Friday, April 20, 2012

CMPD Announces Promotions

Eight Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers, including two division commanders, were promoted Friday morning during a ceremony at the Police Training Academy in southwest Charlotte.

Jeff Estes, commander of the Central Division, and Johnny Jennings, who heads the North Tryon Division, each was promoted to the rank of Major. In addition, Benton Herring and Jacqueline Hulsey were promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.

Other promotions at the ceremony:

Tom Gwaltney, from Sergeant to Lieutenant; Steven Flatt, Ryan Kendall and Dondi Pogue, from Officer to Sergeant.

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Anonymous said...

So, Chris still wasn't promoted to Captain? After coming out Number One on the list, after deserving it and working hard for it? and after Rodney probably "promised" he would, dangled the carrot to shut him up?

Seriously, why even have a "process" for Lt., Sgt., or Captain?

Rodney just reaches down and gets who he wants,

There is no "process" for Major or DC, so jst do away with them all and Rodney will just hand pick people, qualified or not.

Promotions are just mostly a travesty in this regime.

Anonymous said...

He promotes anyone he wants and apparently hires whoever he wants.

How about the newly graduated officer with a criminal record?

How about the officer, hired because he could speak spanish, who recently left because he couldn't speak english?

Awesome leadership there!

Anonymous said...

What kind of criminal record does this new officer have? Do you have specific knowledge of this or just rumors?

Anonymous said...

also, was the officer who couldn't speak English the one hired from PR? If so, that would explain the fight to hide his recruitment for months after he was here. Apologies to him if it's someone else. Can someone say, please?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it was the ONE person that was hired from PR.

Yep, criminal record.

Ask Chief Rodney Monroe about these things, and also what went on at the Academy recently.......

Think he would tell you the truth? sure, when pigs fly....

Anonymous said...

I know 5 of these......they are actually good promotions..and well deserving.......the 5 I know have worked hard and are "on the right side" Estes, Jennings, Hulsey,and
Gwaltney have worked very hard and are all good picks.

Anonymous said...

so, the person from Puerto Rico has left, is also the same you are saying had a criminal record? was he fired for cause? if yes, do you know why?

if it was him that left, what type of record?

if it's two separate people (that guy, who left, and another recent graduate who has a record and is still in service) please straighten me out. thanks

Anonymous said...

two seperate people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55
"on the right side"?

Sure, drinking the koolade and playing the game.

Anonymous said...

anon 1228 are you intentionally trying to be vague? What kind of criminal record? Sounds like you just have rumors with no specifics. What happened at the academy recently?

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this, Riddle me that, if you have the proof, make it fact. If the media ignores the fact since they do choose on what they report, take out an ad in the paper. Slander can only be proven If it is not based on fact (truth) Actions speak louder than words, and all the words spoken about what is going on with CMPD has not been supported by fact, because if it had, the riddle would have been solved long ago, instead of every story that has been on this blog, the "rumors" that have not been supported by fact always appears, that fiddle has to be wee little now, You want the song to Stop, then bring the finale, working city employees were promoted, if those that didn't deserve it, why wasn't it stopped before hand, because if there was truth and fact, it would have been stopped. Step up or step out, tired of the empty talk comments, you have something, Bring it unless of course you are satisfied with being a big dog on the porch that just howls and doesn't get up. Congrats to those that got promoted, sorry it got underminded with the ongoing CMPD drama, which at this point is a fiction story, until proven otherwise

Anonymous said...

Rob must be getting really desperate to write that comment. And to float that pathetic story about how we all need license plate readers after Citynewswatch documented what CMPD is doing with LPR's, getting ready to buy stationary LPRs, storing all the information for almost 2 yrs., and downloading cellph. info. from drivers all w/o warrants. Hey Rob, all that was really well documented. So are all the other dealings, including the personnel stuff. Now what?

Anonymous said...

release the letter of dismissal for Luis Lopez. give the crime stats. what happened to the arrests for the other officers? easy to keep trying to say this is just drama when you are the one with the holding much of the proof. but not all. guess that's why you're so scared

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has tried to get your "proof" ino the public venue has been severely dealt with and ridiculed and bulled.

CMPD is a Police State, controlled by Rodney and other corrupt members of Command Staff.


This Blog and others are the only uncensored avenues for getting any info about what is truly going on at CMPD out there. There are no checks and balances for the truth any more at CMPD.

For anyone trying to buck the system of secretiveness and corruption at CMPD, retaliation is swift and relentless.

And 99% of what is floated on Cedar and other Blogs is 99% of the time PROVEN to be fact.

And people will continue to use these only uncensored avenues as long as the non transparency and corruption continues.

Anonymous said...

Can you say GSA?

And the real trouble is,as with GSA, people have been forewarned about things that are going on at CMPD and are chosing to ignore it....from the SBI, City Council, Attorney General....have not even investigated. And it is believed it is because so many are involved, and also they are so afraid of the blacklash, they are afraid of investigating an African American and being labeled "racists".

And the immaturity and the privileged "above it all" untouchable attitude prevails.

But as with the GSA, ignoring the rules sooner or later becomes so evident it cannot be ignored.

Everyone watch the golf tournament at Quail Hollow this for abuses and waste.

Anonymous said...

to everyone but the sweaty twit in the Chief's Office, you are correct.

Keep telling, whatever way you can, because the truth coming out is building a case.

Anonymous said...

Ask Tammy Hatley who has not signed the agreement, court date june 3rd in front of a jury. Plus the FOP has agreed to pay for her new attorney for a new law suit. hostile work environment. Plus the Chief just agreed that the PRD done on her ,that started the mess ,was not right and it was changed. after two years she has won a law suit against the city,had all the negative things about her changed, and his retiring in one week with a nice retirement. Plus one more law suit getting ready to be filed. Looks like they fucked with the wrong person.

Anonymous said...

More than one person. More coming, internal and extermal, and well deserved with what the City is allowing and assisting be done to this police department, and the repurcussions. Glad she was brave enough and strong enough to stand through it. Tide turning thanks in great part to her.
More under oath will mean more huge problems, and some of these running for office should withdraw now before the suits are filed.

Anonymous said...

Glad the FOP is doing SOMETHING, but in the end it makes them look good, Glad for Tammy, is this court date for her something that the public can attend to show support?

Anonymous said...

Good for her!!!

Changed PRD? Maybe 'ole rodney is finally actually listening to someone and made a right decision for once!

He should listen more, and reflect.

And, do not take advice from HM or RR.

Yep, and one big one should hit right about the time of the DNC. Can't wait for that one!!

Anonymous said...

which one do you think is the big one?

Anonymous said...

first wave of tranfers ref to fallout at the academy with training records. captain and a sgt moved out of recruiting. amazing the major stayed after her screw up with the state training and standards folks. training records screwed up. lack of accountability. more heads to roll ?

Anonymous said...

Had to leave the major at the academy. No one else would have her.

Anonymous said...

Also the screwup with Rodney and the state test, who was transferred on that one?, but Sherrie has survived, because she is a FOR.

I thought the Captain and Sgt, were transferred because of discrepencies/lies/omissions? on some kind of financial information?

Face it, there is no "accountability", there is only Rodney.
And his standards for behavior for his "friends" and their obvious screwups are non existent.

Non "friends" of his are gone, banished and retaliated against for offenses MUCH less than those commited by his "friends".
His friends seem to get great jobs when they screw up!!
Fair? No.....but that is how he operates.

And do not forget, they are absolutely ruthless to those
that try to stand up for what is ethical, right and legal.

Anonymous said...

which capt./Sgt. transferred for discrepancies/lies/ommissions on financial info? what financial info? also what state test of Rodney?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Capt Gerald Smith changed credit scores for minority applicants. Sgt Durant was told this by recruiting officers and he did nothing. The officers had to report to someone else with the hopes of getting something done about it. Smith and Durant were transferred, but were not disciplined otherwise. There was no IA investigation because the chief and the unethical ones in comman staff wanted this swept under the rug. Not all of command is unethical, but if anyone tries to do the right thing in the PD, they are dealt with swiftly.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting out the truth.

do you know what State test of Rodney is referenced?

Anonymous said...

Don't have ant details about state test.

Anonymous said...

okay. hope someone else will.