Friday, December 16, 2011

Did CMPD Release Rape Suspect Hours Before He Raped A 3rd Victim?

Early this morning Cedar Posts along with Rick Thames of the Observer, Crime in Charlotte, and the news desks of WBT, WBTV, WSOC and News14 received an email that claims CMPD detectives released a rape suspect from custody only to have to arrest him hours later after he raped a 3rd woman.

The arrest as reported by CMPD goes something like this:

Lavatae Evans, a 31-year-old felon, was taken into custody, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Police said two people were sexually assaulted Thursday morning on Equipment Drive, off West Sugar Creek Road near Interstate 85.

As police searched for Evans, the suspect in the attack, he assaulted another person about a five-mile drive away at a home on Brewton Drive, police said.

A SWAT team was called to the home, which is located in a neighborhood between Statesville Avenue and Interstate 77. Evans later surrendered

But is this the whole story? Did Evans attack two women, then find himself in Police custody only to be released and rape again? If so why did CMPD's PIO cover up the facts?

Or was Lavantae Evans simply arrested as CMPD has said after a stand off with CMPD Officers including a SWAT and members of the VCAT unit?

The email in its entirety.

To whom ever will listen,

The information you have received from CMPD concerning the arrest and actions of Lavantae Evans is not completely true.

They have lied in an effort to cover up their mistakes which lead to an innocent person being sexually assaulted and held against her will.

Police responded to the Sunset Inn at 5301 Equipment Dr around 6 a.m. on 12/15/2011. During this altercation Evans was named and positively identified as a suspect in the kidnapping and rape of two female subjects.

Evans was found hiding in another hotel room a few doors down from where the assault took place. Once Evans was located he was positively identified as the person who raped and kidnapped the two women. He was then voluntarily transported to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned by detectives.

At some point Evans was allowed to leave police custody and not charged with the rape and kidnapping of the first two women.

After being allowed to leave police custody he then kidnapped and raped another (3rd) woman which led to the police standoff with the SWAT team responding.

It was only after Evans was involved in the raping and kidnapping of a third woman that detectives went and obtained warrants for his arrest for the first two women that he assaulted.

CMPD completely failed in this incident and allowed a dangerous, violent and disturbed individual to walk the streets and a few hours later lead to the rape of another woman that could have been completely prevented.

Please, I implore you to dig harder and see that the information released to you by CMPD is not true in its entirety.

All that I have said is documented and available for public record. Please look more into this story and report the truth about what happened with Mr. Evans and CMPD's failure to protect this community.

I am contacting you on the basis of anonymity and do not wish to be contacted or spoken to.

Thank you

Updated as of 3:00PM CMPD admits to omitting the fact that they released Mr. Evans just hours before he committed the 3rd rape.

From WBTV:

Evans sexually assaulted two women at a motel on Equipment Drive early Thursday morning, said Maj. Vicki Foster with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's sexual assault unit.

Foster said after interviewing the two victims, Evans voluntarily came in for questioning at CMPD headquarters between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

The two women's stories did not add up and because Evans was being cooperative with the investigation CMPD allowed him to leave.

Upon leaving, Evans boarded a CATS bus where he met a third woman who needed directions to South Park Mall, Foster said.

Foster said Evans misled the woman and took her to his residence on Brewton Drive where he sexually assaulted her around 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

Cedar's Take: There are many reasons a suspect is released. CMPD's public information office in an effort to cover up the facts via omission, is in its most simplistic form, wrong and is just another indication of the troubling changes at CMPD since Chief Monroe's arrival. In no uncertain terms heads need to roll, starting at the top.


Anonymous said...

It is true.

Anonymous said...

I heard it is true.

Anonymous said...

Cedar this is just the way RoMo rolls.

Anonymous said...

Deny Everything. Make Counter-Accusations. Lie, Cheat, And Steal.

Welcome to Rodney Monroe's CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29

You have got that exactly right!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, they brought out ALL of Executive Staff for the exclusive Presser about this:
Vicki Foster
Kerr Putney
Doug Galant
Katrina Graue

Poor Foster got the short straw on this, they made her stand up there.

Why didn't the little Chief make the statement?? No, he put his subordinates up there to do his dirty work.....What a phucking piss poor "leader" he is.

Did they take questions from all media outlets?

Of course it was all BULLSHIT...they had plentry to hold him...but because the women weren't "church ladies " they
Did not take them seriously.

Why didn't they say all this from the get-go?

Because they were PER USUAL trying to cover it up.

It was only because of the Anonymous email that they said anything at all.

All those that were standing up there should be polygraphed, every last one of them....I am guessing none would pass.

What a bunch of loosers.

Katrina Graue?? Really?? The Queen of Lies?

I am disappointed in Putney, I thought at least he was above spouting the party line,wow. said...

It is so sad that it takes an anonymous email to get the 'real' story from CMPD. They should be ashamed. said...

This info as shared by the Observer should have made CMPD keep an eye on the guy once they decided to release him.
He's been convicted of drug possession and second-degree kidnapping, according to records. Evans was arrested in connection with a 1997 incident and charged with first-degree rape of a child, first-degree sex offense against a child, kidnapping and robbery. The rape and kidnapping charges were dismissed, records show, but he was convicted on the robbery charge. For the sex offense charge, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge: felony crime against nature.

Anonymous said...

And can you really look at the camera and say that you had NO PROBABLE CAUSE to hold him? NO PROBABLE CAUSE???

Puleeze, who is stupid enough to believe that absolute crap??

It is absolutely incredible that they got away with this, that they all stood up there like automatons and supported the LIE....supported and told the lie.

Does NO ONE have a backbone? Does no one have any shred of integrity or common decency left?

WTF is it going to take?

TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, and totally corrupt!

Anonymous said...

He sent them so the lie comes from someone other than himself...deniability.

Anonymous said...

Here comes another pay out from CMPD. I think this is a good job for your digging Cedars. Find out the total number from lawsuits under Napoleans watch.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the link to the whole press conference? I caught a glimpse and it looked like ole RoMo was abt to poop himself. Wanted to watch the whole thing to watch him squirm. If you have the link post it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Whose story did not add up???

They placed the blame on the victims, saying their stories did not add up, and used this as justification for their own lies.

No suprise there.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at that presser looked like they wanted the earth to open up and swallow they wanted to be anywhere else, uncomfortable.

Yet there they were, supporting the lie and the corruption. Instead of saying enough is enough and letting Rodney suffer the consequences of his lies and corruption. Spineless, the lot of them.

They are going to land hard.

Anonymous said...

Did they give any explanation for the following lie...

"As police searched for Evans, the suspect in the attack, he assaulted another person"

Anonymous said...

Geez everybody....Webster didn't release him! It was what it was, deal with it and stop looking for a conspiracy around every corner.

We have some problems in this department, but this shouldn't be one of them. The scumbag played it smart and cooperated. Probably seemeed to be a very nice scumbag, and those guys have rights. So what are ya going to do?

Anonymous said...

Have "some" problems? That is an understatement.

And yes, he did release is his culture of lying that allowed this to happen.

He is reaping what he sowed.

What are you going to do? It's called Probable Cause, and it is Cop 101, so if you are a cop, you should know all about it.

Anonymous said...

The real issue is not that they released him. it was the deception that followed.

Cmpd's statement that they were searching for him, when he had actually been released by the department, was a lie and means they cant be trusted to tell the truth in this and other situations.

That is a big problem.

Also, once caught in the lie, they put it back on the victims instead of being accountable for their own mistakes, and never addressed why they lied. shameful.

Anonymous said...

As long as CMPD is able to keep public access to the significant event log and calls for service shut down, they can completely control the flow of information.

The only way we knew of this and the death of a CMPD prisoner was via the family of the victims.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 17, 2011 12:30 PM

I couldn't have said it better myself with CMPD controlling the flow of information by no longer releasing the stats. This is public knowledge and should be back out there for the public to see.

Kudos for who ever sent that email regarding the cover up. Everything within CMPD is a cover up and no one has any backbone to stand up to ROMO. The rape detectives are now trying to cover their ass in this big screw up. By trying to place the blame on the first two victim's. It would be nice to say that everything will come out in the wash against CMPD. But truthful we all know that it won't. I really look forward to that next civil law suit, which will more than likely reach a settlement without going to court. When will the City Council wake up and start to smell the coffee?

As for Katrina Graue the Queen of Deceit. I would not urinate on her if she was on fire. said...

I find it interesting how CMPD decides to 'pick and choose' who they send press releases to. I found out about the arrest through an anonymous email... Hey CMPD--Bring back the Significant Event Log and stop HIDING the FACT we have violent crime in Charlotte!!!

Anonymous said...

CrimeinCharlotte December 17, 2011 1:30 PM

Im sure that we all know this. It all comes down to money. How do you think CMPD is getting all this grant money? From ROMO'S lies that crime is being reduced. If they FEDS got a hold of this, the money would stop for sure.