Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CMPD Spin Control Out of Control

Main Stream Media has to pay by certain rules that require them to check all the facts and check them again before going on air with a story. Blogs like Cedar Posts make a sincere effort to check the facts but lack the resources that you'll find at news power houses like the Charlotte Observer.

Even so the Observer runs retractions and corrections every day.

What makes the job of being correct and accurately reporting the facts difficult for both blogs and MSM is the endless spin coming out of CMPD.

For example, when WSOC questioned CMPD "tool in residence" Rob Tufano about CMPD Officer David Jones 240 hour suspension, Tufano said while he can't legally say why Jones has been suspended, many officers suspensions are for minor issues.

“Showing up late for court, showing up late for roll calls, violations of your uniform -- those are suspendable kinds of situations for us,” Tufano said.

WSOC rolled on and didn't press the issue.

But seriously did WSOC really believe that CMPD gives 240 hour active suspensions for being late to work? Jones was given a month and a half without pay for a serious violation. According to sources Jones suspension was for "excessive use of force". Use of force that required the hospitalization of a suspect.

Just after Midnight on New Years Day police scanners where pretty active, a call for a noise disturbance blended into hundreds of others. But a smart WBTV reporter heard a call regarding an injured officers that sent them scrambling to Waterford Lake Drive in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte. At the scene WBTV was told it was nothing, that the Officer was fine and was hit by just a paint ball. WBTV shrugged and rolled on.

When Chief Monroe was interviewed about the low number of homicides in Charlotte last year, WSOC asked the chief how many homicides scenes he has been to, Monroe answered that he's been to the scene of about 35 of this year's homicides. Again "spin" because "about 35" is not a truthful statement. The correct answer is exactly 22 active homicide scenes.

Chief Monroe is a natural born liar and embellisher, and so it should come as no surprise that the CMPD Command staff follows his lead. Truth has become a rare commodity at CMPD. They spend untold amounts of time trying to determine the source of leaks and spinning the most insignificant events.

CMPD's Spin on the case of Tanisha Williams is most troubling. Tufano along with Major Vicki Foster along with Tufano told a group of reporters who viewed the video of Williams “It certainly appears that those officers didn’t violate policy."

Yet CMPD Directives 500-008 say otherwise:

"Visual observation of prisoners must be maintained by the transporting officers at all times".... Under no circumstance will a prisoner in custody be left unattended in a transport vehicle".

The directives are here.

You have to ask yourself, if Rob Tufano is going to lie about a wayward bullet striking a Police Officer, news that should have been reported promptly and truthfully in the first place or the near death of a prisoner, what keeps him from lying when the Chief's butt is really on the line? What keeps him perjuring himself in a court of law, when the stakes are much higher?


Anonymous said...

Check out the comments on "New Year's Eve 2011".....

22 homicide scenes this year? Even that I woud find difficult to believe. And it is a far, far cry from going to EVERY homicide scene because "he cares so much".
The only thing/person Rodney Monroe cares about is Rodney Monroe.

Let Monroe and Tufano keep on spinning their lies and going after people......they want to see an Interview to end all interviews?

Cedar will get an "exclusive".

People are sick and freaking tired of all the games, the lies, the cover ups. But keep it up, it's just more tangled webs they are weaving.

Anonymous said...

As my old grandma used to say...Tufano and Monroe "lie when the truth fits better".

How Tufano and Cunningham and all the other Super Enablers continue day after day after day to support and spin the corruption at cmpd is just amazing...from what I hear.

Do they have no integrity, no Morals, or are they just in way, way too deep now? Did they start out with small lies/ cover ups and it just became too easy to lie to make things "fit" and to stay in Rodney's "good graces"?

As someone said on the New Years thread, the Police Report was ready the moment it was taken....the original report taken at the scene, the ORIGINAL report. And if they go back and change anything on that report, and don't show the ORIGINAL report, that is another whole story. Tufano's not releasing it because "it was not ready" just makes no sense whatsoever to anyone with half a functioning brain.

How will they spin that ORIGINAL, unchanged report? Will even more people be encouraged to lie? Will those that lied continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves?

This is what goes on all the time at cmpd, from what I am told.

Anonymous said...

I hate is for the guys in Freedom Division but Cedar is right. Clear violation of directives in the Williams case.

How many different ways can you want to spell lawsuit?

Foster and Rob T lie like nasty pigs in the mud it comes naturaly to them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, guess I was wrong about my comments on CO... fortunately I am not an officer so did not know the directive posted... thanks for clarifying and posting the directive Cedar.

Guess now I have to go back and correct MY comment...oh wait, I can't the comments have been DISABLED! roflmao!

Anonymous said...

Cedar, were you threatened by Rodney Monroe and/or the Police Attorneys to take down your Blog post?

Did they try to intimidate you?

Seems everything in your post was true.

Another media blitz today on how robberies are down, and the reasons why......

Can you not tell why you took the Blog down?

Anonymous said...

They all lie, did you not see the tape of Katrina Graue lying to City Council, Hasn't everyone watched Monroe stand up at news conferences and say things later proven to not be true? And let's go back to the fake college degree, and lying about what his degree was in?
And many have told me how others on Command Staff have lied and slandered others to make them look bad.
Anyone that tries to stand up to them and actually tell the truth and refuse to do their bidding they want to get rid of and will stoop to lower and lower means.
Lying has become an accepted way of doing things at cmpd.

And I believe many there would lie under oath if Rodney promised them he would make it worth their while...and to cover their own asses. Rodney is big on promising to take care of people if they won't sue or tell the truth I hear.

Anonymous said...

How could it cause concern among Officers? About what!??

That someone was not telling the truth? It should upset them!

Anonymous said...

This controversy is quite amazing. Since he came to this city, what has he told you? CRIME IS DOWN!! Don’t you get it? All that matters is that he says CRIME IS DOWN!! All of these trifling issues with truthfulness, numbers here and there, spin doctors, who cares!! I mean really, who cares? Just know that the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) has placed this ungrateful sewer of a city against his Godly chest and protects it with all of his might. This city should consider itself lucky to suckle at the nipple of the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him).
He came to this trash heap, cleaned house and moved mountains to make this a safe city. CRIME IS DOWN, what else do you need to know? His record, actions and deeds speak for themselves. How dare this city EVER question the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him). You should bow down and wash his feet with your shameful, shameful tears.

Cedar Posts said...

About the NYE CMPD Officer struck by Bullet post.

I was asked to take down the story because it was causing some concern between CMPD Officers in the Steel Creek Divison.

I honored the request which came from the guys and not command.

All is good on this end.

Cedar Posts said...

I'll guess the guys on patrol caught a load of grief when it made the MSM. Command blamed them, and some Officers feel it is better to stay quiet and just deal with it while others want to speak out.

They don't want the attention, and I understand that.

Anonymous said...

Cedar did you notice that the Observer updated their story on Williams to include the directives?

Foster might try to spin this but the facts are pretty clear, Williams was handcuffed and under Police control it was their duty to watch her and keep her safe.

Regardless of color or her criminal history a death penalty for shop lifting is out of line.

Those who posted hateful things which made the Observer shut down the comments really need to rethink their own lives.

I don't have alot of compasion for crooks and crackheads but in this case CMPD is wrong.

Anonymous said...

RoMo would never admit anything, but I'm pretty sure these were rookie officers, with little training.

The lawyer got them when they both walked away to get additional restraints.

Cedar's right, they blew it 500-008 and other directives say you never turn your back on a suspect in custody.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that the victim's family goes and sues CMPD. Hopefully it doesn't have to do with money. Just that the officer's out by the police cruiser were not doing there job. They are in violation of the directive.

Anonymous said...


Here goes another story for you. Imagine this.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, one of Rodney's favorite "lines" is "if you don't "cause trouble" now, i.e., sue or tell the truth, you "will be taken care of" later.

I have heard from people over and over again that this is one of his preferred ways of "taking care off business" at cmpd, or covering his considerable ass.

How the hell he is going to be able to "take care" of all those people is the question.

I swear, he is like some kind of mafia Don as someone said on here before. With his Consiguleros Medlock, Graue, Zinkann and others. He has truly made cmpd into a Banana Republic.

The good work Blogs like this have done is just shining the light on all the corruption and lies and cover ups coming from the top at cmpd.

Imagine if they hadn't been providing this invaluable service??

And if they have been able to uncover the tip of the iceberg, imagine what else is there??

And I have heard 'Ole Rodney and Tufano absolutely HATE the 'Bloggers" and will go to great lengths to discredit them in any way they can..........and they are CONSUMED with finding "leakers" (people wanting to get the truth out there) at cmpd, CONSUMED by it.

Once again, I ask the question many others have asked, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, why are you so afraid of the truth?

Their many, many lies and vicious retributions against people will catch up with them. Karma is indeed a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Rodney and his Posse wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit them in the ass.

This is what I get from talking to many at cmpd.

Rodney came to cmpd expecting to be treated like some kind of conquering hero, The Great Black Hope.

When people questioned his "credentials"' that pissed him off from the get go.

I think he expected to run cmpd like some small time rinky dink police department with Ray Ray....that's the kind of mentality those two have.

But in the beginning, before he had his Posse of butt smoochers with questionable integrity in place, he ran into some honest people of integrity that wouldn't go along with this way of doing business.

So he began a systematic campaign to "get rid" of these people willing to stand up to him and try to do the right thing, and began replacing them with his Yes/Men/Women. He has managed to get "his people" into most key positions at this point, people that will follow him off a cliff because he has promised "to take care" of them, and has, by giving them promotions and placing them in preferred jobs, with promises of more preferential treatment and promotions.

And it IS surprising that so many have chosen their own advancement over honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. Such is human nature and ego and greed I suppose.

And he has continued to have the support of Curt Walton and City Council who continue to say they "trust" him, even in the wake of the many things they KNOW he has done.

Then the much derided "Bloggers" started uncovering his "way of doing business".....watching.

He has still managed to mostly destroy a really good PD and staff it with unqualified people that will have an effect for years to come.

But there are still a "few good men" at cmpd, swimming upstream and trying to do what they can, trying to set examples of integrity and ethical behavior.

I really think that finally, people and the MSM are catching on and becoming less and less afraid of Rodney and his intimidating, threatening tactics. And less afraid to call him out because of his ethnicity.

The house of cards is becoming really unstable and wobbly.