Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC's Olympic Size Fail

NBC has paid big bucks 4 billon of them to own broadcast rights to the 2012 London Games as well as 2014 winter games and 2016 games, which means you can watch their coverage when they say you can. But they didn't seem to anticipate Twitter.

Americans who are die hard sports fans don't care to put their lives on hold and devote hours to watch a long drawn out commercial filled "production" interlaced with tearful back stories to eventually learn that Micheal Phelps took 4th place in the 400 IM.

Twitter is serving as news source for followers of sport much the same way the Egyptian citizens followed the Arab spring.

It is clear NBC is running in circles, because for weeks they have used Brian Williams to "hype" the "upcoming" Olympic coverage, yet Saturday's NBC Nightly News which is normally not anchored by Williams began with Williams sans a spoiler announcing that of "shock waves" were being felt around the world because of Michael Phelps' 4th place finish.

Then Bob Costas opened Saturday's NBC prime-time broadcast by noting that prime-time coverage is taped, and that there will be no warning to viewers that the network is about to report event results. 

Clearly NBC is struggling with the twitter and live stream question. It is not hard to imagine NBC's management wringing their hands over viewer numbers while trying to keep the peace and avoid a twitter meltdown, like they saw over the opening ceremony coverage.

But NBC's effort to "live stream" events is pretty much a failure given some rather notable tweets:

Reuters' Anthony De Rosa: "NBC will air Phelps v Lochte as soon as they find their Netzero dial up password #OLDmedia"
"Modern Family" writer/executive producer Danny Zuker: "'Tape delay events rest of the world watches live? Check! Website info? Limited! Hire Seacrest. Done! It's show time, boys!' - NBC"
Former NBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell: "Context: NBC's ideal viewer is someone who doesn't get sports text alerts, doesn't appointment stream or get on Twitter."
Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe: "NBC's Olympics coverage is underway again! Really, really nervous for Michael Phelps! #tweetsfromthestoneage"

Some other fav's on NBC's Coverage:

We interrupt our tape-delayed Olympics to bring you breaking news: Michael Jackson has died.

: How is CNN predicting all of these winners?! It's spooky. It's like they have a sports almanac from future.

And Cedar's personal fav:

Omg the commentators did not just spend the entire entrance of Kazakhstan talking about Borat.

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