Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Charlotte Civil Service Board Rubber Stamps CMPD Chief Monore's Foster Promotion

Within 60 seconds of calling yesterday's civil service board meeting to order, the group voted to go into "executive session" .

A copy of the Charlotte Civil Service Board's agenda spells it out in stark terms:

Civil Service Board Agenda
Special Meeting
January 24, 2012
CMGC, Room 701
4:00 p.m.

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Approve Agenda

3. Approve Police Promotions

4. Adjourn

Closed session is permitted to consider the qualifications, competence, performance and so forth of officers. What is troubling is the meeting wrapped in less than fifteen minutes. In short nothing more than a rubber stamp.

Foster's promotion is effectively a "non-event" as Foster's pay level is less than 2% of what current Deputy Chiefs are paid, and she operates with impunity.

Cedar's Take: What is most troubling is the surreptitious and clandestine manner in which Chief Monroe attempts to conduct the process of promotion.

Never in the history of CMPD nor the Charlotte Police Department before it, has a Chief so perennially befuddled the promotion process.

Those who know Chief Monroe report that while Foster's promotion to DC had been promised long ago that Chief had repeatedly looked for a solid reason to promote her. As months passed he became more frustrated finally just opting to press the issue.

Clearly there are many in the executive ranks of CMPD more qualified to lead the department than Vicki Foster.


Anonymous said...

Calling in a special session of civil service to make a promotion? Never heard of that one either. Maybe he was feeling the heat from a previous post that suggested contacting the civil service board with regards to the character of those to be nominated. Apathy will rule at CMPD, morale is low and what once was a career that could be looked forward to has been reduced to just a job.

Anonymous said...

My first Question would be...Why ask for a "special meeting" if considerable time and thought was given to the people being put up for promotion? If these people weren't just last minute nominees that weren't given the proper
Vetting and thought, why the secret special meeting?
And has this EVER been done before? Just a few days before the "ceremony"?
Has this Board just become another check and balance that is useless and under rodney 's thumb that simply are good little boys and girls and do as rodney says ? Is there no one that questions his motives snd ethics?
It does crack me up that he thinks he can do these things secretly....there are way too many people that are fed up with his corruptness and too many eyes on him every minute.
And all his crap is being well documented.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at this since the Civil Service Board meets every month. Why order a special session unless you wanted to hide something.

Anonymous said...

I want to agree with you about there being more qualified and deserving Majors at CMPD......but if you look at the current Majors that Rodney has promoted, there really is not one that would be any better.

Sad commentary on his ability to select qualified adept people to lead, huh?

Just another glaring example of his lack of any kind of fair minded leadership and decision

Anonymous said...

Rodney has turned cmpd into a cesspool of backstabbing, ass kissing, unqualified toadies that wouldn't recognize integrity or leadership if either one jumped up and bit them in the ass.

Never in all of my 30 or more years of being associated with cmpd have I ever seen such total chaos and low morale.

To say they have lost their way under monroe is an understatement.......they have taken a detour of millions of miles.

The outright lying, covering up, hiding things, operating in total secrecy, following no procedures, policies or directives.

It is frightening he has been able to create such a complete and utter cluster in such a short time.

His ego driven immature decisions will haunt cmpd for years to come. His personal decision to create diversity AT ANY COST to the Department to satisfy his huge ego and to try to make himself look like some kind of "savior" has devastated the department and left huge holes in leadership and respect.

It's just criminal.

Anonymous said...

I don't think DC is a Civil service rank. So, Rodney didn't need CSB's approval to promote the major to DC.

Cedar Posts said...

8:24 Hey thanks for pointing that out.

If that is the case then I'll have to button my trap and cut the board some slack.

I'll check that out asap!

Anonymous said...

8:24 all promotions must go before the civil service board, which means Foster can't be demoted without the same process, in other words we are stuck with this pile of stink

Anonymous said...

"all promotions must go before the civil service board"...does that apply to the fire department too?

Anonymous said...

Yes fire department too.

But didn't the two Chiefs (police & fire) just make recommendations for appointee's to the CSB for vaancy positions? Seems to me they're trying to control the board from the inside out