Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Wrap Up! - Murder and Mayhem Edition

Charlotte Observer Staff Cut Backs - Are clearly evident when it comes to crime reporting.

"BLACKSBURG, S.C. A 23-year-old Charlotte man was found slain Thursday morning near a pond in Blacksburg, S.C.

Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler said Gregory Sarles of Charlotte had been shot several times. An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday.

Sarles’ body was discovered around 8:30 a.m. Thursday by a couple who came to the pond off Burnt Mill Road to check turtle traps they’d set the day before. The area is about 40 miles southwest of Charlotte and only about two miles from Kings Mountain State Park.

Investigators said they found multiple shell casings nearby, and that Sarles appeared to have been dead for several hours before his body was found.

WSPA-TV reports that divers planned to search the pond for evidence.

The Associated Press contributed."

Of course there is much more to this story, as the victim's car was found in Charlotte. He had told family members he was going to the mall to meet someone.

The details thanks to WSPA.

The Death of Charlotte - Curt Walton admitted this week what many have long said was the case, Charlotte is on it's way to becoming the Detroit of the South.

From the Charlotte Observer: "When new property values were released last year, Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton said he noticed an “unsustainable” trend.

Due to large parts of the city dropping in value, the affluent wedge of the city south of uptown is now responsible for roughly half of the city’s tax base.

Walton’s worry is that Charlotte would become similar to an older Rust Belt city, with a small sliver of the population paying the bills."

The Charlotte Observer story is here

Then there is this graphical representation of the problem. That red area covering East Charlotte is epic to the City of Charlotte's troubles.

Mark Pellin digs into the details using the above map at Pundit House which is here.

Cedar's Take: None of this comes as a surprise, watch the number of cars streaming into Charlotte every morning from South Carolina, Gaston County, Union County or Lake Norman. What is the common denominator? (Cover your eyes) THEY ARE ALL WHITE!

Drive past the former Eastland Mall, or the once upscale area around Charlotte Country Club. At one time Albemarle Road and East Charlotte was "the place" but in a short 20 years it has gone to (cover your eyes again) SHIT! Just look at the map above and you can understand why.

Walton's effort is admirable, but folks it is too late. The hand writing is on the wall the fat lady is singing the blues.

"Culture of Stupid" - Black America has become a cesspool of stupid. Call it racist if you like but here are the not so surprising numbers:

49% of the nation's murder victims in 2005 were black and a majority of them were between the ages of 17 and 29.

93% of black murder victims were killed by other black people.

Less than 50% of black students graduate from high school.

The Orlando Sentinel has reported that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was recently suspended 3 times from his high school. According to the U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Office, in the 2006-07 school year, 22% of all black and Hispanic K-12 students were suspended at least once (as compared to only 5% of whites).

This year 22% of blacks live below the poverty line.

72% of black babies are born to unwed mothers.

The national unemployment rate for black people increased last month to over 13%, nearly five points above the average for all Americans. (A number that only includes those actively seeking employment).

Charlotte's non white population exceeds 45%.

It Is Not Just The Hoodie - The shooting death of Trayvon Martin is tragic, but this same thing happens everyday in America. On Saturday a unarmed 19 year old California man was shot and killed by police when he mistakenly reached to his waistband. Police were told he had a gun, he didn't. The New York Times story is here.

The famous Jesse Jackson quote has gotten a lot of traction lately: "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. . . . After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating."

It is not just the hoodie, Black America has become a stereotype thanks to mass marketing of "Air Jordans", rap, the NBA, and the stunning lack of parenting.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a black man driving a brand new Mercedes and thought "he must be an account manager at Bank of America?"

"Softball Brawl" - A Rock Hill softball game turned into a near brawl after an umpire’s call this week.

From the Charlotte Observer and Rock Hill Hearld: William Brakefield has more than 20 years experience behind the plate and says he’s been in some tough spots, but Tuesday night at Cherry Road Park he was concerned for his safety.

“My dad was an umpire, and I first umpired with my dad in York. I was 15 years old,” Brakefield said. “You’re talking about adult men and women with ball bats. Some of them had them in their hands, and when I turned and walked away someone took a swing at me.”

The call that sparked the pushing and shoving was a squeeze play. A player for the team Hit and Run was called out at first base.

“And he shoved me, (so) I ejected him,” Brakefield said.

Two players were ejected, and Rock Hill police were called out to the field.

A spokesperson for Rock Hill Parks and Recreation said the players will be suspended for a game.

Brakefield says that players are becoming more belligerent, and said it’s a shame to have grown men and women acting like 4-year-olds.

“Why do this?” Brakefield said. “You’re losing 14-4. … You were getting beat. It wasn’t my fault.”


Anonymous said...

I read an article, maybe in the washingtin post, about that police shooting and it described the two black males as wearing sweaters. Way to stay far away from the whole hoodie thing MSM. Two fine young men wearing nice casmere sweaters stole a backpack and now ones dead. Im calling sharpton.

Anonymous said...

"...Account Manager at BOA." That is a good observation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having the guts to call out the American Negro. Now I grant you there are Negroes in this Country that are entirely worthwhile people, yet the vast majority of Negroes in this Country are putrid vermin, disgusting dirty filth. Just look at any area they infest - complete destruction. I am so sick and tired of the way we pander to these worthless bipeds.

Anonymous said...

The thug softball players that attacked the ref were black. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Though some of the points you make have some validity, you can apply a lot of your logic to redneck white meth heads.

The point being, do a survey in the mountains on Public Assistance and see what you come up with.

Race shouldn't enter into your "arguments".

But, alas, it always will.

On another note, do you think CMPD had the body "transported" to SC to keep another homicide off the books?:)

We have not come very far in that regard.....and the haters will always find reasons to hate.....

Cedar Posts said...

Pretty sure the guy was snatched in Charlotte and then shot at close range four times in Blacksburg. So no homicide in Charlotte, just kidnapping.

East Charlotte is in the shitter, I lived there in the late 1980's it was a great place to live.

The City could spend a million dollars on a study to figure out what happened, but they couldn't report the results without someone yelling racist.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is in the shitter.

What is the solution?

Curt Walton should have been paying more attention to what was happening maybe?

But that is not where his bread is buttered.

And Rodney Monroe just wants to manipulate crime stats and hide crime, which helps no one but Rodney.

Wake up East Charlotte, and save yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar is right, and can me a racist but the trouble is the great influx of Latinos and Asians that have joined the ranks of the already there blacks.

The white flight that has happend over the last ten years has lowered rental rates and brought crime to an area that was once pretty nice. Sure it wasn't Eastover but it was safe, it was area where you could have a nice dinner, take in a movie or do some serious shopping. Now days forget shopping or dinner you might stop for gas if you were passing through but only if it is before dark.

There is an answer and it doesn't start with the city spending tax dollars for over priced street lights or fancy landscaping. It is going to take some serious the tax breaks and city shutting down some of the hot beds of gang and drug activity.

Anonymous said...

Curt Walton has been on the job since 1986. City Council members have come and gone, but Walton has been calling the shots and it is on his watch that the city has declined and East Charlotte has become a hell hole.

He should be fired pronto.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we put the Charlotte Knights Baseball field there in the old Eastland Mall site and kill several birds with one stone? There's plenty of room, plenty of public transportation in and out, it would get a big tax drain off the books, generate good development (according to City and Knights) and NOT eat up most of the park, which is the thing that voters actually approved to go in the downtown spot.

Build a new police station, YMCA and park adjacent as part of the deal. There could be good synergy with childrens' programs to keep them out of gangs and draw that part of town out of the pits that City Council zoning-for-themselves-and-friends put it in.

Anonymous said...

I remember when we first moved to the Charlotte area 14 years ago. Coming from a very small northern backwoods town, Charlotte was the big city to us. We were amazed with how clean the city was downtown, how friendly everyone was and how safe we felt. Now, I go downtown at most twice a year and the streets are flooded with animals and it is a very unnerving atmosphere. I used to be proud to say im from charlotte but now its almost embarassing......Its going downhill and going quick.

Anonymous said...

12:38....Excellent idea! It could really help that area.

Now, get this...I was in a WalMart today, Indian Trail off of 74. Two African-American grandparents are in there with their 4 year old grandchild who is wearing a hoodie over his head. As soon as I walk down the isle, 40ish white male, she says to the grandchild, "boy, take that hood off, someone is going to be suspicious of you". Now tell me who the racist is in that scenerio? I was doing my shopping, being respectful to an edlderly lady as I made my way by her and she says that. I considered that a back handed racist remark. Tell me folks, am I too sensitive?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're being too sensitive in this way: consider that you are almost never in the position of what you perceive to be a racial slight directed at you, while black people are in that position daily, or potentially in that position daily. Expereincing that can make someone paranoid, especially when combined with some bad experiences to go with it. Consider that a couple of their age has likely been through much worse. A way to diffuse the situation and help the cause was to offer a sincere smile smile and say how cute the kids are. Make eye contact with the children at least, so they don't have the fear passed on. Maybe the grandparents would also have a slightly different interaction next time, too. You don't have to, but since you took the time to ask, it's one way to go.

Anonymous said...


Didn't think of that...good point.

But just to let you know, I do have a great deal more respect for the older African Americans than I do the younger ones. They don't understand all that their grandparents and great grandparents had to endure to get a better playing field. They are wasting all of the hard work and sacrifices that were made for them to have a better future. It is all going backwards, and their hostility is resulting in a renewed racism. But this time they are the bigots.

Those African Americans I know, and call friends, are just as upset as I am about the direction this all seems to be going. But truth be told, they hesitate to stand up and shout it from the rooftops.

I just want to say that I'm tired of being politically correct and tired of holding my tongue. I am tired of making sure that the black teens, or 20 or 30 something males with the "Nigger for Life" or some other offensive tag tattood on their arm, neck, chest, knucles, etc. isn't a thug and wants to harass or rob me or my family. I am tired of black families, or should I say a baby momma and baby daddy, saying my boy was an usher at church and he doesn't do drugs or have guns. But when confronted with facts, well that just isn't true nor is it relative to what he was arrested, shot or killed over. Well, I have a news flash, it is, and we all know it and so do you. The behavior is tolerated and in some quarters endorsed. But there is no excuse or justification for this crap. I'm certainly not to blame.

These thugs look in the mirror and they see rightousness and entitlement. When I look in the mirror I see a tired guy that works hard to keep his family fed and create a path of betterment for his children so that they may have a future.

Today I saw the People magazine with Martin's picture on it entitled, "American Tragedy". Well, I wasn't there to know what happened. But something did and I bet most of us have a pretty good idea. But I hold my tongue because I wasn't there. I didn't know Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the media and 98% of African American's were there that day, but you sure would think so. Bottom line, this isn't an "American Tragedy", it's an eveyday occurrence in this country in some way, shape or form...and it's black on black crime. It's time African Americans start standing up and cleaning up their mess, I'm getting tired of it.