Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Wrap Up!

Richland County K-9 Officer Killed - Police dog Fargo remembered in Columbia.

Richland County Sheriff's Department police officers bow their heads in prayer during a memorial service for K-9 officer Fargo at the Richland County Sheriff's Department Headquarters. A Belgian Malinois born in Holland, Fargo came to the sheriff's department in 2006 when he was just 9 months old. He was trained in narcotics detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension.

Last week, Fargo was shot three times and killed while attempting to apprehend a suspect in an armed robbery in north Columbia.

More about Fargo is here.

CATS Bus Crash Sends 12 of 20 to the Hospital - Twelve people feigned injury Thursday morning in a accident on Charlotte's North Tryon Street.

There are conflicting reports, the Charlotte Observer says that none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, But a local television reporter with WSOC says that one person does appear to have life threatening injuries.

Reports say that the CATS bus was outbound on North Tryon Street when it collided with a pick-up truck. Damage to the bus on the front right side and damage to the left side of the truck supports the police report that states the pick-up truck attempted to make a left turn on to Tryon Street.

Seven of those hurt were taken to Carolina's Medical Center, and five went to Presbyterian Hospital. Those claiming to be injured were seen being transported on stretchers with neck braces.

Raw Video from WBTV.

Cedar's Take: A certain segment of our population has no shame.

Best or Worst Christmas Gift Ever - Doggie Doo Game

Forget the Fruit Cake the gift most likely to make you gag this year is game called "Doggie Doo". As the name implies this game stinks and kids love it.

Kids feed a Dachshund plastic blocks – then roll a dice to see who cleans up the resultant poop.

Incredibly, this stinker of a toy has been the surprise hit of the year. Currently sold out at Toys R Us in Charlotte but they expect more this morning.

Around 15 years ago, toy inventors at Lund and Company Invention created a pooping dog game that made loud farting sounds as you squeezed the dog’s leash! Since most kids on the face of the earth find humor in all bodily functions, Lund was sure this pooping dog would be the next craze of the late 90’s. All they needed was to find the dog a master — a “toy industry expert” to adopt the concept and turn the dog into the next mega hit game!

Time after time, day after day, the game was reviewed and passed over by those so called experts who believed that it just wasn’t a “proper” fit for their company. After years of trying to find a taker, the pooping dog game was left in the dog house.

Well the rest is history and game has sold over 1 million copies. Even Chelsea Handler has keyed in on the pooping Doggie Doo on her show Chelsea Latley

The Village Idiot of the Week - Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James wins hands down. This award normally goes to Wilma Leake, her nonsensical ramblings add color to the already dysfunctional Board of County Commissioner meetings. But it is Bill James' lack of knowledge this week that surprised many, Cedar Posts included.

During the meeting James tweeted: "I'm Chiquita banana and I've come to say - moving expenses are here to stay..." (paraphrasing 1944 Chiquita song)....."

Later during the board's discussions James tweeted: "@MeckCounty commish mtg. Vilma Leake just referred to #Chiquita as the "banana company"."

Soon after James tweeted that some speakers were voicing objection to Chiquita because of "supposedly making payments to drug cartels I think this was in the media in 2007".

Cedar Posts replied "@meckcommish Not so much supposedly since they entered a guilty plea brokered by Eric Holder. 25 Mil fine. In 07"

Followed by: "@meckcommish The Banana Co made payments to Colombian paramilitary+guerrilla groups who killed 1000s of workers and labor union leaders"

Nothing but Crickets from Bill James who later deleted his tweet regarding "drug cartels".

Cedar's Take: James is known for his outspoken manner and his in your face style, often concerning gays, and minorities. Take it or leave it, that's his way of seeing things. As my grandmother liked to say "He loves to stir the pot".

What troubles me about Bill James is his lack of knowledge concerning major funding requests. In this case he had no clear understanding of Chiquita's criminal past, and clearly could have cared less, making him the Village Idiot of the Week.


Anonymous said...

I guess I am not surprised at Bill's lack of knowledge at all....nor Vilma's...anytime either of them open their mouth you know whatever they are about to say is going to heavily "slanted" or just plain stupid.

What DOES concern me is the fact that any leader thinks Chiquita is a "good deal" ...yeah, it is a good deal for the drug cartels.... what I find funny is how quiet and fast Obama and Foxx brokered this deal and WHAT they are getting from it? Whatever it is we all know it is NOT about or for America.....they have one agenda and it is not FOR America or any citzen.

Anonymous said...

That scum on the bus getting carted away on a stretcher, already counting the settlement costs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a police officer in Central Division and the bus thing happens all the time. There have been wrecks where just the bus' mirror gets hit or the bus rides up on the grass median and everyone calls for Medic. Then they all get carted off in neck braces. I used to yell at them to get off the bus, until I got too many complaints and the sergeants just say to let them have their ride with Medic. It is definitely a problem though. You rationalize with most of the bus riders. I'd tell them that these emergency responders are needed elsewhere and they look at me like they want to kill me!