Sunday, January 8, 2012

CMPD Under Fire From Outside Groups

It shouldn't come as a surprise that outside agitators have come to Charlotte to press the Tanisha Williams case.

CMPD has stonewalled since December 5th and they still have not completed their investigation. The department at first refused to release the in-car video of Tanisha Williams after she was placed in the patrol car. Then after weeks of delay, CMPD detectives appeared at a candlelight vigil offering to share the video with the family and later the press.

Major Vicki Foster's adamant statement that CMPD officers did nothing wrong added fuel to the fire as the story was picked up by national wire services.

Now two members of a Washington, D.C., group that speaks out against police brutality came to Charlotte to spread their message Saturday outside the west Charlotte store where the 18-year-old reportedly strangled herself, after she was arrested.

There is no evidence that CMPD Officers brutalized Ms. Williams. There is however grounds for a major civil suit against the department, the officers, their supervisors and the City of Charlotte.

And the reason is deliberate indifference. Details on what this means and how the lawyers figure into this complicated case Monday.


Anonymous said...

Dangit, I gotta go ready for work....

CEDAR, wake up! LOL....where's the story! Guess I have to wait until I get home tonight :-(


Samantha Laine said...

Good to see a Kleig light shining on this case. Look forward to more details.

Anonymous said...

Major Vicki Foster as a spokesperson? As an Executive Staff member? As potential Deputy Chief? Too funny and way out of her league. Perhaps a nice career in Real Estate is more to her suiting?