Friday, February 17, 2012

Bill James Mecklenburg County's Tweeter and Email Fool

Thursday night the Mecklenburg County Commissioner wanted you to know that he won a "straw poll" conducted at the GOP meeting held uptown. He did so by re-tweeting every mention of his straw poll win.


@meckcommish: James wins GOP Staw Vote handily 69% to 31% #constantcontact

@meckcommish: @AprilBethea James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: @ChrisMillerWBT James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: @CLTPolitics @jimmorrill James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: @stuartwatson36 James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: RT@news14Broders James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: @news14charlotte James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks !

@meckcommish: James beats Driggs among GOP faithful 146 (68.86%) to 66 (31.20%). Thanks!

James uses his computer as his weapon of choice, often firing off inflammatory emails on subjects typical of someone with a myopic view of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. His favorite targets are gays, PBS, blacks, welfare mothers and anyone he considers having a non-Christian view of morality.

While James has many supporters his following has faded over the last two years due mainly to his continuing contentious battles with fellow Mecklkenburg County Commissioners. James' comments regarding, drug testing for welfare recipients, same sex partner insurance benefits for county employees, and the moral sewer that Charlotte's black community lives in, have made James a regular topic of water cooler conversation.

Last year James emailed: "Just like Charlotte ... the Moral Sewer erupts across America" which revived an email in 2004 where he wrote that urban blacks "live in a moral sewer".

Another of Bill James top ten: "Homosexuals are sexual predators." An email that got a good amount of attention when he emailed a copy of a 1988 article about child molesters from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, and he highlighted one out-of-context sentence: "Eighty-six percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual."

Later in support of his homosexual predators rant he emailed this jewel:

Dowd Y has a red phone for people to sound an alert about being ogled by homosexuals. He said: "Go down to the Dowd YMCA and let them show you the 'red phone'. They had to put it in to stop homosexuals from ogling straight business men in the showers and changing rooms. The same upper-crust of Charlotte who claim to be for diversity have to install special equipment to protect themselves from the predatory behavior of homosexuals in a place that should be safe, if homosexuals were not predatory."

Then there was his comment to Vilma Leake, "Your son was a homo?" And later saying:
"Vilma is a religious hypocrite." and pointing out that "She was married to a Bishop in the AME Zion church. This church has historically opposed homosexuality."

It is easy to agree with James on a number of issues, but James has a pattern of creating firestorms that are counter productive to a political body that meets only a few hours a week. Therefore Bill James' personal agenda has put his district at a disadvantage as few people in the county can identify James as anything other than a racist bigot. An identity that South Charlotte really can't afford.

Cedar Posts' Bonus: A Resignation of Bill James Petition site that has somewhat fizzled after 171 signatures is here.


Anonymous said...

Perfect illustration of Bill James!

Anonymous said...

Cedar you and the rest of the media encourage him. Don't give this POS anymore face time than he already gets.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely correct about a majority of the blacks - they do live in a maoral sewer.

Anonymous said...

James is an evil clown.

He really is the worst kind of "christian"..... Bigoted, prejudiced, judgemental, mean spirited, small minded, lacking any kind of class or empathy.

And he represents the most screwed up right wingnuts...and gives the south a bad name.

The scary thing is that some people take him seriously.

Anonymous said...

James is a necessary evil required to counterbalance the radical liberals (Roberts) and the diversity pimping and one issue-interested (Leake). When the rest of the county moves to the reasonable (Cogdell, Cooksey), we can rid of Bill. Until then, he stays.

Anonymous said...

While I don't always agree with the way James does things he DOES come out and say something when shit stinks! THAT is what we need more of, not less! Yes, he could be much more diplomatic, but it is past time to put all this politically correct crap to sleep, forever!

We now have 5 generations of people DEPENDENT on those who work who. And now with the dictator we have in office they daily being given more for doing absolutely NOTHING except reproducing, having NO clue of who the daddy might be and if they do HE is nowhere to be found or is locked up!

What a "Great Society" huh?

Scott said...

Poor Bill is just a bitter bitter man. The recent election coverage notes that he was not healthy enough to go out and campaign. The dude is essentially dying from liver and kidney problems, but instead of embracing life and doing what many would do enjoying his last years, he remains angry (perhaps at the bad luck his "guts" have given him). Sad that he wants his last years to be filled with race-baiting, attacking homosexuals and seemingly having an obsession with them. I think he sees himself as some champion for something but all he comes across as is a sad bully who is watching the world evolve around him. For those that think he accomplishes something just ask what part in their company or where they work gets anything accomplished by name calling and childish insults. Wouldn't work there and doesn't help here. If anything it solidifies those on the other side against him, so in that, at least, Thanks Bill.