Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Odds and Ends

CMPD Promotions - The new rank of Lieutenant is official at CMPD. But new it is not the Charlotte Police Department had the rank years back but eliminated it to save costs and eliminate too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

So much for saving money under Chief Monroe, the new Lieutenants will cost taxpayers plenty, in fact the uniforms alone are well over $25,000.00. Then there are the 13 RAC's who did not make Lieutenant but are being paid at the pay rate approved for Lieutenant because you can give officers a raise and a promotion but you can't take it away without a civil service board hearing.

According to sources Chief Monroe told the 13 who were not promoted to Lieutenants that their supervisory job was really only a "temporary assignment" but several of the RACS asked how could something be temporary that lasted over 3 years? Chief asked them in so many words just to be "good people" and do as they were told that in the end they would be taken care of. But for now for now they will return to the role of a sergeant but with more pay than their coworkers.

In order to hopefully avoid another lawsuit, CMPD is toying with the idea of making the unlucky 13 "Staff Sergeants" or maybe Junior Grade Lieutenants

Cedar's Take: Another brilliant idea out of Chief Monroe's office, add another layer of bureaucracy and added expense.

Occupy Charlotte now has access to DOD data on non lethal weapons, thanks to a leaked document which has been posted here. Actually it is very cool "gouge" and as much fun as L.L.Bean sporting equipment catalog with a considerably nasty component.


Modular Crowd Control Munition (MCCM)

Currently fielded by USA
Lead Agency: USA
Concept of Employment: Used at entry control points, for crowd control and other defensive actions. Capability Effect: Blunt impact.
Target Type: Counter-Personnel
Description: The MCCM has the same dimensions as a standard Claymore Mine (8”X1.3”X3”) and weighs ~ 6 lbs. Each MCCM contains 600, 0.32 Caliber Neoprene Rubber Balls

The back story is that Occupy Charlotte is getting help from all type of sources and may not be at disorganized as they seem. More about this from Robert Tiford here.

More On In Custody Suicides - The point here is failure to follow directives is never a good thing. This could have been a multiple fatality incident.


A suspect facing a number of charges including shooting a deputy, (who survived) calmly pulls a .45 cannon from his waist band and kills himself while seated in a police interrogation room. The back story is here. The officers and deputies involved were all disciplined but no one was fired. The family sued and settled out of court. The LA Times story is here.

As with the Williams case crazy people came out of no where and claimed all sorts of nuttyness, he was executed, he was a Muslim terrorist and so on. And then there were the hate filled posted comment about the illegal Mexican needed to die, of course Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was Guatemalan.


Anonymous said...

WOW That was somewhat disturbing. What the hell is wrong with people. The cops reaction was kinda low key. Like dang this guy had a gun and just killed himself.

Anonymous said...

Yep pop game over. Cops way lucky way stupid. Guess he thought he'd killed someone?

Anonymous said...

This is fake. More cop hating BS from Cedar Posts.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a video used for training cops? I think it might be the one that the trainer wrote about in his letter sent to Monroe after the First 48 premiered showing CMPD officers with their guns in the interrogation room.

Instead of acknowledging the letter and retraining anyone, or making a safety point to make officers more safe, Monroe's minions went about coming up with an excuse how they could try to cover his *ss by redirecting the letter so it wouldn't get to him--at least on record. That would require there was also no follow up action to help his officers' safety.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you can expect the city to see another law suit when the current sergeants get pissed that the 13 non-promoted RACs end up doing the same work as the other sergeants but with higher pay and a take home car.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20
He's baaaaccckkk!

Looks like he got one by QC...

Go away, you are not really accomplishing your goal.... Rat, gonna try to out some other people you don't like? Just to try to make them seem "guilty " of posting the TRUTH?


Anonymous said...

To anon 11:20, this is absolutely NOT fake. It has been used as a training video, but is real footage.

Anonymous said...

Leaked? Really? Apparently none of them is bright enough to use Google. Maybe next someone will sneak them the plans to the combustion engine........

Anonymous said...

Cedar are you saying that 13 Response Area Commanders are no more? I'm sorry I don't follow what is going on.

RAC's aka called super sergeants or were at one time?

Anonymous said...

I heard some crazy stuff today about Rodney when he was in Macon...

No, not about his fiddling federal grants, or dissolving the gang unit.

This was about a religious cult that his men were involved in. I don't have any details yet, but someone that lives there says it was bizarre. And something about Rodney going from being a Catholic to a baptist do advance his career in the south?
I have no idea what this is all about.
But maybe you or someone needs to look onto it.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing to come out out of the whole RAC/LT. debacle is that the investigation has opened up many other investigations and lawsuits.
This may be the way the culture of corruption at CMPD is finally exposed.

The more lawsuits, the more people are deposed, the more it goes on record of what is actually going on at CMPD, the more chances there are that the rottenness at the top will be exposed.

And I believe that is already happening, from what I hear from many Officers that work there.

They are so sick and tired of the corruption, that is now on Every level at CMPD.

The more people get a chance to tell the truth, as with Tammy, in interviews, the more the truth will get out there.

The outright corruption, the lies, the favoritism, the reverse discrimination, the way Directives are not followed, but flagrantly ignored, the money issues. And so many other violations that can't really be investigated within the department, why? Because IA has NO AUTONOMY under rodney monroe, NONE. They are a flaccid appendage of CMPD, much like rodney himself, only he has managed to destroy cmpd as it once was.

He is in it for the personal glory, period.

The latest little tidbit?? His daughter's baby daddy has been plucked from his primo patrol job of day shift, which he got straight out of the academy, and put to work for the DNC.

Does this really surprise anyone??

Just another Bagman for rodney.

How many FACTS can be shoved in the face of the media before they start reporting on this corrupt chief EVERY day, believe me, there is plenty of information there to keep them busy for years.

It's just a shame that rodney couldn't stand being told NO for once by City Council and went ahead and created a position of RAC that he knew good and damn well would create a freaking mess...but his privileged, entitled attitude and ego did what he wanted to anyhow, just sneakily as usual.

And his ego created the huge debacle this has become, not to mention, once more, the money it has and will cost the city in lawsuits.

But just maybe the good will be the what the many interviews these lawsuits and complaints will reveal and get on paper...and under oath.

The feds don't fool around.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, the element that is ruling Cmpd right now knows no limits when it comes to corruption.
I have been at Cmpd for over 30 years and I have never seen such nastiness, such back stabbing, such ass kissing, such discrimination, such flagrant violations, such retaliation, such vindictiveness in that whole time.
Morale has never been so low, the sense of hopelessness for things to ever be run with any kind of integrity or honesty is overwhelmingly prevalent.
If is a sad, sad commentary on our City.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 11, 2012 5:56 PM

Thank you for your 30 years of service. But that is what happens when you bring a PIECE OF SHIT in as Monroe. There is no one to blame but City Council itself.

Anonymous said...

Do not let the Rat from Brass that is spewing his hatred on here get to you.

I can tell you that the overwhelming number of real Cops I speak to believe that you and other Bloggers are providing a valuable service to cmpd and the city.

And they consider anyone who provides you with any information that should be PUBLIC anyhow to be Heroes.
Fighting corruption is a decent and honest cause. And is certainly needed in Charlotte.

And their opinion of the slimeball coward that posted names of family members on here to be the lowest of low scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I hope you read citynewswatch today. A great piece of digging he did!!

If the MSM doesn't pick up on this, there is really something very wrong going on with the Media and Rodney...some kind of tacit quid pro quo. like Rodney will give them minimum access to information if they don't do too much digging around and reporting the facts.

With a huge Presser coming up touting the low crime stats and crowning Martha Dozier as the new Queen of fake crime stats!!

This Dog and Pony Show would be the perfect time for little 'ole rodney to take questions from the Free Press. And I don't mean the usual prearranged questions, I mean a Real press conference. Let Rodney HIMSELF answer questions about SHOP as reported by citynewswatch.

But we know that Rodney will never do that he will spin and cover up and be about as transparent as a brick wall.

Because rodney considers himself to be ABOVE any Cmpd Policy. Any cmpd Directives. Can you say narcissistic personality order??

Concerned citizens should DEMAND answers about SHOP and other ways crime stats are being downgraded...and they should DEMAND them from Rodney's mouth himself, not one of his lackeys shilling for him so he is not on record lying!!!!!

Anonymous said...

when is the press conference?

Anonymous said...

What will be interesting will be to see if the MSM that professes to be interested in reporting the TRUTH takes the story from citynewswatch and runs with it for a touchdown. And what kind of spin and lies Rodney will come up with for it?
Everyone knows what an egomaniac Rodney is so if this "program" was truly on the up and up.. He would have been selling it from the rooftops for sure.
Wonder how he has explained it (lied about it) to Foxx, Walton and City Council... Oh and his big buddy, Eric?

Anonymous said...

Any word on where the yearbooks are since there was such hoopla about it?
I think the delivery date was SUPPOSED to be 6 weeks. There hasnt been a word mentioned about it since. All I know is, this company from Georgia is holding an awful lot of officers money and there has been absolutely NOTHING from them nor from the Chiefs office.
I wonder if we have been taken