Monday, March 26, 2012

Charlotte's City Clerk Fails to Provide City Council Minutes

Welcome to the last week of March, but a quick look at the City of Charlotte's new and improved website and you'll find yourself suspended in time.

In the case of Charlotte's City Council Meeting minutes we are stuck on December 5, 2011.

According to the city's website: "The City Council minutes are available for online viewing for the years 1963 through the present. City Council minutes are semi-verbatim and are available on the web and for general distribution approximately two to three weeks after a Council meeting date."

So why are we 16 weeks and eleven meetings behind? CP asked Charlotte City Councilman Andy Dulin several weeks ago and he didn't have any idea why they are not posted in timely manner.

Emails to City Clerk Stephanie Kelly go unanswered.

Charlotte City Clerk Stephanie Kelly

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners run a tighter ship, with minutes currently posted through March 6, 2012.

So what gives at the City Clerks Office? Under staffed, work over load or budget cuts? Hardly, Charlotte's City Clerks office is one of the most bloated departments within the city. A rabbit warren of cronyism and padded expense accounts. The council minutes are just the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

What gives at the Clerk's office? I'll tell you what gioves at the Clerk's office, look a little closer at the picture, you'll find your answer right there.

Anonymous said...

this happens in Cornelius as well.
And the shiftless Mayor Jeff Tarte thinks he is fit to serve in the senate.

Anonymous said...

You may want to ask Monroe why minutes are no longer taken at Monday morning meetings!!!!

I am sure he will pull the TOP SECRET CARD!!

And all the other Info that used to be public and is no longer under Monroe!

Secrecy is good for corruption!!

Anonymous said...

Is Andy Dulin capable of doing his job and getting an answer? Is he capable of effecting change in the people who have jobs that depend on approval from City Council?

Or will he stand around impotent and say "I dunno" like the rest of the morons in Council who are complicit in this whole mess? Sure, definitely put him in a position of higher power by voting him into the House... that's a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Is Curt capable of ever admitting there even is any kind of a problem? Has he ever admitted to any mistakes?

Does he always have an excuse at the ready?

Why is he asking for a tax increase? Where has all the money gone?

Has everyone run out of "grants"? Are his bad decisions coming home to roost finally? Has he stayed too long for his own good?

Has his policy of giving Monroe whatever he asked for catching up with him?

When Monroe is called to answer for all the corruption at CMPD, Walton will be culpable as well.....he hired him under false pretenses!

Anonymous said...

So Harold is so arrogant and such an egomaniac he thinks he can go toe to toe with the Secret Service? Seriously?
Did he have one of his famous "nutties"? His red in the face, vein popping, arm flapping rages?

Honest to God, is he really the person level headed and intelligent enough to be heading up SECURITY? Not!!!!

He will lose it, guaranteed!! Unless he double doses!


Anonymous said...

Yep, the United States government should bend to the will of CMPD and Medlock. Medlock cannot miss a comstat meeting. It would be a serious crisis if those are missed, and people found out that the Police department could, in fact survive without them.