Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Case You Missed It FedEx Fail

Watch how this FedEx Driver "carefully" delivers a computer monitor. Next time use the Brown Truck!


Anonymous said...

Love It!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lazy spic.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, I hope FedEx fired him!

Anonymous said...

Cedar I just saw this on CNN, the monitor was broken. It is crazy how you had this before CNN did. Good find.

Anonymous said...

Locked gate, no one home?, the guy did the only thing he could? Merry Christmas.

It made Yahoo News today.

Anonymous said...

To 6:55, this video has been on youtube and the owner explains what happened in his comments.

He was at home with the front door open, the fedex man didn't care.

If you think that is the only thing the fedex idiot did, then you are just lazy and you would be fired too.

You sound like someone who is let go frequently from a job b/c you don't seem to have basic problem solving skills.

I had DHL once leave a computer outside of door after I taped a sign to the door stating NOT to leave any parcels there since they changed my delivery date to when I was leaving town.

I got a call from my neighbor saying he took the computer in his house. I spoke directly to the big momma that did it and got her on tape saying she saw the sign yet she did it anyway.

A lot of supervisors were upset over that. Maybe you are that type of person.