Thursday, December 22, 2011

CMPD Throws Officer David Jones Under The Bus

From: "Tufano, Robert"
To: Media Release
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 5:05 PM
Subject: Officer David Jones III

Case Update, December 21, 2011

On Wednesday December 21, 2011, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department suspended Officer David Jones III without pay and cited him for termination from the department as the result of an internal investigation. The recommendation for this action was the outcome of an Independent Chain of Command Review Board which examined the information gathered during the internal investigation.

The investigation was launched following a December 7, 2011, incident in which Jones was accused of assaulting an individual. There is still an active criminal investigation being conducted by Matthews Police Department concerning the incident.


On Friday, December 9, 2011, an arrest warrant was obtained for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer David Jones III. Jones was charged with assault inflicting serious injury.

It has been alleged that Jones assaulted an individual who struck the vehicle of a family member of his during a motor vehicle collision on December 7, 2011 in Matthews. The individual who Jones is accused of assaulting was treated at a local hospital and was arrested and charged with DUI upon his release.

Jones turned himself in to the Magistrates Office this afternoon and is in the custody of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Officer Jones has been with the CMPD since September 27, 2000. He is assigned to the South Division and is currently on paid administrative leave pending a parallel criminal and internal investigation. The criminal investigation is being conducted by the Matthews Police Department. Detectives with the CMPD Internal Affairs Division will conduct the department’s internal investigation.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information concerning the event is asked to call the Matthews Police Department Criminal Investigations at 704.847.7755.

Robert A. Tufano
Office of the Chief
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
704.336.7042 (O)
704.301.8605 (M)


Anonymous said...

As soon as they fast tracked the IA investigation, that meant he was going to get thrown under the bus. If they wanted it to die down, they would have taken their time on it.

Anonymous said...

Ann 3:14 you beat me to it I would only add that the fast track means that his prior active suspension was for much the same thing.

Which leads me to the next question, why was Gina Cook given the slow boat to China deal and why didn't CMPD release a statement and in fact lie when asked if she was terminated?

A double standard? You think?

Anonymous said...

Jones was fast tracked because he argued publicly with the D/C’s when they were changing the Off Duty policy because of his actions. In fact: all of his troubles started here.

Those who knew him knew that he had a number of off duty jobs that he was coordinating. In fact he was making a whole lot more money than the D/C’s at the expense of his brother and sisters in blue. When the Deputy Chiefs found out about it they simply changed the policy eliminating his ability to manage multiple jobs. Because of Jones, there were several open policy meetings and in one Jones told D/C Medlock and D/C Putney that he went to UNCC on the cities dime, got an education in business and was using his education to make a ton of money. It was his arrogance that got him fast tracked on this and the other issues.
So my take Jones jumped under the bus with his arrogance and then iced the cake by not waiting on Matthews PD to arrive. Sometime we as Officers need to know its ok to be a victim and simply wait on the on duty officers to do the job so our personal bias is not placed in jeopardy.
Now maybe they can change the off duty policy back since it was changed for one and has affected everyone!

Anonymous said...

Was it changed for him or so Foster could manage things? what exactly did he do that made them change the policy & suspend him for six weeks?

What was the change in the policy: limits, fairness, assignments, cars, uniforms, rotations, etc...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:32

Absolutely correct!!!

Anonymous said...

He was contracted with several (more than 10 / probably more that 20) business / apartment complexes to provide secondary employment for. Yes he was being paid for his services and he was selecting the officer to work the hours. Sounds like good business skill however there were concerns that he was scheduling officers on duty as well as several minority officers felt that they were not being given a fair shot at the available work.
I don’t know why he was given six weeks off but the policy change was that you cannot manage more than two jobs. Then Officers were made to sign up on a rotation list. This way when a job came open the next person in line got it. It’s really a screwed up mess because coordinators can no longer pick the person that has a schedule that works with a job. It’s just a mess and as much as I would like to blame Foster she had nothing to do with it. Agreed she is worthless, however Jones open this door and Medlock screw it up royally! Even the secondary employment employees have found loop hole to work around a screwed up policy. What a mess, it just fits with the RoMo management style.
Please change the policy back for those of us not getting raises since the money is all going to DNC, white shirts for the Lt's and the RoMo lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he leading those apartment managers into thinking they had to use him and no one else, and charging way more "for his services"?

Anonymous said...

Even though this is, it is a shame for the other brothers and sisters in blue will pay the price, AND they still have to get up and protect and deal with another person's actions, even though judgement was already made when the story broke. Meaning,no defense to those that have done wrong and defense to those that have been accused,then cleared. This is much a "fast track" since sooo many got to stay on and ride that train. Why? No answer here, just like no answer of many questions about CMPD or things that go on while the manager's office keeps spending and gives select people raises, sad to say, this is a beautiful distraction for them. Just don't judge the rest that put their LIFE on the line everyday, because of choices a few made.

Anonymous said...

Nobody judges the officers that put their lives on the line and serve with integrity.

Part of that integrity is speaking up when fellow officers of any rank are doing something wrong, breaking rules, breaking laws.

When we stay silent knowing about about illegal acts and participate in rigging numbers and covering up facts, that makes us accessories, which is often a criminal act.

Is that what a police officer should do?

Is that who should expect a raise?

Don't give some b.s. excuse about following orders, because sworn police officers are only supposed to follow LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL orders, and lying about records doesn't fall into that category.

No wonder the Chief and the Manager just take whatever they want. Nobody will say a word to stop it. Waiting for individual payoffs?

Keep holding your breath and see how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

If you coordinate a job you pick your officers. Not everyone deserves to work at every job, some jobs need to be selective. It is not a race issue but a moron issue. There are MANY officers that can screw up your off duty jobs by just being themselves. The policy was changed for Foster and her bs and jones was an easy out. He went over the top and brought attention to himself no question but changes are made to support out deserving DC' dare someone stand up to them and show their same arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, he was milking the existing system and taking unfair advantages with his "job".

His behavior, not Foster, got him in trouble.

He was being dishonest and unethical, showing no integrity.

And just because Rodney and his crew have paved the way on those behaviors, it does not make it right in any way.

But this is probably what you get when you set such a piss poor example.

Anonymous said...

"He was being dishonest and unethical, showing no integrity.

And just because Rodney and his crew have paved the way on those behaviors, it does not make it right in any way.

But this is probably what you get when you set such a piss poor example."

You said it. On both counts.
This is what's happening, but the lemmings following are 100% responnsible for their own choices. People go to prison for it all the time.
"But everyone was doing it" doesn't carry much weight with most judges.