Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Warren Cooksey Busted?

WBTV's See, Click, Fix segment normally solves bothersome local issues that neighbors just don't seem to make any progress on.

Imagine WBTV's surprise when they learned that the homeowner they were targeting for an unkempt lawn was Charlotte City Councilman Warren Cooksey.

Warren Cooksey Photo Courtesy: City of Charlotte

1404 Lyon Court

In the above Mecklenburg County photo all looks pretty tidy. But a drive by via Google street view shows a yard in need of some work.

WBTV's report can be found here.

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Warren Cooksey didn't re-turn calls to WBTV regarding his property. The video from the WBTV segment shows a lawn with grass that is nearly a foot tall. The WBTV report also details more than half a dozen letters sent to Mr. Cooksey by the city regarding his lawn.

Cedar's Take: Wow, and I thought my yard looked bad. But wait, 1404 Lyon Court is in district 1, and Mr. Cooksey represents District 7 where he lives in an apartment.

So he owns a small house in District 1 but lives in an upscale apartment in Ballentyne?

I imagine there is some reasonable explanation, perhaps this home is just rental property and the current tenant is susposed to mow the lawn. It happens, I've had some lazy tenants myself. But one letter from the city would be enough.


Anonymous said...

Cooksey is just an odd bird! Bill James without the big mouth.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens to these political turds after then get reelected. They think they are above everyone else, that the same laws don't apply. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Code Enforcement picks and chooses who gets the thumb. Been complaining to the Mayors office about a neighbor and zip happened. All depends on how you are registered.

Anonymous said...

10:50 AM. BS. I have interacted with Code Enforcement on many occasions for work related matters. Why would you be contacting the Mayor about a code enforcement action?

Anonymous said...

this house is not a rental property

it has been vacant for 6 years.

when Warren bought it he could have rented it at that time, it was in great shape and the lawn was one of the prettiest on Lyon Court.

Now it looks like a crack house, 5 weeks ago, grass in the back was 4 feet high.

the only way the grass has been cut for the past 5 years if is enough people call 311 and complain to code enforcement.

code enforcement and the head jackass there, Ben Krise, seem to have a different set of rules for politicos than they do for the rest of us.

so we now have a blight on the street owned and not maintained by one of our city "leaders"

Anonymous said...

still no update from Cooksey on Ch. 3

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the City of Los Angeles has 6 Code Enforcement Officers and Charlotte has 48? Not only is C.E. a political football it is also a burden on taxpayers. I say get rid of the dead weight. TV stations have no more weight then individuals. Bureaucrats are greasy human beings and criticism slides off their backs laughing at the folks who voted for them.

Anonymous said...

Cooksey said he doesn't have to mow the grass but once a month.

Anonymous said...

Cooksey is quick to find cameras and microphones every time he wants to take credit for something, but where is he now? Several days later and he's still hiding. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

he has no shame or concern for the neighbors of his house. why isn't he renting it out? is it deficient inside, too? maybe code enforcement should inspect the inside and see if it's safe after being vacant for 6 years with weeds growing over it--make sure it's not a health hazard.

gas leaks, water leaks, rodent infestations, bats, structural problems can all happen in much less than 6 years for an unattended house. Code Enforcement should be fair and equal even though Cooksey is a on the council. council is not above the law. Neighbors should start calling the news station each time they have to call 311, too.

Anonymous said...

The lawn was out of control, but he probably will not let it happen again now that he has been publicly humiliated. Either way, he has a nice butt.