Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Odds and Ends

Armored Truck Robbery - Yesterday's Robbery and Shooting follows a pattern that Atlanta has been dealing with since early September 2010.

ATLANTA -- Police in Georgia are searching for at least two gunmen wanted in a string of robberies targeting Garda Cash Logistic armored trucks in the Atlanta area. They say the suspects, who killed their last victim, are becoming increasingly violent.

More details here.

While the FBI and Police won't give amounts stolen, it doesn't take an insider to know the haul can be pretty big. A weekend's worth of cash can be nearly 50,000 dollars. No dye packs, no doors to go through, no customers as witnesses, no silent alarms.

Loomis Fargo services the free standing ATM's when needed, often when the cash is completely out. ATM's flag when they are out of cash, all the crooks need to do is hang around. Plus the Loomis Fargo ATM Trucks are pretty easy to spot. So all that is left is for the thugs to neutralize the guards and grab the cash.

I would expect this thug and his get away car driver will strike again. To be sure these crooks are violent and will not hesitate to kill as many people as needed to get the money and get away.

Homicide Rate Down More Than 18% - Not in Charlotte but in Washington for the year 2011, with 108 homicides at year end, the District of Columbia which has seen an 18 .2 percent decline in homicides over last year’s total of 132. DC Metro's homicide case-closure rate is currently 94 percent, which is well above the national average and an increase over the year before.

As with the national trend, crime is down everywhere, even in Charlotte but Chief Monroe's numbers with a reduction of only 6.8 percent pale in comparison to his former employer the City of Washington DC which last year reported the lowest homicide rate in 48 years.

Occupy Charlotte - Finally Charlotte City Council passed a few new city ordinances that make it easier to give the campers the boot. It is sad that council didn't have the vision to pass these rules when the DNC selected Charlotte nearly a year ago.

Here's one occupy protester they didn't write the rules for, watch as the NYPD think about what to do with a rather pissed off Marine.

The National Anthem - Steven Tyler gave the nation's worst performance on the National Anthem since Rosanne Barr, while Kristin Chenoweth sang with 49ers fans booing because of images of NY Giants players were flashed on several television screens.

Cedar's Take: Stop asking idiots to sing the national anthem, if you can't sing it without embellishment, or adding a couple of extra riffs don't sing it. There are some people who should not sing it solo, Cedar Posts is one of those, and some who should be banned from singing it ever, Steven Tyler is on that list.

Other Bad Performances - Speaking of gaffes at the microphone did you happen to see Deputy Chief Harold Medlock and Chief Rodney Monroe addressing Charlotte City Council last night? Well it was pretty sad, I've know for a number of years that Chief Monroe doesn't have a command presence. I didn't know the DC Medlock suffered from the same ailment.

DC Medlock is at about 42.20 and Chief Monroe at 1:10 and link is here.

An Example of "Command Presence"

It is backwards to fight off the copyright goon squad. (Something Cedar Posts has done to this iconic film)

Friday Promotions Ceremony - Chief Monroe has sent out an email announcing a promotion ceremony on Friday. Noticeably absent are the names of who is being promoted. I'll give you one guess and then you can be excused to go vomit. Cedar Posts would ask Rob Tufano but he would just claim it is all "bogus".

The Final Word - Yesterday WBTV aired a follow-up to the murder of Danielle Watson that story is here. Cedar Posts received word of a CMPD Dispatch Screw Up early on the Saturday Morning while off the Florida Coast. As it turns out while CMPD clearly blew it - it is doubtful that having dispatched officers to the correct location would have saved Danielle Watson.

WBTV's Sharon Smith turned up court record and convictions regarding Mark Cox's past and it was pretty clear he's one sick individual. What is surprising is that the owners of Flying Biscuit are unwilling to talk about Danielle's death or to address the issue of hiring Mark Cox.

It seems unlikely that Flying Biscuit did any sort of background check. They simply hired him for walking though the door.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to check out the person you are considering hiring. In fact Mark Cox is easy to spot on the North Carolina Department of Corrections web site and there is no charge to search the records.


Anonymous said...

If Foster is made Deputy Chief over the majors who are white and vastly more qualified I would expect some serious fall out.

Cedar doesn't RoMo have to get Foster approved by the civil service board? Do they no know what kind of scum she is?

Anonymous said...

I was going to start keeping track of deaths in Charlotte and whether they were counted as homicides, but you are taking care of it:
Mr Smith charged with neglect, not homicide, in his actions they say led to the death of his elderly relative on Hellebore in Univercity area. Please double check the actual crime report and the crime charge and then ask that little turd for a written comment.

So, there's one way Monroe can fake the homicide numbers.

"I can't hide the bodies" he says with that smug piece of crap look on his face.

He's hitting the point where things are harder and harder to hide, but we have more work to do.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Vicki is finally going to get DC......after years of taking the fall for Monroe she is 'being taken care of".....her last Presser sealed the deal!

Yes, the performances of Monroe and Medlock were abysmal, it is hard to be convincing when you're being
disengenuous. In 90 seconds monroe had 20 "fillers", that would be UHHHS..... In ten minutes, Medlock had 111.

If you are going to be in a position to lead and make public speeches, take some public speaking classes, it is embarassing to have these two clowns representing cmpd.
Then add Graue and Foster to that.....embarassing.

And it is fairly easy to speak when you tell the truth and don't have to worry about covering all the lies you have told.

Anonymous said...

Good to know, I can set someone on fire and just be charged with "neglect", I will keep that little gem in my hip pocket.

They had no problem charging the guy that was with the policeman's daughter with homicide under the same kind of circumstances...did they?????

This is BLATANT bullshit hiding the bodies in semantics.

Will no one see the similarity and call him on it?

Is the MSM really going to let him get away with this?

Anonymous said...

And the sad thing is, the DA is going along with this bizarre way of doing things, WTF?

And BTW, the "lead" "detective" on it is a female black officer, a rookie detective that I have been told is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Wonder if they put a rookie detective on that other case?

And an arson investigator was called? Do you need a PHD to figure out why?

Anonymous said...

They are getting away with murder.... Now literally!!
This department reads better than a dime store novel!

Anonymous said...

It depends on when he was set on fire. If he was already dead, then the fire wouldn't have caused the death. If he was set on fire prior to death, then it's murder. If he was set on fire after he was dead, then how do you charge the suspect with murder?

Maybe Homicide and the DA know stuff that is not public knowledge and that is why they charged the guy the way they did.

Anonymous said...

Stg Shamar Thomas, that is one big guy, and had their attention. I have to agree Occupy is not a war zone, cops need to lighten up some.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:28,

Re: your comment "In 90 seconds monroe had 20 "fillers", that would be UHHHS..... In ten minutes, Medlock had 111".

I just had to laugh after reading the article located at the link below, and then your comment.


Here is a quote...

"They also found more dysfluencies — the "uhs" and "ums" that interrupt speech — among psychopaths"

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:17
That is really funny, and seems about right!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:26
Like someone said, a good city to commit a homicide in.

Better to charge and investigate IMO.