Sunday, January 1, 2012

CMPD Officer Struck By Falling Bullet

During the first moments of 2012 a CMPD Officer was apparently struck by a falling bullet.

There is no indication that the Officer was targeted, rather the errant bullet was fired into the air in celebration of the start of 2012 and oddly enough struck the officer in the shoulder.

The unnamed officer was transported to CMC by his Steel Creek Division Response Area Commander (RAC) Lt. Pam Lisenby, and was released from the hospital a short while later. The Officer's injuries were limited to serious bruising.

This is were it gets cute, apparently RAC Lisenby told Officers to delete the Officer's name from the report and list the victim only as "Person" specifically ordering officers to alter the report to keep it out of the media.

No explanation from CMPD for the "Cover Up" but Rob Tufano's "action report" issued on Sunday states "no officers sustained injuries" during CMPD patrol efforts in conjuction with New Year's Eve.

Cedar Posts emailed Tufano and RAC Lisenby as usual nothing but "crickets" from Tufano or CMPD Command staff.

Cedar Bonus:

From Wikipedia, bullets fired into the air usually fall back at speeds much lower than those at which they leave the barrel of a firearm. Nevertheless, people can be injured, sometimes fatally, when bullets discharged into the air fall back down. The mortality rate among those struck by falling bullets is about 32%, compared with about 2% to 6% normally associated with gunshot wounds. The higher mortality is related to the higher incidence of head wounds from falling bullets.

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 80% of celebratory gunfire-related injuries are to the head, feet, and shoulders.

MythBusters covered this topic in Episode 50: "Bullets Fired Up"

Using pig carcasses, they worked out the terminal velocity of a falling bullet and had a mixed result, answering the question with all three of the show's possible outcomes: Confirmed, Plausible and Busted.

They tested falling bullets by firing them from both a handgun and a rifle, by firing them from an air gun designed to propel them at terminal velocity, and by dropping them in the desert from an instrumented balloon. The "busted" result applied only to bullets traveling on a perfectly vertical trajectory, which tumble on the way down, creating turbulence that reduces terminal velocity.

The "plausible" result was cited because they found it was very difficult to fire a bullet in near-ideal vertical trajectory, so bullets were likely to remain spin-stabilized on a ballistic trajectory and fall at a potentially lethal terminal velocity.

The "confirmed" result related to their research which verified cases of actual deaths from falling bullets.

Cedar's Take: Only a moron would randomly fire a gun into the air and this same moron will start running his mouth. Only a matter of time before this idiot is charged.


Anonymous said...

Total Bull Shit this did not happen. Where is the world to get this crap! Why don't you crawl back under your Cop hating rock you moron!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely 100% true.

And, moron, Cedar doesn't hate cops, he just wants to expose the corruption created, tolerated, and encouraged by Rodney Monroe.

And exactly HOW was this classified? As damage to property? Or was it just listed as MI?

Just another bullshit way Rodney hides crimes and misreports.

If the Officer had been killed, would it then have been a suicide?



And when is the public going to start demanding the truth?
And stop being afraid to state the truth about Rodney just because he is African American?

Corrupt is corrupt, no matter your ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

It certainly did happen

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:08, or Ron,
Why do you continuously post "that's not true" when you know it is? Are you trying to create some kind of skewed reasonable doubt?

Every time these "outrageous allegations" are PROVEN TO BE TRUE ! Every time!!

So just go away nd STFU.

Anonymous said...

It will be so interesting to see what kind of spin, (lies) they put out about this.

Anonymous said...

Why do the report in this manner in the first place? It does not make any sense, poor decision by poor leadership. Isn't this falsifying a report?

Anonymous said...

People just do not GET IT!!

There are NO rules, regulations or directives any more at cmpd.
Only cover ups and covering asses.


They take precedence over any kind of procedures, over any kind of honesty, over any kind of integrity.

Low crime stats get people re elected , low crime stats allow corrupt, unethical, horrible " leaders" to keep their jobs no matter how inept and totally ineffectual they are.

Under reporting, misclassifying, changing calls...this is how "crime is down" in Charlotte, folks.

It started at the top and now filters through Division Captains, Majors, RACS, Deputy Chiefs....they are all in on the joke of low crime stats.

For Gods sake people, WAKE UP!!!!

And as for all the little PIO's running around, trailing Cunningham and Tufano like little lap dogs, constantly minimizing and covering up....when the shit hits the fan, you will be asked the hard questions, too.

Is Rodney really worth selling your souls for, risking your reputations and livlihoods, careers for? I ask this of anyone who is in a position to speak up about the corruption and hasn' he?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely happened. The officer was extremely lucky not to take the bullet to the head. A kid out west this weekend took one to the head the same way and is still in a coma.

Stupid decision to withhold the officer's information. What is the purpose???