Friday, March 16, 2012

In Case You Missed It - FOX News Ask the Chief


Anonymous said...

A pre-recorded piece with two questions: "Chief, please explain to us the cause of your fabulousness."

What a load of crap.
If they don't step it up in future segments, please don't waste the time. They didn't even get the crazy inflated crime drops right. Stop floating that junk for CMPD and do some actual investigation, or just run cartoons. Sometimes you can learn something from a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Ask the chief some real questions. Like why the chief changed the payroll dates?

Or ask why CMPD pays vendors late.

Or where the CMPD Yearbooks are?

Anonymous said...

Or why he is using our tax money to pay our attorneys to fight turning over our public records on EVERYTHING, including Calls for Service, Type II crimes, money he's spending...

And Fox, please get those numbers, not just the b.s. tap dance that may be offered if anything is offered.

What a crock waste of air time.

I guess when you come from Marion Barry country, and even that guy got re-elected, it's hard to explain why some people continue to be supported in offices and positions. You have to believe those who have been in positions of law enforcement for a very long time, tracing back to DC in the crack-filled 80's, some people may have support for reasons that are not positive.

Someone proud of their real record wouldn't spend so much of our time and money trying to hide it.

So sick of him hiding things.

Why did he move the payroll dates?
Why are they paying vendors late?

Anonymous said...

Those were just the easy questions. I'm sure that Fox News is in the cover up also. They took out the difficult questions, that would make ROMO look like a bigger ASS than he already is.

Anonymous said...

So embarassing and such a sham.

Monroe should just retire, before he ever gets even a slight chance of destroying yet another Police Dept. and leaving corruption and total dysfunction in his wake.

Such a pathetic excuse for a leader.....and he has promoted and surrounded himself with sycophants and losers.

Anonymous said...

Is it hard to drive that Crown Vic in a booster seat?

Anonymous said...

You are behind on your homicide count!!!!!!

Also, there was a Captain Chuck Henson making a statement on tv......can ANYONE make an artticulate statement to the media at cmpd? His statement made no sense, and hs grammar was atrocious!

Geez..let someone from all the many PR people be the spokesperson fr cmpd.

Anonymous said...

The "yearbooks" are a joke, the company is a joke. What are their ties to Monroe?
And the photos that people have gotten are awful.....looks like they were run off on a home printer with inferior paper.

The whole thing is a scam by this company, and there has to be a Medlock or monroe connection somewhere!

If and when anyone ever actually gets a yearbook, you can bet they will not have been done by this ripoff company.