Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Wrap-Up Mad World Edition

Do You Live In One Of Charlotte's "Top Gay" Neighborhoods?

Last month Charlotte's LGBT newspaper QNotes, asked their readers to identify which Charlotte "gay neighborhood" they called home.

Something doesn't past the smell test. Cedar Posts has always thought Plaza Midwood, Chantilly, and Elizabeth were Charlotte's big gay neighborhoods, maybe Dilworth and Segfield along with NoDa running a close 2nd. But a surprise to CP is that "East Charlotte" is the LGBT neighborhood of choice and to think I thought it was home to gangsta wannabes and taco trucks.  Even more shocking, I had no idea that Ballantyne was considered a "gay neighborhood".

CMPD Releases Customer Satisfaction Survey - The report was released by CMPD's Rob Tufono yesterday.

A total of 650, sixteen minute interviews were conducted by telephone between May 17 and June 21, 2012 the results of the 10th annual survey were held up as revisions to the wording were debated and the finished spin doctored version was released to the public as per normal CMPD "mo" that is, on a Friday afternoon. 

As with all surveys and polls there is a wide variances in interpretations. As an example the mean average for the question of overall perception of CMPD, gives the department a 7.7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Highest rating being a 10. But Rob T says it is good news, but must people see that as a C+ vs an A-.

Surprisingly the highest rating come from the homicide plagued East Charlotte and the lowest rating come not from the West Charlotte "Hood" but from North Charlotte.

The full report can be found here.

Read more here:

Ballantyne Lock Down - According to the Charlotte Observer there will be a series of road closures and other restrictions in Ballantyne area during the Democratic National Convention.

Apparently some sort of "dignitary" will be in the area from September 3 until the morning of the 7th.

Notable is the closure of a portion of Ballantyne Commons Parkway between Johnston and North Community House roads. Interesting that Johnston Road is not being closed.

Which would explain why a bunch of suits were seen hanging out at the Lodge throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday rather than the Ballantyne Resot Hotel.

The Buzz is that POTUS himself will be staying in the area.

CP's Take: While I reluctantly accepted the DNC 2012 in Uptoon Charlotte I didn't agree or plan that the fungus would spread out to Ballantyne and south of the 485 Beltway.  Now that it is public knowledge you can expect that hordes of idiots will be in Ballantyne protesting everything from the 1%, to Abortion and Furry Critters Rights.

Frankly I can't imagine President Obama holding up at The Lodge for five days. But that doesn't mean Obama staffers who have turned their noses up at staying in Charlotte's over priced Uptoon digs won't set up house in exclusive South Charlotte.

Just the same, Mr. President don't you think that enough Americans are out of work? Why would you allow the DNC 2012 to spill over into a professional neighborhood on such short notice? Do you not understand that your presence will cause tremendous hardship to hundreds of hard working men and women?
Mrs. Cedar for one will have to drive an insane loop to make her way to work. Others will lose business as the security detail turns away customers. Gotta love how the Observer reports it as "great news"/.

New York New York - What main stream media first reported as another "mass shooting" this time in New York City, turned out to be a lone gunman in a "not an act of random violence" workplace dispute that ended in one person and the gunman being killed.

The dead gunman his hands handcuffed behind his back lies on the sidewalk.

Now about the "mass shooting" turns out that NYPD officers are pretty bad shots, oh they got the shooter but not until after their bullets hit nine by-standers. 16 shots fired in all and only two hit the gunman. The rest bounced around the concrete and asphalt shooting gallery until they found their victims.

Cedar's Take: The two officers who shot at Johnson were close enough to shake hands with the killer when he drew his weapon leaving both cops no choice but to shoot. But 16 rounds on a crowded street?

Cedar Bonus: Jeffery Johnson was known as a loner and a bird watcher. The AP posted this photo early Saturday morning.

By Jean M. Shun, AP
Jeffrey Johnson uses binoculars to search Central Park for the young offspring of popular red-tailed hawk local birdwatchers know as Pale Male. Police identified Johnson as a gunman who killed a former colleague.


Anonymous said...

You would feel the same way if your magic underwear wearing fella was staying in Ballantyne, with his Ayn Rand aficionado running mate? I think not.

You are nothing else if not predictable.

And Democratic ladies are all ugly? Again, predictable from you. Rather boorish though.

They will probably need the National Guard, seems lots of other Departments have backed out due to their lack of confidence in CMPD's preparations.

Also, did you see Rob the Court Jester with his silly face all up in Rodney's grill on the news? Seems as though he is never more than an arms length from his King.

Anonymous said...

Wow, two more shootings in Hickory Grove.....that Chuckles is doing a bangup job.

And another traffic has become quite hazardous in Charlotte. But that is not a Priority...and why not, you may ask? It doesn't show up on the almighty numbers, Dummy.

And that so called "survey" of satisfaction? What a joke!!

Anonymous said...

5:36 - The face of the DNC is that snaggle toothed Wasserman-Schultz - nuff said. No doubt your kind of woman.........

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06;
Such an intellectual response...typical for a Republican. Ignorance abounds !

Anonymous said...

Cedars: Plaza-Midwood is in East Charlotte. Technically Chantilly and Elizabeth are too. It's just not in the selective "East Charlotte" that the local media likes to plaster on a headline when some crime happens. If a crime happens in South Charlotte, a description of the street or location is given, but never and entire section of the city.