Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charlotte's First Quarter Crime Stats

If close your eyes, cover your ears, lock your doors, turn off the cable and stop taking the Charlotte Observer; CMPD's quarterly crime numbers are probably not a concern of yours.

Say what you like about CMPD numbers and crime reporting, trust them or don't, they are still nothing but numbers and averages that have little to do with the real damage that crime can do to a community.

As we saw with the Trayvon Martin case, the city of Stanford, Florida has a crime perception issue. Not only was George Zimmerman aware of the pervasiveness of crime near his home, he was aware that most of the crime was being committed by thugs. Which is a nice way of saying black youth with nothing better to do than break into homes and rob hard working taxpayers.

But in Zimmerman's mind crime was out of control and he needed to do something.

In reality Stanford Florida (6.51 violent crimes per 1000 residents) is less safe than Charlotte (5.81 violent crimes per 1000 residents). The nationwide rate is 4.0 per 1000 and in New York it is only 3.92.

CMPD reports that homicides saw a 100 percent increase during the first quarter, this on top of a 32 percent increase during the fourth quarter of 2010. Clearly the perception of crime in Charlotte is that things are out of control.

The two numbers in yesterday's report that should be a concern to those who venture out behind their locked doors are, violent crime which increased from 982 to 1208, quarter to quarter, and auto theft which decreased by nearly 12%.

The two numbers are counter intuitive, in that if crime is up why is the most common of crimes (auto theft) down? Cedar Posts has questioned the auto theft numbers before and a review of any day's mug shots show a substantial number of arrests for "unauthorized use" vs "theft" of automobiles. Seriously are there really that many people just "borrowing" their neighbor's cars?

If the numbers are true, then why in the world are we focused on stopping auto theft when violent crime is so out of control?

It would be nice to just lock up all the thugs, like the brothers who decided that West Trade and Rozzelles Ferry Road looked a lot like Tombstone Arizona and that reenacting the Gun Fight at the OK Corral would be a cool thing to do.  Or the 16 year old who brought a loaded hand gun to West Charlotte High School.

I am not concerned with the shop lifters, the hookers, or the bad check writers, if you are breaking into cars, stealing hubcaps or pan handling on Eastway Drive I could care less. But if you are carrying a gun, or you are a violent offender you don't belong outside the razor wire and concrete walls. No second chances, no special school called "right choices" you simply are done. Period! One gun one time game over!

And until the courts and the cops start sending this message we will continue to see violent murders and robberies in Charlotte and the homicide numbers will give the perception that crime in Charlotte is out of control.


Anonymous said...

The truth us it will take years of honest leadership once he is gone to get honest crime numbers.

From the beginning of his reign with Ray, methods of "non reporting" were encouraged and it only got worse with the implementation of the numbers driven Comstat.

When statistics and the manipulation thereof become the focus of a PD, cutting corners and corruption is not far behind. When innovation and new ideas are shunned and ridiculed, when misinformation trumps integrity, you have a breeding ground for gateway corruption.

I believe the voices of a few managed to scare a little sense into some, and they were scared people were getting very close to revealing exactly how numbers were being manipulated. I think legally they were concerned, and the whoesale manipulation was quietly being addressed. But it has not stopped, the ranking and the race of Comstat continues.

It is the opinion of many that it will take years to actually have enough real, honest data to mean anything.

Maybe when real policing returns and numbers are just that, numbers, crime can be "managed' better, because it will never be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Also, let's not forget about the SORRY ASS!! and I do mean SORRY ASS Chuck Henson. He hasn't done a DAMN thing to reduce crime in Charlotte. I wonder what type of formula he is using to lower the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he just plain lied, simple as that, he lied.

Number one in the city? How disengenuous can you get?

It's all Spin with these people......spin and lies.

And Major Gallant couldn't answer even the simplest questions. They have NO ONE that can present themselves well when speaking publicly.

Simpletons. Simpletons that don't have a clue about basic laws and the constitution, not a clue.

Nasty Simpletons that "lead" with anger, screaming, public humiliation, retaliation, threats and if all that doesn't get the results you want, just LIE!

Anonymous said...

There are very few honorable people left at CMPD.

So many have sold their souls, their values, for rank and position. And have lost all respect of others, and for themselves.

That one person with no core values coud do this to a whole Dept. is shocking.

Does anyone even struggle with going along with the corruption? said...

Well said Cedar!

Anonymous said...

The people that aren't struggling have money and perks and promises of coverups to help calm them. First one to crack and tell the truth gets the plea deal. That's how it goes. I'd hurry.

The ones that are struggling are fed up and have been collecting evidence quietly, since they are belittled, screamed at, threatened, demoted, transferred, "disciplined", bypassed, and violated in so many ways they have given up telling chain of command, Walton, Council, HR, and are going directly to lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Is there video of the whole press conference somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Ethics left when ROMO took control.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should bring back the old robbery Sgt. that retired awhile back. Anyone have a name?

Anonymous said...

Ken Clark?

He was as honest as the day is long....AND he was an excellent detective, of which there are very few left.....after Rodney has been stacking the deck with people with little or no experience or time on, or qualifications, to diversify.

Anonymous said...

What would it take to make him come back you think 12:37?

Anonymous said...

If he has any sense, he would not come back, he was smart to leave. Why in the world would he come back? Crazy question.

People are just lining up to leave and will never look back, much less come back.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, you should be concerned with car break-in suspects since the majority of illegal guns on the streets are stolen during LFA's. Further, the same people committing armed robberies often commit the LFA's which is why quite often an LFA turns into an armed robbery when a vehicle owner attempts to "confront" the suspects. This is the problem and phenomenom associated with living in a crime infested city, people including yourself, Cedar are becoming numb to everyday petty crime and assuming a thought process that accepts all "minor" crimes. If thats the case then lets do away with minor traffic violations and let everyone speed and drive how they wish. My point, we need to be more strict with crime from the smallest infraction up to the murders.

Anonymous said...

that's exactly why the type 2 crimes should be released also, not just type 1 (in addition to the fact so many type 1's are being reported as type 2's)

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is: You just cannot trust anyone at CMPD to be ethical and truthful, with few exceptions!
With this latest lie directly from the chief, what can you expect ?
The message seems to be loud snd clear: You can lie as long as you don't get caught.
But wait..., if you get caught and you are a Friend of Rodney, there are NO consequences.., and heck, you will even get a BETTER assignment.
Why didn't the Captain from the academy that was manipulating the information go to the Watch Commanders Office? I mean, it IS a "great job" and much envied "career path"...Right?

Anonymous said...

The mathematical equation is take the number of victim's and then divide that by half. This is how the are figuring out the reduction in crime within Charlotte.