Friday, January 27, 2012

In Case You Missed It Officer Keith Trietley

CMPD Officer Keith Trietley has been nominated for Officer of the Month for the January.

You might recall a little more than a year ago Trietley's Crown Vic was deliberately hit head on by a suspect while responding to an active high speed chase.

This month the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department recognized Keith Trietley:

Officer Trietley was recognized for his amazing efforts to return to full active duty after a fleeing suspect intentionally hit his police car head on. His professionalism and dedication to the job despite his injuries is what makes Officer Trietley a stand out candidate for the Officer of the Month.

Well OK that is the official public relations spin out of Rob Tufano's office.

Cedar Posts would rather tell it like it is Trietley is simply BAD ASS!

Bravo Zulu Officer Trietley!

We are very happy to have you back on the streets of Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Bad Ass indeed!

Thanks for posting this Cedar.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Officer Trietley....

Anonymous said...

Well Done Keith, Next is to lace up those Hockey Skates. All the Best