Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amendment 1

Much to the surprise of many in Charlotte, Amendment 1 passed yesterday. There were hundreds of comments condemning the approval via twittter, so much drama from anger to outright weeping.

 Seth Keel, center, is consoled by his boyfriend Ian Chambers, left, and his mother
Jill Hinton, during a concession speech at an Amendment One opposition party
 at The Stockroom at 230 in downtown Raleigh. TRAVIS LONG
Those against the amendment have tried just about every fear and angle to convince the rest of the state that passing the amendment will cause harm to unwed mothers and unborn children. That voting for the amendment means you are racist and a bigot, that schools will close and that adopted children will be sent back to the orphanages. That the passing of Amendment 1 means single parent children will lose their health insurance and those with cancer will no longer be able to have coverage that will pay for insanely expensive drugs.

One tweet even proclaimed the 1000's of employers will now look elsewhere to hire new employees. Of course they will, except they won't be looking at the 30 other states that have already approved the same law.

There was also much of the Christ, and God argument, and the what would Jesus do angle, saying he would love everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.  Then there was the gays are people too, and that even if the amendment passed it will be repealed in no time.

Funny in the same breath they also pointed out that there is already a law on the books that prohibits gay marriage and that Amendment 1 isn't really needed.

The passage of Amendment 1, is simply a wake up call for Charlotte, many of those who live here live in a bubble. The sad truth is they do, and Charlotte is the bubble. North Carolina is for the most part, a backwards, hicksville utopia. I personally like it that way.

I voted for the Amendment.

I'm not against gay marriage, I'm against change. I loath change. I liked it when the Bobcats were the Hornets and they played at the Coliseum rather than in the dark cave like cablebox. Back when Winston Salem was the home of the best run airline in the country (Piedmont). I prefer Duke Power to Duke Progress. I miss "Southern Bell" and the annual Shine Bowl played at Memorial Stadium.

I'd rather stores stay closed on Sunday, that some counties remain "dry" and that old traditions like, opening doors for a woman remain.

I rather not have to guess, who is the husband and who is the wife.

I don't like change, change in Charlotte has brought little good over the last 20 years.

The bottom line, "New and Improved" is not necessarily better.

Cedar's Final Word:

The crazy left went all in on this issue, the outright lies they used to try to move people to action is sad. On the pro marriage front and for the most part the conservative republicans are holding an "ace up the sleeve" by adding this to the state constitution, they have created a very large hurtle for the next democratically controlled state house to overcome. Well played I think.

Having said that, I would expect that one day, two guys getting married will be common place even in North Carolina. Maybe by then I won't even try to guess if the "question sexual" named "Kim" behind the counter is a, really feminine guy or a just a flat chested ugly girl.


Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with the amendment is it is yet another freedom we have lost.

Anonymous said...

Cedar the photo is a classic. The two homos and the one guy's supportive mother, who has yet another last name. Disfunctional American families.

Anonymous said...

The idiot tweet from last night was "Next the NC GOP will vote to take away Black People's right to vote.

African-Americans supported the Aamendment 3 to 1.

Anonymous said...

I had no opinion on the Amendment, and planned on not voting for yes or no, as I did not think it belonged on the ballot, and could care less.
But then I saw an ad telling me it would take away the rights of children and unwed mothers. WOW, and I only thought it had to do with Gay marriage.
This misleading ad was the only reason I voted for the measure. Nice job getting your message across.

Anonymous said...

This is Rodney Monroes fault! Once the sib investigations are done and the secret information of those too scared to come forward is releases....juju Hugh...oh sorry...wrong topic!! LMFAO!!!

Anonymous said...

When I read your Blog and the ensuing comments it just drives home how sad and unenlightened people are.

They always have to have a class that is "beneath" them that somehow makes them feel superior.

Repeating the facts to you and others does no good.
I think ignorance and bullying is a choice.

Feel pity for you and others who take such obvious pleasure in treating people as second class citizens because of their sexual orientation.

Anon 7:58
I thought you voted against it because Clinton and the rest of the "commies" liked it!

Anonymous said...

What "more" rights are "we" giving up??? The gay marriage right has never existed so therefore its not there to give up!! It is obvious the majority in North Carolina have spoken.

Anonymous said...

The homos and lesbos don't bother me, my sister in law is "married" to another woman out in San Francisco. I really don't care other than when she comes to visit she never shuts up about it.

24/7 she is yacking away about her "wife", that they are a "gay" couple. The are loud, out and proud, and it is annoying as hell.

I think as Cedar Posts said one day in will be common place and no one will think about it. But for now, you can't help be notice when they are in your face and "proud". Which IMO is why people voted YES.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are sad bigot who doesn't know when to shut your piehole.

Anonymous said...

Classic Cedar...your post is one of the best on this completely contrived issue! I agree and have had it with these contrived rights that the lefty crybabies fabricate from whole cloth.

DC_Transplant said...

There are no rights being taken away ..-Currently Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia have laws OUTLAWING ALL SODOMY.
So if you are participating in such anticks you are already breaking NC Law...
Don't push your agenda on others, what makes you think you are so damn special that you have to change everything for everyone just because you want it?
I wan't to be rich...however I'm not so I get up and go to work...quit complaining , majority voted you lost it's over ...NO WHINNING ALLOWED...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54
Dear God, learn how to SPELL and Punctuate.

Get your GED.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54
Why are you so damn special that you can deny people basic rights based solely on gender?

It is useless to try to have an unbiased intelligent conversation with bigots.

Anonymous said...

You can just hear the voice of the limp wrist in the comment made by 2:54.

Trouble is somehow it is not as funny as when it is on television.

Basic rights? Really? What a funny sense of entitlement you have.

So you screeming at the top of your voice while prancing around in your "skinny" jeans?

This is hardly about basic, it is about greed because if you are granted the ability to marry and become husband and wife then next you will want to be considered a surviving spouse for socual security for discounts with AAA and AARP.

It is a free ride lets all get on the train. We can sign YMCA and have a good time.

Until you get aids and because we have now figured out how to keep your gay infected ass alive you will continue to suck the money from the rest of us normal people well into you 90's.

Guess what? Not in North Carolina.

And that is why you won't see Obama behind a gay marriage bill, we can't afford it.

So please go be a flammer somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Anin 4:02

You are so far off, I am not gay...limp wrist? just another ignorant stereotype.

Dude, you are so full of hate and intolerance, you must be miserable, plus being ignorant, that's a heavy load, Bro.

I think you have a latent thing going on, come on out of the closet.

Looks like you are wrong about Obama, Dooood.

(It's spelled scream and social) Spellcheck actually works, I'm sure someone can show you how to use it.

Anonymous said...

California is a great state for all you queers and steers....we will swap you for the mexicans..

Anonymous said...

ugh! Why is everybody being so ugly?

There are a couple of things I want to point out.

1) by passing this law we took something away that homosexuals already had. There are three counties in NC that recognized civil unions. Durham, Chapel Hill and I don't remember the third. It is not like they were asking us to do something new for them that we refused and voted down, we took something away that they already had in those counties.

2) We spent millions to create this amendment and get it passed. We did not spend this money to block legislation that they were trying to pass which allowed them special benefits and would cost us. We spent this money of our own accord just to add another layer of legislation. What was the point in that?

3) The fact that this actually passed may very well hurt republicans in the presidential election because the 3 areas noted above regarding civil unions are where the bulk of the swing voters live and they are likely to be pissed. NC will probably be very important in this election and Republicans need those swing voters.

4) All of the larger cities (Charlotte, Raleigh etc.)voted no to the amendment, it was the rural areas that actually made it pass.

5) We may have won the battle, but it may very well cost Republicans the war (meaning the presidential election).

Anonymous said...

Nice try! The fact is the only "swing" vote of consequence in this issue was African Americans without whom this amendment would never have passed. Do you really think they would ever vote GOP in 2012?

Anonymous said...


swing votes are the voters that do not vote straight ticket and could vote (D) or (R) depending on the issues. Most of those voters are in the triangle. They are the up and coming crowd and will likely determine the electoral votes for NC, because the rest of the voters typically stick with their party.

Because those voters are younger and in the areas that lost their "civil union" status, there is a good chance they will vote (d) in the election. If the election comes down to Fla and NC which is a probability, Those voters could actually determine NC and possibly the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

This "amendment" should never have been put to a popuar vote/referendum.

Do you really think the civil rights act would have passed a "popular" vote, do you really think womens suffrage would have passed a "popular" vote?

Every election since Rove reared his nasty head the right wing evangelicals have seized on an issue that is completely divisive to get their narrow minded, prejudiced intolerant compatriots to swarm to the polls like the good little sheep they are. Gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, they make these emotional issues THE issues and not how qualified the candidates are for the job.

Pretty disgusting.

Anonymous said...

You are such idiots......laughable really! Not only did you put NC on the Map as the most backward redneck state in the country you have now ignited the gay right movement!! Ironic huh? Thanks to your comments and voting for amendment one you have now gained National Attention to the issue of Gay rights and may very well be the reason they finally get the rights they deserve. I am sure those who make negative comments on this subject are also the same people who if possible still feels that it is thier right to have slaves, that women should not have equal rights and schools should still be segregated along with drinking fountains and restrooms. You probably think interracial marrigae should also be retracted. At least the homosexuals are "Out" and not afraid to show thier faces in public. Unlike so many of you homophobic racists who hide behind the "anonymous" button on your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 7:56, I love how you rant (BTW, if CA passing prop 8 didn't ignite the gay agenda NC passing Amend 1 won't do it) and then close it by bashing people that post anonymously yet you didn't bother to put your name on the comments!! LOL - so typical of libs!!!

Anonymous said...

Ignited the gay right movement? Hey sparky I got news for you, 30 other states got the jump on us........we're just late to the party.

Anonymous said...

7:56 is right! We may be late to the party but the timing of it was pretty bad. With the DNC coming here in NC and this issue will get National Attention....we may get a lot more then we bargained for...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:56 "homophobic and racists" not sure how you managed to pull those two words together but I think that you are talking about apples and oranges. However, since you brought up the subject, every "Afro-American" should be gratful for slavery. Yes you heard me right, GRATEFUL! Without slavery the term "Afro-American" would not exist. You should be thanking your ancestors every night when you say your prayers for all of their pain and suffering. Because of them you are able to have a great life. You never had to worry about slavery so please quit acting like you ever lived on a plantation. Normal people are tired of hearing about all of your suffering that never happened.