Friday, January 20, 2012

CMPD's Vicki Foster To Be Promoted to Deputy Chief?

The water cooler talk this AM is that Rodney Monroe will put his executive officer Vicki Foster's name before the Civil Service Board on Tuesday February 7th with the idea of promoting her to Deputy Chief.

Nothing could be a more divisive and pig headed move by Chief Monroe.

Monroe has tried this before, but Foster's personal antics prevented the promotion from moving forward. First it was her past due Mecklenburg and City of Charlotte property taxes, then her connection with a private security firm MVP, then a rant against non-Christians on Youtube, followed by the Walka Focka Flame shooting, and her Real Estate Side Business.

Foster who seldom wears her uniform and was most recently seen yammering away on her cell phone during Tuesday's press conference has all the signs of someone not worthy of the title Deputy Chief even though she has been paid at just under the DC rate since 2010.

Foster is well known for being abrasive at best and neurotic nut case when things are not going to her liking. The general consensus is that should she be promoted to the DC position she will receive neither praise or acceptance by CMPD boots on the street.

So here is your chance to end this idea once and for all. The names and email addresses of Charlotte's Civil Service board members follows as does a sample letter.

Faison Kuester - Chair

Norris Anderson -

Karen Burke -

German De Castro -

Henderson Hill -

Brenda Johnson -

Jason McGrath -, Nand1045@,,,,,


Re Veronica Foster Promotion Request

Dear Charlotte Civil Service Board Members,

It has come to my attention that CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe will seek your approval to promote Major Veronica Foster to the position of Deputy Chief. I am certain that if you thoroughly review Ms. Foster's past record and carefully consider her character you will not approve this promotion.

The office of Deputy Chief should be reserved for only the highest calibre of Police Officer CMPD has within its ranks, someone who is above reproach, who has given 110% to the department and the community, and is without question of the highest level of integrity.

Qualities that I strongly feel Ms. Foster lacks.

Thank you for your time, and your service to the community.


Cedar's Take: While it would be very unusual for the Civil Service Board not to approve the promotion for Foster, at least your letter will let the board know they are being watched.


Anonymous said...

And this would be Monroe "taking care of" Foster.

She has taken several hits for Monroe lately, and many more in the past...this would be payback for that, that's how he operates.

But to put Foster up for DC, when she is on VIDEO saying she might have to "bend over and tie her shoes" rather than help someone who has differing religous views is wrong on so many levels.

This would be rodney taking care of her before he gets his 5 years in and leaves, kind of like Medlock "taking care" of Pless before Medlock left to run the DNC.

And everyone is hoping rodney gets his cmpd retirement and gets the hell out?

Where are you MSM on this story?

What next? A special proclamation from King Rodney declaring Ricky Robbins is eligible for DC?

Wouldn't surprise anyone, and he would probably get away with it.

What a Freaking train wreck!!

Anonymous said...

I would just be all kinds of wrong. There are many really good people who should be DC over Foster.

But they are the wrong color. Monroe is an idiot, and if he thinks making Foster DC is going to make the brothers like him more he is just dead wrong. There is not a black officer in the department that respects Foster.

Anonymous said...

I think a blind pig would make a better DC than Foster.

Anonymous said...

where is this youtube video showing foster saying that? i would like to see it

Anonymous said...

Cedar ask around about the two recruits pulled from consideration during November's civil service hearing by Capt Gerald Smith. Shocking last minute disclosures that RoMo tried to gloss over.

Anonymous said...

I heard from people today that rodney has suspended the next recruit class to "save money".

Really? He had money for "new" faulty tasers they don't have yet,had money to completely redo Executive Staff offices, had money to go to Puerto Rico to "recruit" there, but cancelled the next class here? WTF?

The man has no business sense at all, he knows nothing about staffing or planning.

He only knows how to hold his hand out to City Council to ask for more money, that would be his "business plan".

I would love to know exactly how much to the penny he has wasted on his frivilous projects.

Anonymous said...

RoMo suspended the next recruit class because CMPD is going to loose its certification via the finger print scandal.

Anonymous said...

It's not just fingerprints.

It's medical records, Social Security numbers on those cards, other officers' records, possibly background information and more.

Just pointing that out since this is the man in charge of protecting the President and all of us every day. Great job Rodney.

Your buddies in Washington would probably feel better knowing if the truth is that the records were intentionally destroyed. That way they would not have to worry about that aspect of a security risk. Then we just have to deal with the implications of what it would mean if you intentionally destroyed police personnel records.

Or, if you're so incompetent that all the records are just missing right out from the Police Academy, that should be dealt with.

Either way, it's not good.

Anonymous said...

Give Me a Break Cedar,

No officer can send this letter and the public doesn't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Cmpd is so phucked up...with one person basically to blame.
The one person that loves to take credit for any perceived glory, but takes NO responsibility for the major screwups, always putting someone else in front of the microphones to spin and deflect.
Does it surprise anyone that their academy accredidation would be in jeopardy?
An inexperienced Major in charge, inexperienced people put in jobs.
Trying to minimize and cover up the huge scandal of all the missing records. Rumors that they were destroyed on purpose. Lying and hiding facts.
What does anyone expect? Really, what does anyone expect from the present "management"?

Anonymous said...

Word is NO ONE is enamored with working for Sherie.
And that she is only concerned with her self preservation.
(And Rodney preservation, because she OWES him big time.)
She and her mentor are two peas in a pod.

We shall see.....

Anonymous said...

Send the email, it can't hurt and who knows maybe they will look beyond what RoMo lets them see in the file.

Anonymous said...

This department is terrible. I cant believe how far it has gone down hill in the last 3 years. unreal.