Monday, April 30, 2012

Charlotte's 17th Homicide - Just Taking Out The Trash

Early this morning CMPD Officers, Medic, Fire, K-9, Helicopter, Gang, and Vice Units, as well as representatives of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Homicide Prosecution Team descended on Charlotte's Billingsley Road, where the life of Ronald Martin age 20 came to a sudden end.

CMPD's Jessica Lawernce prepared the early moring email stating that a "call for service" came at 1:19 AM, on Monday, April 30, 2012.

When Providence Division patrol officers arrived at 624 Billingsley Road, they found an adult male on the front porch suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He was later pronounced deceased on scene by Medic.

The victim has been positively identified as Ronald Martin DOB:11/04/1991 and the victim’s family has been notified of his death.

Martin's arrests within the last 9 months included; assault on a female, attempted murder and cruelty to animals. Martin had been released from jail on February 22, 2012 on the attempted murder charge, charges that were later dropped. Martin was due in court on Friday on the assault on a female charge.


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Again. I feel no sorrow for Martin. The world is better of without him. You live by "da streets" you die bye "da streets"

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I think if you REALLY check those Stats, you will find that this is the 19th homicide.

I know it is hard to keep up when rodney is playing this shell game and trying desperately to hide the doubles/count them as one thing.

How they are getting away with this is really bizarre...wouldn't you think that the MSM would be all over this?

But CMPD is not giving out correct info, they are bobbing and weaving, and no one is DEMANDING the correct and truthful numbers.

Truly unbelievable.

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for anyone saying they do not care about individual murdered people, nothing I say could convince you otherwise, so please think about other people with the misfortune to be alive and potentially murdered in the vicinity of the violence--like you or someone you know or love (if that's all that would get through your head before you think about why this lying needs to stop).

Think it couldn't affect you directly because you "don't hang around those kind of people?" Well, do you ever need to stop for gas, because one of the two massive shootouts in the middle of Charlotte in the past week was at a gas station. One was in the middle of the afternoon in an intersection you could have been driving through. Or your wife/husband and children.

Don't feel sorry for this guy if you don't want to. Maybe feel sorry for anyone around him that was a potential target as well. And do worry about cleaning up the police department brass as crime grows while they reap financial benefits of putting out false information.

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12:22 Huh???????????!!

Anonymous said...

I think that he means Grants, etc. that come their way when numbers are lower??

19 is the correct number.

Anonymous said...

yup. and promotions. and cars. and outside kickback jobs.

and not getting fired for lying on the job.

Anonymous said...

and trips. and "retirement" positions.

Anonymous said...

Just check out the Golf Tourmament this week..

See who is working "special" off duty jobs that are going to Brass and Friends Of Rodney!!! But, hey Rodney makes the 'rules"....makes them up as he goes to suit whatever situation suits HIM.

And just why is Rodney going to be out there every day?

Did he pay his own entrance fee?

Just asking......

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Didn't Monroe just get back from being out of town for a while?

He never tells anyone when he is out of town....hush,hush.

He does not want any record of how much he is really gone.
Is this a surprise?

For God's Sake, this guy cannot even tell the truth about what should be public knowledge. He is a government employee and has a responsibility to be transparent, to be held to certain standards, higher standards because of a certain responsibllity to the public.

Was he at the homicide this morning, or was he resting up for his golf game today?

I also think it is really funny that all of Rodney's "friends" are enjoying working at the tournament, some of their "payback" for being obedient little soldiers?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what freebies he's getting this year?

Will Foxx want his picture taken with Monroe when all the corruption is exposed at CMPD?

If I were him, I would be limiting my face time with him.

Anonymous said...

lots of it is already exposed. it's just not prosecuted yet.

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Liz Chandler former Observer Report is quoted saying this about Ronald Martin: “A lot of us knew something bad was coming,” Chandler said. “We didn’t have enough in us to stop it.”

Is mother told him recently "You are either going to jail or hell".

Looks like everyone knew has was "up to no good" and they knew it was going to catch-up with him.

Yes something bad was coming, it was the grim reaper coming to take his sorry black ass directly to hell.