Monday, March 26, 2012

al-Qaeda In Charlotte?

Nah, like Chief Monroe's claims about the lack of a real gang presence in Charlotte the same people claim there is no creditable proof the "real" terrorist cells are located in Charlotte.

Of course there is Samir Khan the Charlotte native who was killed by a CIA drone strike in Yemen last September, the Lynx Station guy and now Robert Tilford who has posted a story on the Charlotte City Buzz Examiner saying it may not be al-Qaeda but rather Hezbollah.

In Tiford's blog post he quotes Thomas Dunn, a counter terrorism expert in Charlotte saying “that Hezbollah probably operates cells in Charlotte, N.C.” More from Tiford here.

But Tiford also used the "way back" machine to turn up this 2008 WCNC News report.

Just another reason to avoid Uptown in September.

Cedar Posts Bonus: CP hears Bank of America is already telling their staff to plan of working from home during the DNC Convention.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

According to Monroe, there is NO CRIME in Charlotte.

His "crime stats" numbers become more laughable and obviously not true every time you listen to the news.

But he and Medlock keep repeating the same lies over and over believing if you repeat the lies enough, people will buy them.

Until the lies become so obviously outrageous that they cannot be ignored!!

Anonymous said...

If people think they see al queda or other terrorists it means one of 2 things: (1) they are paranoid or (2) HOMELAND is filming the 2nd season! Get over the black helicopter conspiracy theories people!

Anonymous said...

If a crime is committed in Charlotte, but handled by one of the federal agencies (such as terrorist, gang or major drug busts), does that crime get included in Charlotte's crime stats?