Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rob Tufano Chief Monroe's No. 1 Plumber Spins the Officer Jones Suspensions

WSOC in their own "pat on the back" story claimed this: "When officer David Jones was charged with assault, Eyewitness News started asking questions about his record with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department."

The Eyewitness News story continues:

"Police confirm that has the attention of police brass, who are fast-tracking their own internal investigation."

“Absolutely, his job status is being looked at,” said police spokesman Rob Tufano.

But Tufano said while he can't legally say why Jones has been suspended, many officers suspensions are for minor issues.

“Showing up late for court, showing up late for roll calls, violations of your uniform -- those are suspendable kinds of situations for us,” Tufano said.

Cedar's Take: Rob Tufano Chief Monroe's No. 1 Plumber might try to spin Jones' prior suspensions, but trying to brand a one month suspension as a "minor issue" is laughable. Seriously how stupid does Tufano think the general public is?

Trying to explain away Jones' 240 hour suspension as nothing more than a dirty uniform, or being late for roll call is an insult to every officer who has done their job without any grievances.

Tufano has his hands full, with at least 3 high profile CMPD officer arrests inside two weeks. But is this normal for a large department? Some people say yes and still others say this is unacceptable. Makes you ask where is Chief Monroe?


Anonymous said...

Cedar, your so quick to throw it on tufano. The spin doctor is Monre. Do you think any of them are allowed to think for themselves!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any personal integrity?

You couldn't pay me enough to stand on camera and lie for someone else.

You couldn't pay me enough to lie in private for someone else.

You couldn't pay me enough to lie.


Sick of blaming "Monroe's control" over everyone else. Take control of yourselves and Monroe will be exposed.

So will the rest of the people and things that need to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest things I ever heard was when somebody referred to Tufano as a "scummy little Dago fink".

Anonymous said...

This is just so transparent to anyone that works at cmpd, and should be to the general public, too.

How about the Officer that was arrested for ASSAULT in Lowell, Mass.? Is his "investigation" being "fast tracked" also?

Fast tracked my ass, that is just a euphemism for being covered up, spun, and controlled because the press finally found out some INFORMATION.

Once again for slow learners: Rodney Monroe CONTROLS
IA (Internal Investigations). He controls every outcome in IA. The cops that work for him there are "his" people, they do EXACTLY as he says. IA is no longer an ethical, unbiased arm of the CMPD.

Face it folks, started by Rodney, cmpd has become a corrupt department full of liars more concerned with their own advancement than the good of the department.

And Rob Tufano is the yessest of the yesmen. How he can stand up in front of so many and OUTRIGHT LIE, how he can continue to do that is mind boggling..where is his self respect as a man?

What is going on at cmpd that people don't know about yet will shock and horrify when it becomes known, and it WILL become known......the lies, the coverups, the destroying documents, the false crime stats, the hiding behind the police attorneys and their refusing to release PUBLIC information, the black balling media outlets that don't play ball with them, the bribing people to support their falsehoods with promises of promotions, jobs and fast tracking, the list goes on and on and on.

Disgusting and dirty.

Anonymous said...

People please. Do we really think anything will come out until he is gone? This is a great forum for us to vent but nothing will change, nothing. The city council does not care and the news media swallows the garbage and begs for seconds. The only way for things to change is for a mass of officers to stand together and say enough....odds of that happening? Keep your heads down and watch your back, if there are officers you really trust then do the same for them. Make no mistake, this chain of command will and are looking for ways to hem you up.

Here's a question. Where and what is our FOP doing? Are you telling me enough dhit has not happened for them to at least make some noise, ask some freakin questions, go seek out a media outlet that will do something?

The DNC will be bringing a ton of UNION workers here, might be a good time to address the union issue for us. I for one am tired of the FOP being that limp dick friend you trust with your wife. When the only good thing you can say about the FOP is they are a legal source, it's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

A one month suspension for a MINOR infraction??

Really, Rob???

We all did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, Rob, and we may have been born at night, but not last night, etc., etc.

You said that with a straight face?

Everyone at cmpd knows what he did,and many think he should have been fired then and wonder why he

Anonymous said...

Try Congressman Jones. He is a co-sponsor of the no confidence in Holder resolution which suggests he is willing to stand up to corruption.

Anonymous said...

They are claiming protection under the "Castle Doctrine" fir the firefighter that chased the guy down, jumped out in front of his vehicle and pointed a gun at him?

So if someone is breaking into my house, I can chase them down, jump in front of their car and shoot and kill them and I will be protected by the Castle Doctrine?

Really, I don't have to call 911, I don't have to wait for police, I can just jump in front of the car, putting myself in that position, and shoot him dead AND NOT HAVE ANY CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST ME AFTER AN "investigation" that lasted a mere HOURS? Not even a day?

Wow, North Carolina sounds like a place I want to live!!

Wild freaking west vigilante justice.....and he wasn't even "deputized"!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, that is exactly the way Rodney likes to do Bi'ness!

And funny that they waited a few DAYS to bring up the Castle Doctrine? But a few HOURS to say they were not charging him?

Anonymous said...

If Jones had done this in Charlotte instead of Matthews, we probably wouldn't even know about it......he would not have been charged in Rodney Monroe's police department.

Just like he wasn't fired for his other "minor" infractions/suspensions.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that if it had been another "scumbag" that was protecting his property and jumped in front of the car and killed someone that he would not have been charged with homicide?

Do you really believe that they would have allowed him to use the Castle Doctrine so quickly and have NO CHARGES brought?

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they found a way to justify this after convenient for all!

Took them a few days to figure it out!

Anonymous said...

This is what keeps this blog from being any sort of meaningful critique about the police.

Cedar starts with a salient point and then the little typing keyboard commandos begin wrapping other non-related incidents together into a massive conspiracy.

People have the right not to let someone steal their property and people have a right to defend themselves, yes, even "scumbags".
I'm completely sick of that coward mentality. That we should stand by with a stupid look on our face, dialing 911, while some thug steals our property.

Officer Jones will most likely lose his job over this mere allegation of beating some drunk. Right now, that is what it is, an ALLEGATION. In the end if he did what he is accused of, he will pay for it, in court and then in unemployment. Not enough for you keyboard commandos here though!

You want to crucify him and the whole police department. There are over 1700 police officers in Charlotte. Men and women who do good work and care about the community.

The agitators and conspiracy theorists on the comment board make any legitimate critique nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

were is Rutt Mutt aka Webster in all of the this? He sure is keeping a low profile. A little strange for the guy who is normally out in front flapping his gums.

And what about the Tammy Hatley case that was last week week wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:25

News Flash: It's not a "conspiracy theory" if it is true, as in based on facts.

And NO ONE is crucifying the whole police department....there are many honest, ethical cops on CMPD.

It's just the top echelon that has very questionable judgment and ethics and integrity.....that is who is being "crucified"....and rightly so.

Wrong is wrong, corrupt is corrupt.
It is what it is.

"Coward mentality".....that's called being a LAW ABIDING citizen and not taking the law into your own hands.

Now if you want to talk about coward mentality....let's talk about all the wussies on Command Staff that are to lily livered to stand up to Rodney and his Posse...and tell the truth about what is going on...there's your coward mentality.


Anonymous said...

perfectly stated

Anonymous said...

I agree that the "massive conspiracy" bundling tends to weaken the strength of the overall arguments, but the truth is: Monroe was dirty at DC, he was extremely dirty at Richmond, and he's every bit as dirty in Charlotte. But you know what? This town deserved him, because we knew better hiring him with a phony background and degree. The city council deserves Rodney Monroe. The officers putting their lives on the line every day categorically do not.