Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Case You Missed It Duke at Carolina 85-84

You didn't miss it did you?

You didn't turn the game off with 2 minutes left, thinking that the Tar Heels "had em", did you?

Because if you did you missed the greatest 10 point come back in the history of the Devils-Heels match up.

A come back capped off with a 3 point buzzer beater from Duke freshman Austin Rivers to win by one.

ESPN has more details here.

The Charlotte Observer used a report from the Raleigh News and Observer as their led story in this morning's paper.

When Scott Fowler posted a good recap on his blog, I couldn't help posting the following:

Scott please tell me you sat courtside during the game. Though, I suspect you didn't.

I also suspect that the reason the Raleigh News and Observer's Andrew Carter story leads and his folo comments are boxed along with your post, is that The Charlotte Observer wouldn't give anyone the "gas money" to make the trip up Tobacco Road last night.

I miss the days when John Kilgo would drive to Chapel Hill along the back roads. Up 49 to Asheboro, Siler City to Pittsboro and then 501 up to Chapel Hill. Over the years I'd guess he made that same trip a thousand times. Often just to head back to Charlotte shortly after the game ended. He'd often have his story filed in time to make the morning paper, only to do it all again a few days later.

I miss those days when Charlotte has sports reporters who covered not just the big games but all the games in person.

Sure Scott Fowler and I can watch the game on our 56 inch plasma televisions. But.....


Anonymous said...

Dear UNC fans:

Austin shit in your house.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Epic! Go Dook!

Anonymous said...

10 points in 2:30 doesn't beat 8 points in 0:17.

And the 8-in-0:17 didn't include a basket where Curry took four steps, a basket off a phantom "tip" (Henson was a foot away from tipping Kelly's shot) or an "own goal" resulting from a shove in the back (Plumlee on Zeller).

Video's out there for all three.

Anonymous said...

No dog in this fight but what a Whiner anon 7:17. Always a fun game to flip to when other things on commercial but it's a rival up and quit crying. Hasn't Duke beat the heels the last few games?

Anonymous said...


If you had surgery and the doctor left you with three open wounds, would it be "whining" for you to point out his errors? Referees are paid to get the calls right, otherwise why not just have the players call their own fouls? I have standards; apparently you do not.

Anonymous said...

Ha, surgery and calls an official makes...quite the comparison. You are comparing calls that YOU think should have been made. I watched the replay and the "push" in the back of your tar heel on the tip is soooo sad. He never looks back and does not bitch to the official. You obviously never played ball and therefore never played in a physical rivalry game...wear your teams jersey dude but you are whining! Just a little extra, the same guy who tipped it in cost you the game with piss poor defense...peace out.