Friday, February 10, 2012

Duke - UNC Charlotte Observer Sports Writers MIA

Cedar's FoLo on the Duke - UNC game:

I talked with a couple of Observer guys in the know and sad but true, Charlotte didn't have one "journalist" in Chapel Hill Wednesday night. In fact while the sports page was dramatic...

the lead story on the sports page "Duke Controls Destiny" is by some guy from Raleigh named Luke "DeCock" from the News and Observer.

In fairness to the Observer, Scott Fowler is on the Sports page as well, but he is covering "Table Tennis". Seriously?Table Tennis? Ping Pong?

So here's my standing invitation to Scott Fowler and Tom Sorenson, a couple of great sports writers: Next time guys I'll drive, I won't even hit you up for gas money. Need tickets? No problem I'll cover that as well.

Sometimes us guys just have to pull together.

Cedar Bonus: Nice short on Rivers, from again the News and Observer is here.

Need more proof that the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News and Observer are morphing into one statewide newspaper? Check out "Observations From Above The Rim" a collaborative effort by both Charlotte and Raleigh sports writers.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't De COCK be covering the Games Cocks?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you could have seen this coming like a train on a West Texas train track.

I expect the Charlotte Observer building to be sold soon and offices shut down.

Anonymous said...

I think the Raleigh paper uses the Charlotte guys for Panthers stuff. I think I remember them writing about it for both papers to save money a couple years ago

Anonymous said...

Kilgo was good back in the day. He was pretty active after the weekley newspapers burned but that I guess is what killed him.