Thursday, January 26, 2012

CMPD Promotions List

Please join us Friday, January 27 at 10:00 am in the auditorium of the Police and Fire Training Academy for a promotional ceremony. We will be celebrating the promotions of

Sgt. Julie Barry

Sgt. William Irby

Sgt. Demarco Jeter

Sgt. John Kitchens

Sgt. Susan Manassah

Sgt. Keith Martin

Sgt. Gilberto Narvaez

Sgt. Brian Trull

Lt. Tonya Arrington

Lt. Rich Austin Lt. Jeffrey Harless

Lt. Todd Blum Lt. Andy Harris

Lt. Eric Brady Lt. Blake Hollar

Lt. Jacquelyn Bryley Lt. Michael (Steve) Huber

Lt. Ryan Butler Lt. Jacquelyn Hulsey

Lt. Joe Carey Lt. James Hummel

Lt. Lisa Carriker Lt. Dave Johnson

Lt. Casey Carver Lt. Nathan King

Lt. Robert (Travis) Childs Lt. Pamela Lisenby

Lt. Robert (Spence) Cochran Lt. Todd Lontz

Lt. David Cristy Lt. David Moorefield

Lt. Shawn Crooks Lt. James Morrison

Lt. Oliver (Bill) Cunningham Lt. Fred Newell

Lt. Robert Dance Lt. Travis Pardue

Lt. Roseann DeTommaso Lt. Mark Santaniello

Lt. Gerard (Rod) Farley Lt. Ken Schul

Lt. Brian Foley Lt. Jonathan Thomas

Lt. Norman Garnes, Jr. Lt. John Thornton

Lt. Todd Garrett Lt. James Wright

Deputy Chief Veronica (Vicki) Foster

We look forward to seeing you there.


Deputy Chief Katrina Graue
Administrative Services Group
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202



A few hours after Cedar Posts added the above list Rob Tufano sent out the following email:

From: "Tufano, Robert"
To: Media Release
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2012 11:26 AM
Subject: 2012 CMPD Promotion Ceremony

On Friday, January 27, 2012, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will host a promotion ceremony at the Police Training Academy. This ceremony will include the promotion of 39 members of the CMPD to the rank of Lieutenant, 8 to the rank of Sergeant, and one to the rank of Deputy Chief.

Please join us in the auditorium at 10:00 at a.m. in the Police Training Academy located at 7770 Shopton Road as we honor these men and women for their accomplishments.

Attached is a list of the members of the CMPD who will be recognized at Friday’s ceremony.

Robert A. Tufano
Office of the Chief
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
704.336.7042 (O)
704.301.8605 (M)


Anonymous said...

How Katrina Graue keeps her job is amazing.

She has caused so much trouble for people working for her, thrown so many people under the bus, stepped on so many people on her way "up", used so many people .

Wait, what am I thinking. ....that is EXACTLY how she keeps her, she fits in with the rest of the riff raff.

Anonymous said...

Oops, there it is!

Told you so!

What can one say that hasn't already been said?

Top heavy with dumb!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to those that have earned it! Don't take away the spotlight for all that have earned it since nothing has come out from comments posted of who doesn't deserve what, when you are ready to speak and expose to the media or City Council, please post, would love to be there for the reaction. Don't steal the thunder from the rest until you have the lighting to Strike and Strike. God bless the brothers and sisters in Blue, there Are many who still appreciate what You do.

Anonymous said...

After DNC you can probably open up some of those slots. Need some to take the fall.

Anonymous said...

Really? You're going to wait almost another year?

I'd have much more respect for the men and women in blue that I want to respect if they stood up on Friday and started reciting the problems with and crimes committed by the brass level CMPD. Bring documents to show the press.

What can they do, fire you? NO.

Truth is truth. Lawyers wil make sure you don't lose benefits or pay and at least the nightmare will be over. What else are you going to do, keep your head down for a couple more years until retirement and hope you don't get slammed in the process? Is your integrity no higher than that?

Then don't go pretend it is.

Anonymous said...

Have the people on that promotion list are a freaking joke. A few and only a select few of those people listed are worthy and I do mean worthy of being promoted.

Anonymous said...

Oops a typo. I meant half instead of have.

Anonymous said...

Great!!! This is just what the CMPD needed. They have needed more middle management for years! I so glad Chief Monroe made this Lt position. Another in a long line of brilliant decisions he has made since he arrived. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

(Lawyers will make sure you don't lose benefits or pay and at least the nightmare) What world do you live in? and who will pay for the attorney? If you know so much research how many times an officer has sued the city and won. Class actions are one law suit. I bet you wont respond when you find out. And I dont have long to retire to answer your question.

Anonymous said...

The promotion process is a joke. If troops had a say so in the process almost half of these individuals wouldent make Boy Scouts.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to those who deserve it! BUT I am ashamed to see the CMPD promotes someone like Veronica Foster. They set the standard very low as to what it takes to be promoted to a Deputy Chief. How she will be a leader? Leadership by example says it all. Foster sets a poor example by the way she conducts her business [at least what we can publicly find out] do they not conduct simple background checks to verify the person is of good moral character [law abiding citizen]. Have they not learned from the past that public information tells a tale of one's moral character. Especially whether one follows State Laws.

Foster is listed as President of "Gold Star Realty' and has shown she cannot keep her own business affairs in order; the question, how is she going to be trusted to keep CMPD's business in order? Even when she is notified it took two months for her to respond. Then a whole year to file 2010 Annual Report, is delinquent on her 2011 Annual report and the 2012 is now due.

What is she neglecting in her duties within CMPD we'll never know, but if her public facing life tells one things, doubtful he protected life is perfect.

Neglect of duty is a serous charge, and If one were to look at the

She has a laundry list of neglecting her duty to comply with the State of North Carolina's Corporate filing rules. She is required to file an Annual Report for each and every year. She has neglected her duty to file in a timely manner several times and is delinquent yet again. It would appear to be her M.O. - to hell with the rules, do what you want. Is this how she will manage her responsibilities as a Deputy Chief?

The list as posted on the State's site clearly shows her history.

2/12/2009 2008 170 00338 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

2/16/2009 2009 058 00273 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

2/15/2010 CA201005700853 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

3/13/2010 C201007206917 Notice Annual Report ADMN - ADM Notice

3/22/2010 CA201008109574 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

3/22/2010 CA201008109576 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

3/22/2010 CA201008109578 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

3/22/2010 CA201008109580 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

3/22/2010 CA201008109582 Annual Report ANRT - Annual Report

7/22/2011 2011 608 10237 Suspension SUSP - Revenue Suspension

9/7/2011 C201125000173 Reinstatment RNST - Reinstatement Following Revenue Suspension

1/6/2012 CA201112000657 Annual Report Other - Annual Report. << This is for year 2010. There is no 2011 filing and 2012 now due

This is public information posted on the Secretary of State's web site. As a reasonable person it would appear this information would have been easily accessible to anyone reviewing the character of a person they were recommending for such a high ranking position. Does it not make clear comment on the type of person being promoted AND the type of person recommending the promotion? To have someone in the "Acting' Deputy Chief role during the period of all the violations and who continued to hold the position without regard to these state laws. Foster faced this once, but failed to learn from her past mistakes and simply appears to ignore the rules.

Shame on the City, the CMPD and the Civil Service Board for rubber stamping this promotion and the CMPD Administration's continued practice of dis-information to decision makers. It's a new era. "Don't ask, we'll just tell you what we want you to know that fits our agenda."

If this information is inaccurate, then why has she not made the State correct these things so they do not tarnish her public image. The State published this not me, I am just pointing out what the CMPD should have found prior to making such a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Continued public information on Ms Foster duty.

This is where she is listed as 5/11/2007 C200710000609 Creation Filing INC - Articles of Incorporation

Now it lists Ms. Foster as Chair of the board, now as a 501C Non-Profit, since its inception there has been no corporate filings. Effective Date: 5/11/2007

As a CMPD Associated non-profit would it not be appropriate to publicly file an Annual Report. Per the state, PC, PLLC, LP and Non-Profit entities are NOT required to file annual reports. Why would they neglect the importance of reporting? All the board members are CMPD Employees, the address on their web page is CMPD Headquarters - what attempt to hide what activity is taking place. As someone worthy of a Deputy Chief position, the presence of mind to fully disclose who is involved should come to mind. If no longer the Agent listed for the Non-Profit, wouldn't one want to get an Annual Report filed changing the designation to the up-to-date person? The funds raised go to the employees of the CMPD and any inappropriate giving of monies to CMPD employees should be reported.

If you visit their web page, this organization does NOT even disclose how the money they raised is used specifically. The most important part of a nonprofit annual report is the description of your accomplishments. We want to know what you did, but more importantly, we want to know why you did it. What were the results? Why did you spend your time and money the way you did? What difference did it make?

Again not doing what is reasonable under the circumstances shows she makes poor decisions about what is even the right thing to do.

If the board were to find an annual report the right thing to do, they would provide a nonprofit annual report with the description of accomplishments. I'd want to know what it did, but more importantly, I want to know why you did it. What were the results? Why did they spend time and money the way you did? What difference did it make? I do not need to know names, just standard accounting and reconciliation information.

Again all this comes to transparency and full disclosure and as the Chair [like a Chief] it was her responsibility to do the right thing. It appears to a reasonable person Ms. foster does not care about that. I may be wrong, but from a perception point of view this screams impropriety, poor decision making skills and many other things someone being promoted to deputy Chief should not have.