Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Wrap Up!

CMPD Reports Lowest Homicide Rate in Years - In an interview last Saturday night, CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe said homicides have declined because of the intense focus the department brings to the initial hours of death investigations. As many as a dozen investigators - from homicide, gang, assault and vice units - show up at crime scenes to talk to witnesses and share information.

Monroe also said he's been to the scene of about 35 of this year's homicides.

"When we're locking up suspects in homicide cases inside of 48 or 72 hours, people take notice of that. The good guys and the bad guys take notice of that. Our (homicide detectives) are working 24-36 hours straight. Cases aren't going cold."

More from The Charlotte Observer is here.

Cedar's Take: 35 of 55 isn't bad but that is not what the public perception is, at least according to the CP Poll that ran through the end of the year.

Chief Monroe claims he has been to "about" 65 percent of last year's homicides. But poll numbers show that the majority of respondents believe that Chief Monroe has been to less than 10%. However 8% of the voters thought that the Chief had been to all on the homicides just as he told WBTV News he would do back in 2008.

According to sources Chief Monroe has been to less than 20 of last year's homicides and they are giving him credit for as little as a drive by a week later.

Tweet of the Week! - "Given Sufficient Thrust Pigs Fly Just Fine"

CFD Fail - Cedar posts asked CFD information officers to comment about the decorative landscaping around this city fire hydrant two weeks ago, nothing but crickets. A review of city ordinance points out this is a complete fail on the part of Chick Fil A at the Arboretum.

Attractive hardscape is nice but it would be an additional challenge to Charlotte Fire Fighters attempting to connect to the 2 1/2 connections of the sides as they would have to work around the walls. The connection to the engine via the 4 1/2 would be ok though it lacks the storz coupling which may be exempt since the color coding denotes a "private" hydrant. But the whole structure is questionable. Then again maybe its ok.

Bride of Chucky?

CMPD meets all types of misfits and scary people. This one takes the prize. I seriously think this calls for some action on the part of Charlotte's Medical Community.

In Case You Missed It - August of 2010

Tanisha Williams - was arrested December 5, 2011, accused of shoplifting at a store on Freedom Drive in west Charlotte. According to police, Williams began banging her head against the window after being placed inside the patrol car. Police officials also say the young woman choked herself with a seat belt. Williams has been hospitalized since the incident and is on life support. Her condition is irresverable due to lack of brain function.

Friends and family members held a vigil last Thursday evening for Williams. NewsChannel 36, the Observer's news partner, says police officials approached family members and their attorney, William Harding, at the end of the vigil and said they would permit the family to see the video.

Cedar's Take: Really? Did they really think that was the appropriate time to tell the family the good news.

One detective told NewsChannel 36 the footage was the most horrific he had seen in his 25 years with the department. Porsha Williams, Tanisha's sister, told NewsChannel 36 on Thursday evening she would not believe the police account of the incident until she saw the video. She also said she can't believe her sister would hurt herself. Harding said he plans to view the video on Monday. Police and the family are asking anyone who might have seen any of the events on Dec. 5 to contact them.

Ben Breedlove's This Is My Story - By now you have seen clips of Ben Breedlove's You Tube Video on national main stream media. Ben passed away Christmas Day just a few hours after he posted this video.

But amazingly what the MSM doesn't talk about is Ben's several encounters with death. They completely miss the point of his video because they didn't take the time to watch the entire thing. You should. Both Parts.


Anonymous said...

Well the wheels are shaking and about to fall off the Rodney Monroe Band Wagon.

Today he's out there in the press again calling Officer Jones a "Hero" apparently forgeting that he's already fired the guy.

IA fast tracked the Jones case and let the others slide, crazy people still run to RoMo defense even as he is throwing people under the bus.

The media is wise to RoMo bs and they are starting to dig deeper and look closer. Soon they will find out why CMPD doesn't have enough in the budget to give officers a raise.

Soon they will all see how RoMo has destoryed CMPD and turned it into a back stabbing hell hole.

Idiots like Medlock running the place into the ground, people this is going to be good.

Anonymous said...

First, Cedar, I am sorry about all the crap on here last night.
It seems the Top Dogs and PIO's at cmpd are working overtime and running scared. But last night was about as low as anyone has seen them stoop, seems their methods are becoming more and more desperate and nasty...expect more cheap shots directed at you and other Bloggers to try to intimidate and shut you down.

There are so many things that are screwed up at cmpd right now, it is difficult to know where to start.

But it is quite obvious that Rodney is where the downfall of cmpd started.

And I think one word would cover so much of what is going on: Corruption. On every level in the chain of command now.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Cedar CMPD has some real dumbasses, Independence is a pretty smart group, not much drama and we do a pretty good job so command leaves us alone for the most part.

I'd guess you pissed off someone from Freedom last night, still way out of line. But I think they are freaking out because those guys are major screwups anyway.

Ask yourself this, why was the Jones case fast tracked and the Williams case is a slow grind? I'll tell you why because Monroe doesn't like the way it is turning out. He calls the shots with CS and the IA guys. What ever he says goes in the report. It is just kinda hard to sweep this out the door and make it go away.

Keep digging!

Anonymous said...

Jones is far from any kind of hero. And should have "left" cmpd a long time ago.

And I don't know who the Officers are that are involved in the Tanisha Williams case, but exactly what are their disciplinary backgrounds?

And Medlock? What can you possibly say that hasn't been said? That he is actually "in charge" of anything, with his infamous meltdowns, tantrums, in your face, accusatory,vindictive "leadership" style, many working for him are ready to have breakdowns themselves! It's a wo der he hasn't stroked out.he really is not equipped to handle any kind of stressful situation so I am told. How he justifies his treatment of people is beyond anyone, and his fabrications are legendary.

There are so many great, honest Officers at cmpd, but they are not honored and respected and celebrated nor defended by the Chief and others like the Officers of questionable integrity. They are denigrated, lied about and shuffled off to obscurity. It seems he honors Officers most like him, and surrounds himself with them.

He really is the worst thing that could have happened to cmpd.

The good and honest men left at cmpd deserve a real leader with ethical standards, a moral center, a sense of fairness and justice, someone that honors these men and what they do.

They need someone that doesn't surround himself with
Ass kissing sycophants , that doesn't cover up and spin every story. Someone that knows how to listen and disagree with dignity. Someone that treats people, the public and Officers with the respect they deserve.Someone that makes decisions for the greater good of the department, and not based on their insatiable ego.

They need a Leader.

Anonymous said...

Just look up "'how not to lead", and you will find Rodney's photo.

He contradicts every book on leadership. He does not have a clue.

He equates "loyalty" with butt smooching suck ups.

He totally surrounds himself with people that tell him whatever he wants to hear.

And from what many people say, he totally and completely OWNS IA and virtually tells them the outcomes he wants, it's then up to IA to try and skew the "investigation" to make it fit Rodney's version.

And if I hear one more gullible, self serving , delusional asshat say that Rodney is going to "take care" of them, I will puke. Is that really the way a PD shoud be run, on quid pro quo, you cover my ass and I will TAKE CARE IF YOU ?

Looks like the LT's. Will be "promoted" tomorrow with NO CEREMONY, 'cause that's the way Rodney rolls at cmpd now.......for some strange, odd reason that's the way he rolls....kind of anticlimactic huh, after the huge errors in judgement made with all that unnecessary drama.

What is going to happen to the RACS that didn't make Lt..? Has Rodney promised to "take care" of them? Curious minds want to know!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the MSM is looking into one particular Division Commander's handling of crime stats and 'reporting"... Seems someone is tired of it and is spilling the beans!!

If this is true, and so far it is only a rumor being talked about, but if true, good for whoever is trying to get the truth out there!!!

Anonymous said...

Cedar Bride of Chucky post is mean. Funny but mean. Wonder what happened to her?

Some plastic surgeonshuld step u and help er, mabeshe'd giveup the life of crime?

Anonymous said...

Chief Monroe can take all the credit he like for lowering the murder rate in Charlotte, but it is a national trend. Everywhere crime is down and homicides are down.

As far as leadership he is a joke. Someone told me last month that when CMPD had their little holiday event the Chief and his henchmen were first in line for the food.

Anyone who has any sense of leadership knows that command is the last to get in line. Always.

Not a big thing just one of many ways you can see Rodney Monroe's true colors.

Anonymous said...

Proof Rodney Monroe is an idiot, as quoted in today's Charlotte Observer:

"When unfounded allegations are directed at our organization, it tarnishes the confidence and trust that we have built with our citizens" - Rodney Monroe

Think about this for just a second before you start trying to defend Monroe.

He says unfounded allegations hurt the department, why? Aren't they unfounded? Maybe this is because there are some many allegation?

Our citizens? Like our cars. our weapons? Monroe thinks he owns us.

Confidence and trust? Does Monroe think the public will buy this trust bs?

Anonymous said...

"Unfounded allegations"?

Let Monroe hold a press conference and take ALL QUESTIONS from all reporters, not just his hand picked reporters, with their prearranged questions.

Let him answer all questions about the many "unfounded" and FOUNDED allegations about him, his crime stats, his bids on jobs for the DNC, his showing up in advertisements for companies hawking their products for them, did he go back and take classes for a legitimate degree, does he have paperwork for all A & F money spent and what it was spent on?

And oh so many, many more allegations it is really hard to know where to start and what to ask.

And what trust has he built? With one cover up after another.

And I can tell you one thing, his men have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in his ability to make ethical, honest decisions.

And you really think the public has confidence in Monroe and his henchmen?

Total spin and BS.

Makes me sick.



Anonymous said...

Cedar, did you really tweet this yesterday? I noticed you took it off your website in an effort to cover it up. Are you looking to embarrass some bike cops patrolling their area? Sounds like they are doing their job.

For those on you who don't know, Cedar Posts tweets to about 706 followers that include news reporters, tv and radio personalities and other bloggers. Seems like you would love to have a picture of those bike officers to boost the number of hits to your website. Don't worry, I took a screen shot just in case he tries to delete it from his tweeter account too.

Here is the tweet:

"CMPD bicycle Officers at the Lynx station in Pineville violating every rule in the DMV manual. Missed photo op! Rats" 5 Jan

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:51
Cedar needs to DELETE you, Rob.

Give it up, you will not be able to distract from the corruption at cmpd with your lame posts.

Or is this one of the Officers that was supposed to be watching so eone in a squad car?

Whatever,ther are WAY MORE corrupt things going on at take your ball and go home.

Cedar Posts said...

It is not deleted it is right there on the twitter time line.

In fact I did get a photo of these two in the cross walk on South Blvd riding their bikes against the light and the on-coming traffic. Nearly causing a multi car pile up. As some blue hair locked up her brakes to avoid hitting them.

If it were a couple of skinnys in spandex you would be cheering me on. But because they are wearing blue (in this case yellow) and a badge you think they should be above the law.

News Flash - Ain't gonna happen.

Sure I'll cut you some slack. You can bust a few lights in your crown vic, park like you own the place to pick up your pizza on Christmas Eve in your unmaked Impala (I have that photo too) Put down some serious tax payer rubber and slide into an intersection because you were texting your GF. (Photo op not missed here either)

And I'll cut you some slack.

But you are not above the law, and when it endangers others I'm going to call you out on it.

Anonymous said...

My, aren't you so clever, AND computer savy, "I took a screen shot".

Good grief ....... Could you BE more childish?

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I have heard that the Brass is running scared...keep up the good work.

They are on the ropes, but be careful, they can be unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by "be careful" and "unpredictable" ?

what might happen?

Anonymous said...

Ben Breedlove's This Is My Story

I got it Cedar. HE saw it and felt it too! have been there twice and did NOT want to come back either. The light is warm, friendly and nothing but peace prevails....

I totally understand why he says "he didn't want to come back"... both times I knew it was God proving to me He does exist and He wanted me to rethink my life and let others know. However, many people just look at you dumbfounded when you talk about it, sadly.

I honestly believe He sent me back to make better choices and decisions for the future because now I KNEW HE existed so how could I not follow Him.....

Thanks Cedar I am glad someone else understood his message....

Anonymous said...

Please do not let Rodney, Tufano or any of Rodney's lackeys posting on here compel you to change the fabric of your Blog.
That would be a crime.
It was certainly a cowardly, inexcusable thing they did last night, but it follows their modus operandi of threatening, intimidating coercion. And shows what depths they will sink to, and their total lack of class and integrity.
They are surely going down, they cannot buy off everyone at cmpd with their promises to " take care of them"!

Anonymous said...

I find the whole thing amazing, CMPD has hired a bunch of thugs and idiots and now the lowered standards are coming back to bite Rodney's fat little ass.

What two years ago was a major shocker, is now just about a weekly event. Every week some CMPD officer caught with his pants down, hand in the cookie jar, or in hand cuffs for breaking the law.

Just in the last four weeks there have been 8 different IA investigations started against CMPD officers. Most unknown to the local media with Jones being made the goat so that the others can get a gtrr pass.

Big surprise all of the other cases have been with minorities.

Anonymous said...

I think people that continue to believe and support Rodney will find themselves having to answer some really tough questions when Rodney's regime collapses.
They will be out in the cold, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Question of The Day for you to ask, Cedar:

When Rodney is "out of town" for any reason, vacation, "business", boondoggle ....WHO IS IN CHARGE??

Does he send out a memo to the Department, as any responsible Chief would, that he is going to be out of the office for X amount of time and _______will be in charge until his return on -_____?

Chief Stephens would do this as a matter of operating, as anyone who knows anything about the military or proper protocol would.

Rodney only tells his Posse, and the reason is obvious, isn't it? If he put it in writing honestly saying whenever he was gone, you could track when and where he was and how many days he was "out of the office".

So no one ever knows if he is gone and who is in charge, way to lead, huh?

And we all know that is how he operates: PUT NOTHING IN nothing can be traced back to him or his Posse.

Once again, if you have nothing to hide, if you are not trying to hide anything, what would the problem be? If you are being truthful and honest and your Trips are LEGITIMATE business or vacation, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

It's what any good Leader does.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing stories from friends at cmpd about Rodney's "main man" Ricky Robbins throwing his weight around once again invoking the name of the "Chief".

From what I am told Little Ricky will "order" someone to do something, he is a "hire back", remember? He has NO RANK, he has NO OFFICIAL TITLE, yet he acts FOR Rodney. He is just Rodney's chief cook and bottle washer, his "enforcer", his nĂºmero UNO ass kisser YesMan.

Yet he weighs in on Command Staff decisions, doesn't that
Scare the bejesus out of you?

And everyone knows he acts for the chief.......and that there will be hell to pay if you cross the little hireback.

Once again, is this really any way to run a Professional, honest PD with any kind of integrity?

Anonymous said...

The Ben Breedlove videos are great, thanks for that. The music is beautiful - trying to place it and it sounds like "Gone Away" by The Offspring. Happy New Year CP and Weather Dog!

Anonymous said...

Cedar: You do what you need to do to protect you and your family first and foremost. But, I for one thank you for ALL you have done to expose the truth....even when it is IN THEIR face they still deny and sheeple still believe!

Anonymous said...

I saw on citynewswatch where the goose stepping, knuckle dragging morons have inundated his site with their stupidity.

What, do they think starting some kind of feeble technobabble war it is actually going to turn people against You and other Bloggers?

Their simplemindedness is awesome, as they are only proving that what you guys are doing is definitely "getting to them".

Keep up the good work, you are truly rattling them but good!!

They absolutely hate being exposed for what they are, keep shining that light in their shadowy dealings!!!