Friday, December 9, 2011

Where's RoMo?

CMPD's MIA Chief Turns Up Standing side by side With Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington.

Much to the surprise of many, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe appeared on behalf of embattled Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday on Capital Hill.

Mr. Holder was summoned to answer questions about the failed "Fast and Furious" gun sting, and apparently felt he needed some back up.

You can see Chief Monroe repeatedly peering over the Attorney General's left shoulder in the video below.

While Chief Monroe did not address Congress his appearance in Washington is a clear sign that the Chief has political aspirations far beyond Charlotte.

Eric Holder:

Today, it's a privilege to be joined by several of our key public safety partners. These five police executives - Chief [Fred] Bealefeld of Baltimore, Commissioner [Ed] Davis of Boston, Chief [Rodney] Monroe of Charlotte, Chief [Ralph] Godbee of Detroit, and Commissioner [Charles] Ramsey of Philadelphia - have been leaders in developing and implementing innovative and effective crime prevention strategies. They have also worked closely with the Department in advancing critical efforts to reverse the alarming rise in law enforcement fatalities in recent years. The work we do along the Southwest border is influenced by the efforts they have undertaken in their own cities.

In the cities they serve - and in communities across the country - this work is a priority. And, in our ongoing efforts to protect the American people and our brave law enforcement personnel, a critical area of focus will continue to be our battle against gun violence on the Southwest Border.

.....This will require us to apply the lessons we've learned from law enforcement officers, like the ones who sit behind me today, who protect public safety and our national security every day.

A complete copy of Mr. Holder's openning remarks can be found at the Justice Department's web site which is here.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Cedar. Wonder why the MSM didn't know the Chief was in Washington?

As for Webster it must be a bitch being so freaking short.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Rodney, fiddling while Rome burns!

Two peas in a pod, Holder and Monroe!

What a little Showboater our little Rodney is!

How long will Rodney skate on the corruption he has created at cmpd because of his perceived "connections"?
Will Holder use his influence to forestall any federal investigations into Monroe?

The corruption runs deep and high!

Anonymous said...

Are Rodney' s Supposed "connections" keeping the press, city council, the federal government, SBI, etc. from investigating all of the unethical, if not illegal, things he has done?

He is like a little Evil Mascot.

I hope Holder realizes what a liability rodney is. Oh, wait, Rodney could say that, too!!

Anonymous said...

Holder is about as corrupt as corrupt can get...can you say "INDICT BOTH"!

THIS is why there has been and will be NO investigation into Rodney and his regime! NOT until Holder is indicted! I think I and several others posted his connection to Holder last year Cedars pages....

Anonymous said...

As I've said before why does this not surprise me?

Why are we as taxpayer's funding RoMo junket to DC? This is crazy.

He's been out of the office since Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's Rodney's extremely generous vacation package.

That he lies about how many days he takes should come as no surprise to anyone either.

If he is talking, he is lying.

Same as Graue, Medlock, Zinann, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 9, 2011 8:37 PM

The actual list of liars is so many within CMPD. You wouldn't have enough space to enter all their names.

Anonymous said...

OMG his little round head bobbing up and down. He couldn't sit still five minutes before he is looking around.

Anonymous said...

So Cedar are you saying he showed up in front of Congress just for Holder?

No doubt at taxpayer's expense and I'd guess with Walton blessings?

So we give Walton a raise while CMPD Officers get ZERO?

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. Or maybe I'm just over reacting?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the video? It says "missing link" where the video used to be?

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder and the ATF. The ATF can take direct credit for the deaths of police officers. And Rodney loves the ATF.

hey, but remember CRIME IS DOWN!! How do we know? Rodney told us.

Anonymous said...

Like Monroe doesn't have enough shit of his own to worry about right here in his very own backyard!

He has to go and puff himself up to try to make himself look important......he wants to keep that JAG money rolling in and the spigot for all those Federal grants running.

And really, can Holder protect him from himself? No!
And his arrogance and ego, and his unrealistic and out of touch with reality thinking that he is untouchable WILL BE his inevitable downfall.

He is woefully unequipped to be in charge, which is apparent to all under his command.

City Council, Curt Walton, and all the rest of the silent co-conspirators will all be on the hook.

And it looks like they have started their JAG money flowing again....what's up with that? Trying desperately to keep the lid on??

Anonymous said...

any info on the other 4 police execs?

Anonymous said...

Three black and two white.....but exactly WHY were any of them there?

I don't get it...what, were they some kind of " character" witnesses?

It was Holder's testimony they were after.

Why was he parading these guys around like some kind of backup singers?

And why exactly these five?

Wonder who picked up the tab for dinner?


Anonymous said...

here's one

Anonymous said...

Our police chief showing support for "fast and furious" scares the crap out of me.

Has the mainstream media reported anything on this?

Anonymous said...

this is the only thing about our police chief that scares the crap out of you?