Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Officer Involved Shooting

It is a phrase in copdom that you just don't want to hear.

Beyond the insane amount of confusion, blood, yelling and screaming there are unending amounts of paperwork beginning with a "use of force" report followed by long chats with "Internal Affairs".

In this case one Officer fires a TASER and the other a department issued shot gun.

It is pretty simple, at least at first glance, crazy dude saying crazy stuff and no back ground information except that he called 911 and said he wanted to die.

Dark, noisy, every sound is amplified, blue lights merge with street lights and shadows, and sudden movements become life threatening.

And then in less time that it took to respond to the hot call, it is over.

But it isn't.

More from WBTV:

Cedar's Take: Given the limited amount of information out there, a plausible explanation is that the Officer CMPD veteran Cliff Flow flinched when his fellow officer discharged his TAZER. It happens in very stressful situations, finger on the trigger and a loud pop sounds just a two feet to your right, you jump and the shotgun goes off.

Cedar's Update: Fred Daye will not be charged after being shot and tazed on Tuesday night. Mr. Daye has no recent priors at least according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's records or the North Carolina Department of Corrections. If the CMPD scuttlebutt is correct this was a bad shoot and Daye is one really lucky guy.


Anonymous said...

Check out Monroe's ride, whoa does he have 24" on his Crown Vic? Notice Medlock's Silver Chevy Impala?

Anonymous said...

There goes Cedar Pukes Monday Morning Quarterbacking again. Man you do have all te answers don't you after all you are the law enforcement expert.

How's about you stfu until the chief gives the answers and we can hear it from a creditable source!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:35

The only trouble with your bull crap is that CP is usually right.

Anonymous said...

Cedar any chance they used a non lethal shotgun on this guy?

Anonymous said...

There's Ricky Robbins, yuking it up as usual at a crime scene. But he's got a lot to smile about.....getting a free ride with rodney and a sweet, sweet deal.

Is he the old man's driver now??

Don't the "Detectives" wear suits and ties any more? Just another unprofessional thing rodney has done.

And is Medlick dying his hair...?????? Maybe a little botox, too?? He 's definitely trying to hold on to the last vestiges of his youth. Give it up, Harold! Take some classes in leadership, that would serve him better!

What a screwed up department under rodney...he has taken it back to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36
Are you saying monroe and his henchmen are CREDIBLE sources? Too funny!!!!!

About as creditable as your spelling!!!!

Something funny.....I heard someone refer to Zinkann as Paul The Pear the other day....laughed my ass off!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar is spot on, the cop with the shotgun was scared and pulled the trigger Dick Cheney style.

He better man up and admit he about wet his pants and it was an accidental discharge otherwise he has some serious explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Let's give the Officer the benefit of the doubt until all the facts are in before we automatically assume it was sympathetic fire. The reported story is the guy made a movement to his pocket as if to retrieve a weapon.

If this was a deadly force situation there is nothing wrong with the Officers decision to pull the trigger. You don't bring a taser to a gun fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:54 not trouble with that idea at all, but I'm doubting that CMPD loads their shot guns with just lead slugs.

I might be wrong, but in either case Officer Clifford Flowe is either a hell of a good shot and wanted to only wing him or he blind as a bat and couldn't hit the wide side of a barn.

Then again Daye was hit in the left arm and was presumed to have been reaching for a weapon with his right hand.

Hard he had a weapon he would have got a few shots off before someone tapped him again.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Flow is a Veteran Officer who spent a helluva long time working under cover. He has had many a gun put to his head by real thugs.
If he shoots it is for good reason, not fear....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Flow planned to wing him?

Anonymous said...

cedar, i am most always on your side. but not here. maybe the officer with the taser was wrong for covering nonlethal force versus potentially lethal force. lot of rookies out there not being trained right these days. now, maybe flow was the only sensible one and covering lethal on potential lethal. kudos to flow. he is a very good guy and an even better officer. dont monday morning quarterback if you werent there. and cmpd doesnt carry slugs, they carry 9 round buckshot.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Flow is one of the good guys and if the facts check out Flow was correct in using deadly force.

However if he felt that he and the other officer were in immediate danger why the missed shot?

Did he miss deliberately? That would be wrong as well because the risk to those near by.

Interesting case. I hope CMPD is forcoming with the facts in short order.

Anonymous said...

Both Officers fired at nearly the same time (both justified in their weapon of choice) but the Taser hit just as the shotgun was fired. The victim's body moved slightly causing the shotgun to miss.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 7, 2012 6:24 PM

Good luck on that happening. The cover up has already been set in motion with ROMO and Harold being right behind him. CMPD releasing the truth, NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

isn't there a special protocol when someone calls to say they NEED HELP because they are OFF THEIR MEDICATION?? It would helpful if CMPD put out real information while stopping putting out misinformation, of course, but it sounds like there was an opportunity to do something else.
Why not a bullhorn with instructions? Why not keep him on the phone with a person properly trained (Cedar said 911 operators here aren't fully certified as other large cities) until the officers had him in cuffs? If force had to be used because the officers felt they were in danger, we just spent $2 million on TASERS which are supposed to be "less lethal" and promote officers safety, as well as citizen safety. I guess this mentally ill guy who called 911 for help should be grateful he got TASed and shot, and not just shot and killed.

It's a chilling message to others will mentall illness who may find themselves in fear, or having harmful thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone honestly believe anything that comes out of cmpd since Monroe has lied over and over and over?
And encouraged many, many cover ups to protect himself and his buddies?

To say that Monroe and his PR spin doctors are credible is such a laugh.

He just needs to go, and take his "crew" with him....before further damage can be done.

Anonymous said...

Trust me: If Layne Flowe felt it was necessary to fire on that subject, then it was absolutely necessary.

You've never met a more mellow, level-headed officer.

CMPD needs more like him.