Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Wrap Up!

Great Seats, Loyal Dog, Couple of Stadium Blankets and Starbucks, I'm all wrapped up for the holidays how about you?

Christmas Count Down - Beyond the shopping malls and office parties there are those of us who view the impending doom of Christmas Day with despair. It is about this time each year that Christmas begins to go into as investment experts would say is an "Over Bought" condition.

This irrational exuberance is often caused by setting standards for holiday excellence that is unobtainable. The perfect dinner, the perfect tree, the perfect gift, and the perfect husband, wife and or spousal equivalent.

Yes Boys and Girls, Santa is about to slide down the chimney and like wise your emotions. The prospect of College Bowl games and the end of football season shortly there after along with the post holiday blues is something I never look forward to. The mere thought that baseball is still more than 90 days away and its 111 days until CBS airs the Masters causes uncontrollable sobbing of my soul.

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe - Chief Monroe who's management style is kindly referred to as "re-active" has again proved true to form by addressing the MSM's firestorm and piling on of CMPD Officer David Jones.

“We work hard each and every day to try to gain and maintain the trust of the community, and sure, this hurts,” Chief Monroe told WSOC TV.

After more than a week of silence since the news broke that the off duty officer hammered an intoxicated Richard Samuel McVicker, Chief Monroe contacted WSOC to make a couple of statements including:

“We will be looking to take appropriate action as relates to anything that's sustained in reference to his behavior,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe

Interestingly enough the Chief failed to address the DWI charge against Officer Beatrice Andres or the assault charge against Officer Dan Tran.

South Charlotte Weekly - Takes a pro-CMPD view of just about everything the department does. From fluffing crime reduction numbers to flowing accolades of Chief Monroe, "The Wet Thing in the Driveway" went all in this week with the David Jones story.

"Sources close to the family also say preliminary blood-alcohol tests indicate McVicker, of 11018 South Point Drive, Charlotte, had a level almost three times the legal limit when he began banging on Jones car and screaming, scaring her and her grandson. Valdes said a preliminary breath taste taken at the scene is not admissible and not part of the investigation, and her department is waiting on results of a blood test. "

Cedar Says: Yes you read that right a "breath taste".

More over the top reporting from the Weakly on the McVicker vs Jones altercation is here.

Hatley v. City of Charlotte - Was set to begin a jury trial to determine damages last week. Reportedly lawyers for both sides are in discussions and moving towards an out of court settlement and payment amount. Experts suggest that it will be a figure approaching 7 figures as Officer Hatley's career is over and her retirement plans laid to ruin thanks to Chief Monroe.

Yet CMPD and City officials must also weigh the ripple effect of any settlement as other RAC's who were demoted or failed to be promoted to Lieutenant will also seek payment riding on the coat tails of Hatley v Charlotte. Total cost of this Rodney Monroe failure could top 10 million.


Anonymous said...

You left out the female that died in the back of a squad car after a shoplifting was on one of the tv news stations last night.

She was in handcuffs and apparently was distraught and left unattended...the story is she "committed suicide"by hanging herself with the seatbelt??

It happened 10 or 11 days ago and the only reason we know about it now is the mother went directly to the news with it.

Anonymous said...

A corrupt Police Chef, no oversight or transparency ...recipe for disaster.

Curt Waton and City Council asked for this by being totally ineffective and turning a blind eye and deaf ear to all their guy Rodney has done.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Dec.16th 7:53 AM

Problem solved....

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Rodney hold an OPEN press conference addressing all of these many, many questionable things going on at cmpd?

Why won't he take questions from ALL of the meda outlets in Charlotte?

His inability to tell the truth, his inability to lead, his vindictiveness, his delusions of grandeur, and let's just say it, his corrupt way of running cmpd......he wouldn't DARE have an open press conference. He could not handle it, all the lies he has told, how would he keep up with them all??

Welcome to Charlotte, DNC, the DETROIT of the south!!

What a Cluster the DNC will be, can you even imagine Harold Medlock handling anything like it? OMG!

Once again, it is the good and honest Officers at cmpd that suffer from the corruption at the top.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about the girl who supposedly committed suicide in the police car.....

Cedar Posts said...

5:59 Check out Dianne Gallagher's report here. She out scooped me early this AM.

7:53 It happened on the 5th but it is now just coming to light. She is still alive, but showing no signs of recovery and reports are that she shows no sign of brain activity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and clarification.

Anonymous said...

There are at least 10 Sgts who were in the same job as Tammy who were not given the Lt rank.

Bendover tax payers!

Thank You Chief Monroe!

Anonymous said...

Dont ever plan on seeing that video, which supposedly has been held as evidence pending the investigation. Even with the new digital camera system in the vehicle's. Things have a way of being accidentally deleted. Plus it seems that the officers were not watching the person in custody or this would have never happened. Lets see how CMPD will cover this one up. I'm sure that it already has been through IA and then Rob (The Plumber) Tufano will add his own bit of deceit in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Here are the reasons why you don't hear anything about the CMPD DWI (Beatrice Andres) or the assault by CMPD Recruiter (Dan Tran). Because ROMO is scared of the pink between the legs and the minority.