Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chief Monroe Comments On Un-Occupy Charlotte Action

Uploaded by SusanStabley on Jan 30, 2012

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe makes a few comments shortly after police remove tents and other materials from Occupy Charlotte campsite at Old City Hall.

Susan Stabley (Charlotte Business Journal) has more details and photos on the CMPD action that took place of January 30th here.

Cedar's Take: It is an American tradition, standing on a street corner screaming at the wind that tomorrow's the day the world ends, and now is your last chance to repent repent repent! But in the stillness of the morning air, or the chill of the long hours just after midnight, the silence remains.

And the next day when the world is still here, the nutcase returns. We have come to accept these things are a part of the urban landscape, as long as they are not permanent.

Occupy is a game changer, a new thinking that goes beyond a candlelight vigil or protest march. Effective maybe, but lost on 98.9% of us is the reason. Occupy never had a cause and their claim of being the 99% never gained momentum.

Without a cause, Occupy was relegated to nothing more than a bunch of hippie, wing nuts, who needed a hot shower. The revelation that they may have been using a nearby storm sewer comes as no surprise except that with 24 hour police surveillance no one thought to ask why there was a tent over a storm drain that no one slept in.

Modeled somewhat on the Arab Spring uprising, Occupy organizers failed to understand one basic fact. For most of us, the real 98.9%, life despite all the unfairness we endure at the hands of greedy Corporate American and Government is pretty good.

And today it is just a little better with our lawn cleared of tents and wingnuts.


Anonymous said...

What a BS artist. He looks and sounds so pissed off that he actually had to answer a question from the media. He is such a poor leader.

Anonymous said...

Love the Occupy guy at the very end who tells Monroe "We're ashamed of you and your behavior by the way".

Anonymous said...

Why is he wearing sunglasses while in the shade? Isn't that unprofessional?

Anonymous said...

Cedar, EXACTLY how did it cost cmpd $450,000 to "relocate" Officers for Occupy Charlotte? And not pay overtime, as Estes said in the Observer?

Bullshit, so now we are calling overtime relocation, and homocides suspicious deaths?

I, for one, would love to see the Books on why and how it cost that much for "relocation" of Officers, and where did this "relocation" money come from. And did anyone have to approve this "relocation" money? Besides rodney, that is.

They are laying the groundwork for rising crime stats. Crime stats are rising because of closer scrutiny by media of reclassifying crimes. And "relocation" will be used as to why crime has actually risen, the officers were busy with Occupy.....kind of clever in a twisted, crazy way.

I mean, really, rodney has been SO forthcoming on spending, where all "his" money has gone, it's so like him to share anything to do with funds and how they are spent, right? Like I said, Bullshit. This "transparency" was just another shell game, to appease the public and look like they are being "open" and not "secretive" about money,, and lay some groundwork.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36


Let me get this straight.......they took Officers from Divisions to work Occupy, is that what Estes is saying?

Sooooo, they would be paying these Officers anyhow, paying their regular salaries, and if they were not working "overtime"' no more than their reguar salaries, correct??

So exactly WHERE does this $450,00 come into play????

Why did they spend an additional $450,000?

And why didn't the reporter doing this story ask any of these questions i stead of just always accepting the convoluted semantics games that Comand Staff spews?

Do they "relocate" Officers to work the Epicenter, Panthers games, concerts, etc?

I agree, Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You have NO IDEA the shell games that are going on at cmpd.

I am told that some current Division Captains are "with the program" of the appearance of lower crime stats, and will do whatever it takes to keep the appearance of those numbers down.

Reclassifying, talking people out of making a report, lying, and other bizarre things to falsely keep the almighty numbers down.

People are so pissed.

Because the Officers that are actually doing this will be the ones in trouble.


Because NOTHING is in writing, it's all nod, nod, wink, wink.

But make no mistake, these Officers understand what is expected, and the pressure from the top is overwhelming.

But will these Captains and the rest of Command Staff take the fall for their Officers when it comes? Hell no!

It will be all, "I had no idea what they were doing!"

Some kind of "plausible deniability".

Anonymous said...

It really sounds like a bunch of whiney cops down there at CMPD! You're working your first real job out of college, you got no idea how the real world works and no appreciation for the fact you've got a job. Quit, there's plenty of grateful people who need a job and would love to have yours. You have no clue about budgets, budgeting, personnel allocations, how the time is carried and recorded! Or did you not see all the extra officers around the "occupiers" 24/7??!! It's about the people your supposed to be serving in the community, not about you!! And the "I heard from" or "I have it on good authority" crap is just that, crap! You don't know anything first hand or you would say so. Don't you know what hearsay evidence is and how it's not admissible? What did you actually witness there Dick Tracy? Nothing? Really, there's a shocker!

Anonymous said...

@3:16 Exactly! This pretty much sums up the "cops" that post on here.
Very very good summation.

The cops that post would be whinning no matter who is Chief.

P.S. be prepared for their ( is that you Rob ) comeback.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It is either Rob or one of the other shills.

We don't have a clue because YOU. Don 't have a clue!

Let 's have a look at budgets, expenditures, line items, you know, accounting 101, transparency?

Rodney and his crew don 't have a freaking clue!
They have no real budget, no accounting, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16
You are an idiot!
I have been around.
And you are no cop....
Heresay is admissable in the court of public opinion.
There is no accounting, only a money tree. And no accountability.

Anonymous said...

$18,000 for the Monday eviction? you have got to be kidding me someone needs to open the books and explain this absurd figure, no wait a minute it is the kingdom of ROMO where the media are sheep

Anonymous said...

Kind of like cmpd Overpaid $64,600 for uniforms???

I would be willing to bet that "overpayment" never made it to the uniform company, but just went elsewhere at cmpd for rodney, and was just put on paper as going to the uniform company.


So you really think they can budget , allocate personnel?

Sure.....and you ain't seen nothing yet.....rodney has spent like there is no tomorrow, with virtually NO OVERSIGHT.

But just maybe his tomorrow has come.

I hear he is scrambling for federal grants, any kind of grants.

Corruption, it gets harder and harder to hide.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16

So, cmpd cops should be grateful for a job?

And keep their mouths shut about all the waste, corruption, and more corruption at cmpd??

That would be good with you?

I'll bet it would be if you are one of rodney's crew.

Exposing corruption is not whining.

The level of outright corruption under rodney is unprecedented.

Sure, there are thse that will "complain" about whomever is in charge.

Do not confuse complaining with exposing corruption, Dude.

Apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

So unprofessional, I cannot believe it. I am ashamed at the behavior I just witnessed. For those media people to not be on their knees with their heads bowed in reverence? Dont they know Rodney Monroe lowered crime? Utter disrespect.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get what Estes is saying, it's just stupid doubletalk.
And how he can get up there and repeat what he has been obviously told to say is amazing. Is making Major under this chief really worth it!??

The Officers that they "relocated" would have been working anyhow, correct, correct??? So central division was borrowing these officers for a while, correct...working their REGULAR hours, not being paid overtime.

This is just a ploy to try to turn public sentiment even more against the protestors.

Cedar, how about this, put a couple of big spotlights on the campsite, along with a couple of cameras, station ONE, maybe two Officers on the cameras, and if trouble starts, call in the OVER 100 Officers that already work and are AT WORK in Central Division!!!!

Can't people see what rodney and his spin doctors are trying to do? I refuse to believe we the public are that clueless!

Anonymous said...

Lowered crime MY ASS!!! It's a numbers game and they are changing the crime, so that it won't show up on the UCR which will show crime is being reduced.

Plus, I really did enjoy the video and I never saw his OLD ASS move that fast. I'm sure that he had a feeling what was coming by the other individual in the video. He is scared of confrontation and has no BALLS, just like the rest of the command staff.

Anonymous said...

Puppets. Do what your told and please pay your taxes on time.