Sunday, July 15, 2012

Long Hot Summer

Suddenly Charlotte is in the middle of  a "long hot summer" as the sound of gunfire again fills the night air in East Charlotte. Another homicide, the fifth murder in a week having occurred just minutes into Sunday.

According to CMPD, Officers responded to several 911 calls reporting shots fired at 6008 Timbertop Lane just off Harrisburg Road. Responding Officers found three men suffering from gunshot wounds. Medic responders declared one victim Kevin Washingston age 18 dead at the scene and transported the others Garrett Hall and Tevin Horton both also 18, to CMC. Horton was treated for a gunshot wound to the arm and was released. Garrett who was reportley shot in the leg is still at CMC.

CMPD reports that a large party was underway when two groups of people began fighting. CMPD has not released the name of the deceased.

After 3 years of reporting ever declining crime stats CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe's world of numbers and compstat reports is crumbing just weeks before the DNC puts Charlotte on the national stage.

Through June 30, 2012 CMPD had reported 25 homicides a 40% increase over last year, the shooting now being reported puts that increase closer to 50%

Chief Monroe's goal of "Preventing The Next Crime" seems pointless when the department can hardly keep up with the body count. Charlotte has endured other long hot summers in years past. Back in the 90's several weeks saw an average of one murder a night.

The truth is there is little Chief Monroe can do to prevent the next murder, just as nothing he has done during the past three years prevented homicides despite his claim to the contrary.

Cedar's Take: But perception is the reality, and suddenly Charlotte finds a "long hot summer" of nightly shootings is not a good lead-in to a national convention with an incumbent president. Chief Monroe would do well to prepare to defend his command of CMPD as the national media turns up the heat.

You can expect Charlotte's growing pains to be part of the national story.Will the recent shooting of a black suspect by CMPD figure into the summer perception? Will the national media pick up on a department that is suffering from fatigue and stress? Or will the national media buy into Chief Monroe's mantra of Preventing The Next Crime?  Stay turned.


Anonymous said...

When you are boastful and brag incessantly and provide skewed numbers it is bound to catch up with you.

Humility is not a part of monroe's or medlock's dna.
But they are master manipulators. Of Personnel and the Media.

Let's see how bright his star is with increasing crime ......when he has hung his hat on "lower" crime with NO OTHER ACCOMPLSHMENTS.

He has systematically dismantled CMPD and turned it into a place the good Officers can no longer be proud of.

It is astounding that he has "accomplished" this destruction in such a short time.

Let's hope he leaves soon and takes the rest of the losers with him.

Anonymous said...

Cedar are you sure about this? Nothing on the Charlotte Observer site as of 9 am. Maybe this is old news?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that in Hickory Grove?

Anonymous said...

TV Media is reporting it.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a long night for Captain Chuckie.

Anonymous said...

Detroit of the south

Anonymous said...

Unless pushed, the CO buries it in the small print.

Anonymous said...

More like 30 some homicides if you check carefully.

Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Observer didn't report last night's shooting until nearly 11 hours after it happened. That is so very sad.

Anonymous said...

They just need to assign three homicide detectives to work out of the Hickory Grove team office. Maybe even give them a couple of cots or something and a mini-fridge.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the homicide numbers they report either. Crime in Charlotte should do a count.

On the other crimes, it's all our efforts to tell the FBI, DOJ, SBI about what Monroe has been doing and demand something closer to the truth. Keep it up. And of course there's the climb in crime.

the real officers need to speak up. More truth is coming.

Anonymous said...

Murdered for $20?

Photo from Charlotte Observer.
A white man is murdered while working in a black neighborhood. The media calls it a “robbery.” If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the country. All media outlets would be screaming that it was a “racially motivated murder.”

These are my niggers!

Word to your Mother!