Monday, August 27, 2012

CMPD Officers Go To "All Hands On Deck" Again

Chief Rodney Monroe has given the order and the shift assignments are out.

CMPD is now on a 12 hour shift and some senior Officers are not happy about having to work the 1800 - 0600 shift. (6PM-6AM).

Nothing Like Working The Vampire Shift.

Traditionally those with the most seniority get the better duty assignments and hours. But nothing about the way Chief Monroe runs the department is traditional.  In fact as one Officer put it, "If you are not the right color you're working 1800-0600". Others have taken issue with that statement at least somewhat.

The inside story is that Monroe wants the department to be diversified in appearance, which means officers were apparently assigned based on color. Additionally it has been said that some of the more senior Officers may not be as prepared for the expected confrontation that has come to be expected.

Chief Monroe Wants These Guys to "Cover Up"
CP also has word that Chief Monroe has also ordered Officers to wear their covers (hats) during the DNC 2012. So you won't see any scenes like the one above. Of course this is just what the protesters want some hats to toss around.

Cedar's Take: "This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." The quote from The Hunt for Red October pretty much says it all.


Anonymous said...

Hats are a good idea, that way when you are swinging the baseball bats you know which heads to hit.

Anonymous said...

Just remember this whole mess will end and we will get back to normal. Just don't forget who needs to me held accountable, because I promise you Monroe and Medlock have already named their goats.

Anonymous said...

Cedar check out the equipment shortages that are being reported.

Radios, hand cuffs, zip ties, tasers, helmets and more. Not enough to go around.

Anonymous said...

Poor CMPD they have to work 12 hours. Maybe they would should get a real job?

Anonymous said...

I heard they are short on all kinds of equipment pertaining to Officer safety. And cars are in short supply? Maybe want to ask Katrina Graue if she has found all those "missing" cars??!!

The word is that indeed the preparations have been mostly about it has always been with rodney, always!! All about looks and no substance.

Like a house of mirrors, nothing is as it seems.

The whole nation will be watching Charlotte....and with rodney and harold in charge, what could possibly go wrong, lol.

And if you think there is no "influence peddling" at CMPD, just wait.......seems there are some that are willing to use their "power" to interfere with certain "things".

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, except what "things" do you mean?

Anonymous said...

How about Boulware getting that "Unadvertised" job in Missing Persons. Funny, I missed the announcement for that position.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny - when Jerry and the good ole boys were in charge and people were getting unadvertised positions and the chosen few just sat in the office and were mentored on the promotional process, no one said a word. Just realize the period happening now will end and some accounts will be called into account.

Anonymous said...

So Boulware, an African American, went from Staff Inspections to Homicide.... couldn't cut it in homicide....and guess what? Gets another Detective position in Missing Persons.

He is on the Rodney Monroe, Ricky Robbins fast track....look out, he will be promoted without any process to Sgt. soon.

Just typical and everyday occurences at CMPD now.

I mean really, Bellamy made Major....seriously?

Qualifications mean jack.