Sunday, June 24, 2012

WCNC Reporting Officer Involved Accident

A wreck involving a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer is under investigation.

Photo Credit: Jason Boyd

The rear-end collision happened Friday evening on East Independence Boulevard. According to police, a female officer slammed into the back of a pick-up truck. No one was injured.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the officer will receive a citation or face charges. Police told NewsChannel 36 that the officer will immediately undergo drug testing.

Emails sent to CMPD’s public information department asking for additional information were not immediately returned.

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Anonymous said...

Slow news day i guess. If you drive a car 8-10 hrs a day guess what might happen?

HDLadee said...

Now Cedar, you know CMPD is not wanting anyone to know about the accidents THEY cause!

Anonymous said...

Uhh... What is the department supposed to do, immediately go call every news organization in a three county radius and say, "HEY Y'ALL, ONE OF OUR OFFICERS JUST CRASHED A CAR!!"
I fail to see where HDLadee is getting the idea that the police are trying to cover this up or "not wanting anyone to know".

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised it's a woman. Kidding!

Cedar Posts said...

The trouble with CMPD is they are never forthcoming with anything.

If you look back over the last four years, much of what makes news is only after some media type be it mainstream or not, "breaks" the story.

Getting info from CMPD is like cracking walnuts.

This should have been released on Friday when it happened, with all the details.

As anyone knows Charlotte is not an easy place to drive. Traffic on 74 can be moving long at a nice clip and then suddenly come to a halt, often for no reason other than a mile up the road some idiot taps his/her brakes.

Chances are the officer will be cited, as would you or in the case of myself should or maybe should not have been. Fit happens.

But when the department is not out front with the information, the public starts wondering why the cover-up.

Case in point, Chief Monroe's short ride with Vilma Leake.

Given the miles that CMPD Officers cover in a single shift and Charlotte's idiot drivers I'm surprised there aren't 100's of these minor accidents each week.

Anonymous said...

People that commute and live in Charlotte, they drive like a bunch of DUMB ASSES. With all the driving that is required by CMPD accidents will happen. Some maybe the officers fault and other accidents may not be there fault.

However, good luck on getting any information back from CMPD'S PIO. You will either receive a cover up by the spin doctor (Rob Tufano) himself or even crickets. I would say crickets. Just look at how many times Cedar has requested information that has to be released by the Public Affairs Act. He is receives a big line of BULLSHIT or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Even if the officer was at fault she most likely won't be charged. First of all, North Carolina is a no fault state in which responding officers can only take a report and it is up to the insurance company to establish who was at fault and require that person's insurance to pay for the accident. In addition to that, CMPD directives do not allow officers to issue citations for moving violations at accidents unless they witnessed incident. The only exception to this is when officers respond to an accident and find the driver to have a revoked or no license, no insurance, or something of that nature but they can't issue a ticket for the law violation that was the contributing factor for the wreck unless they saw it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08 is actually not correct. The directive also states that officers should not cite persons at crash scenes unless they witnessed the incident OR have "OTHER" evidence.

Anonymous said...

8 hour driving school and negative PRD

Anonymous said...

3:08 must be Rob

Rob's brain is the only planet where a rear end collision is not the fault of the driver in back with the crumpled front end.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Accidents happen. Ticket, like anyone else should get when they're not paying enough attention and ram into the back of someone. And yes, when CMPD keeps lying and doesn't put out information, it always looks like something worse. Just put out a simple press release with honest information. They have forgotten how.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08 Guess you have never been involved in a wreck in which the NCSHP showed up. When that happens someone is going to get a ticket, right after Mr. Trooper gets out of the car and tilts that Smokie 10 degrees toward the front. That will make you say "Damn the devil, Damn the devil to hell."

Anonymous said...

All you yankees coming down here trying to drive.... We put you through hours and hours of driver training at the CMPD academy and you still can't even figure out which pedal is the brake. Thuuuu gaaaas is on the right and the braaaake is on the left.

Anonymous said...

Still nothing from CMPD about who was at fault, who the officer involved was or how this might have happend. No word on the results of the drug test.

I guess she was hammered?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the need for so many details of a crash. An officer crashed, policy states you do a drug screening test after any crash, whether it be a rear end collision or striking the curb and flattening a tire while trying to look at the map to figure out where you are going. Acting as if there was something special about the drug test is dumb. A crash happened, as they do hundreds of times a week. Move on.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:54, I am so sorry that I did not quote the directive verbatim. I don't actually have them memorized word for word and I don't carry them in my back pocket. I know what the policy basically requires I am very sorry that my deleting one minor part made what I said incorrect.

An to Anon 9:29: ARE YOU RETARDED??? I must be Rob??? Until now I never realized how deluded some of you people are. I am not defending Rob or Rodney but some of you people that comment on this sight are on such a head hunt for those two that you'll accuse anyone that has a differing viewpoint of your own to be Rob or Rodney or a kool aid drinker. Pull your head out of your ass Anon 9:29 and realize that not everone will agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Really? A female cmpd officer? How about the majority of male officers who are usually the ones involved in these collisions? Why are their genitals not mentioned in connection? Its bullshit. I had a male officer on a CMPD issued motorcycle rear end me and fall off his bike, nobody blamed it on his dick. Although, his overly aggressive pursuit of me could easily be blamed on an excess of manly testosterone, but I digress. Usually I read cedar for the story sans spin and prejudice. I guess I am doomed to be perpetually disappointed.