Sunday, January 29, 2012

CMPD vs Occupy Charlotte The Show Down

Just a little music to set the mood. Sounds like occupy folks that are hanging around tomorrow (Monday) AM will be hearing this on the PA. Yes it is time to clean up the lawn. And I'd expect that 4:01AM is a pretty good time to send a message and crank up Bad Boyz Bad Boyz Whatcha Gonna Do...


Anonymous said...

The riot act was read to them tonight d day is tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

protestors are running wild downtown now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

riot act?

a bunch of knuckleheads that don't understand the paperwork--
quick, who does that describe?

turns out it's the City Attorney and the City Council that voted through the Ordinance he wrote.

now they have set up the perfect storm for Charlotte police to look like a bunch of buffoons because they are forced to enforce a stupidly-written ordinance for a non-event with an arbitrary start date and peaceful if irritating protestors, leaving each officer personally open to lawsuits as well as the City --which means our tax dollars. officers are not supposed to follow orders that do not follow the State and Federal Constitution.


hard to tell which side is less-organized or less-informed.

easy to tell what's going to happen.

PERF coordinated efforts designated tomorrow to be park-clearing in all Occupy cities and the mindless drones on Council nodded their heads to RoMo again.

Anonymous said...

The DNC is going to be epic.

Epic Failure!

The rodney and harold show!!!

Oh Boy.....