Monday, January 30, 2012

Chief Monroe and Deputy Chief Medlock vs Occupy Charlotte

Chief Monroe looks on as CMPD Officer move in on Occupy Charlotte.

In the end Occupy Charlotte closes not with the chaos of Oakland or NYC, rather more like a high school house party when the parents come home early.

While the "we are the 99%" crowd have lost their camp site at least they have shown Charlotte is not immune to the influence of the rest of the nation.

The question is why did Charlotte's Occupy crowd never get the traction, local support or even a solid confrontation with police?

Could it be that Charlotte's working class is just too busy working, paying taxes and just trying to make ends meet?


Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber.....joined at the hip in their dysfunction.

Rodney was running from a Channel 36 reporter on the news tonight, with old harold running ahead of him, both scared to death the reporter was going to ask them about the SHOP program and how it artificially deflates crime stats....and they would have to answer on camera.

Or any other of many, many subjects the news could ask him.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with someone else that was talking about the lack of "uniformity" in the uniforms that cmpd wears.

Watching the news tonight, with the over abundance of cops downtown, it seems that no two cops had on the same uniform, they looked completely undisciplined in their dress.

Is there no uniform dress code?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a more OUT OF SHAPE crew like the ones in this pic? Good grief....THEY are supposed to defend us....yeah, right! They couldn't run after a cup of coffee! PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

So far all accurate as to the description of the picture. Dopey!

That was a nightmare for passersby, not to rubberneck at the scene but to drive to uptown. I had no idea that was going on or blocked off.

Cops were yelling at people in cars for making a turn because no one was directing traffic. So many are just hotheads and they have no business being in law enforcement. This city is turning into a joke!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:12

Sorry you missed the 24 hours of constant news coverage of this location/incident and were briefly delayed on your commute.

Everyone tries very hard to organize all events in the city around you, but on this day we fell short. Thank you for your shining example of maturity for all the "hotheads" to see and read.

The way you tried to drive between officers and protesters was spectacular. You showed those pedestrians who was boss!!!

Anonymous said...

Correction: for Anonymous 11:34

Cedar Posts said...

3:45 Nicely played.

I hate directing traffic looks easy when your in a car, trust me it is not. Never mind those who nearly miss you while yacking on the phone, but there is always a hot head who wants to blame you for his 60 second delay.

Best come back line for bitchin drivers,

"I bet your mother forgot to remind you to go to the bathroom before you left the house. Didn't she?

Anonymous said...

coward bunch of city council voted through a stupidly-written unconstitutional, arbitrary ordinance. Then the idiot City Attorney announced that the individual officers would have burden of determining intent of individual protestors, leaving each person and the city open for lawsuits and everyone open for injury and damage.

then the coward police chief and deputy chief won't answer what falls into legal or not before declaring people illegal.

coward police chief and DC force captains to speak for them, so they can keep themselves "clean" (PUKE) again.

another day in Charlotte.


write a decent ordinance.
act like leaders.
stop forcing officers on the street to do dirty work and take your hits.

and stop standing on tall steps, it's just undignified and you're not fooling anyone with that anymore than the rest of what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah doofus 3:45 you told me. Maybe if you bozos knew how to appropriately direct traffic to begin with it would have been a mess.

I still think you are an idiot and I really don't care about traffic issues, wasn't the point but since you are such a hothead and it pissed you off, you needed to run your mouth about something.

Just shows the ignorance the majority of you have. Go back to school and get an education and maybe you can use your head instead of running your mouth when you mess up.

Anonymous said...


...leave ten minutes earlier tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


And he or she is the hothead?

Anonymous said...

Rodney Monroe the leader of the Charlotte's Police Department what a great example for the world to see just how far Black Americans have come during the last 100 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes but the prior admin at CMPD played the numbers games with crime stats. During the last years of Stephens tour numbers were fudged. Robberies became larcenies was the biggest one, due to the Charlotte Business Assoc. calling for his head.

Anonymous said...

Directing traffic sucks. Most people in this city are only concerned about their telephone conversation and pay no attention on what is going on. They also have the I'm a unique snowflake mentality and believe that they should not have to wait in line like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

comments on news: protest is costing us a ton of CMPD money, but we're not paying any overtime or using any extra officers more than we would normally have assigned, and no one else in the city is receiving less service because of it.

in other words, you're making up the "extra" costs? what the heck are these people talking about? they sound so stupid. it's extra-embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are all on CODE WHITE with their hands in their pockets. Need more training

Anonymous said...

With all the complaints against this police chief and his vip employees, why is nothing being done about him?

How is it possible that with hiring out of seniority, changing required education levels for job positions and altering crime stats that this can be allowed to continue?

Anonymous said...

I cannot get what Estes is saying, it's just stupid doubletalk.
And how he can get up there and repeat what he has been obviously told to say is amazing. Is making Major under this chief really worth it!??

The Officers that they "relocated" would have been working anyhow, correct, correct??? So central division was borrowing these officers for a while, correct...working their REGULAR hours, not being paid overtime.

This is just a ploy to try to turn public sentiment even more against the protestors.

Cedar, how about this, put a couple of big spotlights on the campsite, along with a couple of cameras, station ONE, maybe two Officers on the cameras, and if trouble starts, call in the OVER 100 Officers that already work and are AT WORK in Central Division!!!!

Can't people see what rodney and his spin doctors are trying to do? I refuse to believe we the public are that clueless!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51- Yes, Central Division is borrowing these officers from other districts. So when you take just one officer away from a district, the work force or officers assigned to the district is cut drastically. For example, when a division like the North Division only has 8 officers working on a shift and one has to go downtown to baby sit the "Occupy Charlotte" the citizens and other officers are put at risk. Not sure who told you 100 officers were working at one time, but that is not correct. A lot of districts can run certain shifts with as few as 5 or 6 officers. However, you will never hear that from the brass. And you thought the police were out there to protect you. Right now they just want to survive. Get their check and go home. It is not worth it to do any more than they have to.

Anonymous said...

For officers just trying to survive and go home, you need to speak up about the conditions you're working under.

Refuse to do things that are unconstitutional and illegal.

Stop lying for brass.

If this information about shift coverage is correct--put it out to all the press that will listen instead of saying silent while Rodney Monroe and Estes put out the b.s. that no one is receiving less police coverage and no officers are in increased danger, while there is no OT being paid, but somehow it cost almost $450,000. It makes no sense whatsoever. They are 10 feet from the station and being monitored by closed circuit t.v. anyway.

Speak up and save yourselves. Others will support you. The tide has been turning.

Anonymous said...

makes you wonder where he really spent the extra $450,000

Anonymous said...