Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

Just out of the shadows of the last night's DNC events one of Charlotte's street thugs was gunned down shortly after dusk.

Deceased Zachary Jamal Pittman
A year ago Zachary Jamal Pittman was arrest and charged with attempted 1st degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon (gun) and armed robbery and possession.

These guys play hard and when it comes to guns they die hard. A culture of violence that no amount of police intervention can disrupt, sadly it is in their DNA.
So it comes as little surprise that he met his end along the 10000 block of English Setter Drive around 8:48 p.m. Wednesday night.

Just after "hard dark" CMPD Officers responded to a call for service in reference to shots fired at the intersection of Yellow Rose Lane and Terrier Way. 

As officers rolled up to the location a trail of blood was noticeable. In the damp evening air the smell of gunpowder was heavy enough that it still lingered.

A second call came to police for a suspicious person on English Setter Drive, located in close proximity to the shots fired call, police say. When officers got to the scene, they found a man lying on the ground with an apparent gunshot wound.
Medic arrived on the scene and pronounced the victim deceased. He was later identified as 25-year-old Zachary Jamal Pittman.


Anonymous said...

Captain Obvious asks,

"Why was Mr. Pittman on the streets if he had such serious charges against him?" Shouldn't he have been tried and either sentenced or freed A YEAR LATER?

Anonymous said...

Catch and release...wait for them to actually murder and only then cage the violent animals who walk among us daily. Insane liberal policy.

Julie Mason said...

Neither the ignorant person that wrote this blog nor the ignorant ppl that left comments know anything about Zach. Do not judge, because you will one day be judged. Zach was an honorable person. So fuck all oh yous & ur opinions about my Zach. To write & comment cruelly like that let's me know what type of ppl y'all are. Another One Didn't Bite The Dust, he went home to his glory, with our maker who he believed in...

Anonymous said...

Yo Hood Rat, I hate to tell you but your homie, went straight to the fires of hell.

For the non believers his rotting corpse will be feeding maggots just as soon as momma gets up enough money to bury his ass in a pine box.

Swift justice is what he got and his ass is now on the expressway to Hell.

Fitting don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Must be his momma yo sorry of your loss maybe with the rest of your spawn you can teach them right from wrong. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the brothers save the taxpayers money.

Nick Siegworth said...

How does it save taxpayers money when one person isnt incarcerated but instead two are what ever fuck math you do that doesnt make sense ignorant dumbass....zach was a good guy the community loved him...for the real believers god is the judge so fuck what stupid blogger saids. He never took anyones life away so he didnt deserve it R.I.P Super schemes

Anonymous said...

????? Nick is obviously another product of CMS. Learn how to construct a legible sentence or please stay away from the computer.

Anonymous said...

A third was arrested for this crime Friday 11/9/2012. Four lives sit in ruin; four families will have to live without their love ones. All because of Envy and Greed; all four of these people were motivated by evil thoughts, the result of which led to one's death and the others' potential life imprisonment.