous said...

we have to wait and see how Tammy Hatley goes,
then more lawsuits will be filed for anyone that didn't get promoted from RAC to LT (prediction)
unless they make upfront offers to try to avoid that, which would be smart. but these people don't seem too smart backing all of the ridiculous, off-directive moves he makes.
I hope they go to trial, too, and shed more light.
it would be smart of other officers to demand a jury trial.

Anonymous said...

For those that do not know. Tammy has not settled. December 10, 2011.

Anonymous said...

They are truly stupid....

I believe they allowed it to go as far as it did because they believed the judge would rule in their favor and the decision would be, in essence, made for them.

And if they allow those RACS that did not make Lt. to keep their pay and cars, how will that effect chain of command and morale among other Sgts.?

If they don't allow them to keep those things, more lawsuits!

Anonymous said...

Tammy Hatley won the judgement. The judge ordered a jury to decide damages, starting this past Monday.
Didn't they stop at that point for settlement talks on damages? what's the update?

Anonymous said...

And if ANY of those RACS that did not make the cut believe ANYTHING Rodney says, any private "deals" he tries to make, ANY carrots he dangles, then you really are stoopid and probably don't deserve to be RACS.

He will promise the freaking moon to avoid any more lawsuits, but Dooods, he is LEAVING, he does not give a good rats ass, period.

Have you seen what he has done to the department!??

And would you really believe anything he said, really??

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

Just like the Captain he made promises to...

Can you run a whole department in this slimy, sleazy, corrupt way??

The man has no class, none.

I heard one of the RACS that didn't make it threw someone the Chief wants to "get" under the bus in exchange for favorable "attention".

He has managed to turn friend against friend and cause such a division.

Of course the slimy people that have sold their souls for his favors and promises of glory, are they any better?

Anonymous said...

This whole screwup is because, once again, Rodney believes he is above obeying any rules or regs.

He believes he is the "decider", and he has virtually no oversight. Curt and City Council seem to believe every word he says, and never bother to verify anything he says.

They told him no on the Lt.thing, but like a defiant child, he found a way, he thought, to get around it. With NO THOUGHT to the people's lives he was directly going to impact. And like an impatient three year old, he made a BAD decision.

A decision that he left up to the courts, at taxpayers expense, to sort out.

Is it really possible that one small person has so totally and completely screwed up a police dept. in such a short time?

It's a nightmare....and it's not over yet!