Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Boat In Kenny Chesney's Come Over

Another video that makes you wonder what a pretty popular guy is thinking. Perhaps Chesney is wanting to distance himself from the loathsome redneck, "Bass Tracker" crowd that folks like the Zac Brown Band attract.

So he had some director use the standard MTV hot girl format, added an even hotter boat and Kenny Chesney has another music video hit.

The video is fun, but no one seems to care about the song or the girl they want to know about the boat.

First off it is not Kenny Chesney's boat. Just a loaner they used for the video. Last Cedar Posts heard Chesney still owns a small but nice SeaRay that is normally found in the Bahamas.

The yacht in question is a Riva Domino in Metallic Ice, and at 86 feet she is the real stunner of the video. Cost you ask? Trust me if you have to ask..... but upwards of 6 million.

The Offical Sales Pitch, can be found below. As for the pool and night scenes, props to the CP reader who pointed out that the luxury home for the video is located at 2501 Mercedes Drive (SE 15th Street if you are old school) which is just the other side of Los Olas from CP's docks at Fiesta and Royal Plam Court in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

The Ferretti Group's comentary on the Riva:

This 26 metre coupè, result of the working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, the exclusive designer of all the yachts in the Riva range, AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology - Ferretti Group's naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers of Centro Stile Ferrettigroup, is an evolution of the 68' Ego Super model, featuring larger spaces and several living areas which allow ever more socialising. These characteristics make this yacht ideal for both long cruises and daily life on board.

The clean, seducing lines of the new 86' Domino are softened - in this new optional version of the model - by the new Grey Sand colour covering the hull and the deckhouse and creates a final effect of great elegance and simplicity.

A large sundeck in the foredeck area features a dinette with a table that can seat up to 6 guests. Perfectly integrated into the upper part of the deckhouse is the sundeck, where a second pilot seat is also located, ideal for mooring manoeuvres. Another table seating 6 and a comfortable divan are located in the cockpit.

The closed, air-conditioned upper salon creates an open space area with the dinette, and is separated from the helm station by a large 55'' LCD television. This solution ensures the area is extremely well-lit as it guarantees the passage of natural light both through the large side windows and the windscreen. The design of the furnishing elements, and the choice to match the special shades of Canaletto walnut with chocolate-coloured leather inserts and white lacquering make this an attractive, welcoming environment, emphasising the available space.

The fully-equipped galley is located on a mezzanine level, and accessed from the left hand side of the helm station, whilst the crew cabins - for 4 people - are accessed from the stern cockpit. They feature a head and dinette, guaranteeing total privacy for Owners and their guests.

The special design of the large window, in correspondence with the full beam master cabin located amidships, follows the surface of the hull integrating into it perfectly and ensuring as much light as possible in this environment. The light is also emphasised by the Canaletto walnut and white lacquering which alternate with the Africa coloured lacquering. Equipped with an en-suite head and walk-in wardrobe, the master cabin also has a private living-room area and vanity.

The VIP cabin, with en-suite head, is located in the forward area, whilst two twin-bedded guest cabins with en-suite heads, are located between this and the master cabin. The starboard guest cabin also features a system of sliding beds on tracks transforms it into a second queen size cabin.

86' Domino is equipped with two MTU 16V 2000 M93, power 2435 mhp; they deliver a maximum speed of 38 knots and a cruise speed of 34 knots.

Weather Dog tells CP that the girl in Chesney’s new music video is Courtney McCann, a west coast girl who looks right at home in Ft. Lauderdale on a million dollar yacht. see. More of Ms. McCann here


Anonymous said...

The boat is a keeper, the girl not so much. Though that butt is nice I'd rather ride the boat. Cedar any idea were it was filmed? Wonder why they shot it in black and white?

Anonymous said...

Cool vid, Kenny without a hat! Just wish that would have more of the boat and less of Courtney.

Anonymous said...

Video Location for pool and night scenes
- Google Earth
26° 6'13.35"N
80° 7'3.11"W

Anonymous said...

The boat is Kenny's - purchased it right before filming began, unrelated to upcoming video shoot. How I know is irrelevant but I'm 100% positive it was his in the video.

Anonymous said...

the boat is kennys the house was a rental

Anonymous said...

I kinda doubt Kenny would own a boat like than and not have it re-named. Riva is the brand of boat.

In the video you can see two people inside in a couple of the scenes where Kenny is on top driving.

Anonymous said...

As one of the only licensed women Captains that know how to handle a boat like this....I would love the opportunity to be part of the crew!
Captain Karen

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kenny wanted the Riva name on the boat and got a discount for making a 4 minute commercial for Riva. Then slapped "SS Chesney" on it after the vid.

Cedar Posts said...

Got it from a pretty good source out of Ft. Lauderdale that the Riva is still for sale. However there is a smaller Riva docked at Paradise Island same color and 63' and it just happens to be a place where Kenny often docked his SeaRay.

But based on the source the boat in the video is not Kenny Chesney's.

Just saying.

Jerry Rondo said...

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Linda said...

This video is 100% perfect from start to finish; the yacht, Kenny of course, the model is fantastic in her simplicity, having Kenny's dog in the video, it's all just right-on! Kudos to the producer, photographer, and all involved. Love the black and white and slow motion effects!!! a perfect 10 if there ever was one!rds

Anonymous said...

The video is HAWT!!!! *whew*
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yacht!!!! The black and white film, KC, and I want one of those swimsuits! (I'd gladly take the woman's place in this video!)

Ginger Murphy said...

The Video, The Boat, Courtney, and Kenny was Perfect. More people need to Realize that Natural Women Are a dime a dozen. Courtney was perfect because she did not have make up piled on her to make her something shes not. Kenny picked the perfect Woman for this Video. Props to Everyone involved

Anonymous said...

Ive heard Kenny recently bought that house in the video

Anonymous said...

The vessel is absolutely amazing. Where can I purchase the paint used on it or find the paint code and brand?

Anonymous said...

12/14/2012 Key West

The Boat's in Key West with a film crew and a Director with No hair. Is kenny in Key West?

P.S. The Boat has a flag that says "No Shoes Nation".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The boat? Beautiful.
Courtney? Wouldnt mind hittin it!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a boat, it is a machine. It is his. I sold it to him. Just over $6 million.

Anonymous said...

The 86' Riva is not Kenny's. In fact, if you google the house they filmed at, you will find the boat docked at a neighbors house. Located on the south side of the same street. About 7 homes down.

Kimberly McClure said...

I was taking the very over to St Johns on Jan 10, 2015. As we were pulling into St John the Riva was leaving and it sure did look like Kenny and he waved at our ferry. Its like I missed him by 20 minutes on shore. So sad.

Calvin H. said...

That was NOT his boat.. It was a loner yacht just for this video.. Kenny Chesney's yacht at that time was a 63 foot Riva Virtus.. And the Riva used in the video is an 86' RIVA Domino..