Friday, September 14, 2012

CMPD Officer Kills Suspect In South Charlotte

Domestic violence suspect shot and killed by CMPD veteran officer Ole Swenson. Details are hit and miss, but CP understands Officer Swenson responded to a 911 called and a suspect came towards him with a pair of garden shears. Officer Swenson attempted to use his taser but the suspect continued to attack.  The officer drew his service weapon and fire at the suspect.

CP understands that the suspect has a history of violence including a manslaughter charge in the death of his father in law.

CMPD has confirmed that the suspect fatally shot by CMPD Officer Swenson, has be identified as Clay McCall age 26. McCall had a history of mental illness and violence.

This is a rapidly changing story and CP has not confirmed the above statements as fact.


Anonymous said...

problem solved. problem staying solved.

Anonymous said...

Funny how a white kid is finally shot and killed and no one is up in arms. No rallys, no vigils, no marches, nothing. I am whole heartedly in agreement with what I have heard thus far that CMPD was 100% correct in their decision to shoot this guy, but I find it funny that every time CMPD shoots a black person, the community goes ape shit but now that it's on the other side of the fence there's nothing but crickets.

Anonymous said...

He was my friend. They didn't have to kill him. Pretty blatant abuse of authority

Anonymous said...

So, the convicted murderer, off his psych meds, armed with a pair of large shears attacks a police officer and someone is shocked that he got shot?

"Blatant abuse of authority"???

Perhaps he should have remained in a mental health facility instead of being released after MURDERING someone?

Perhaps he should not have been left with his grandmother's garage. She who was obviously unable to handle him and so frightened she was locked inside the house.

Everyone's a critic! But if I asked you to go subdue a knife wielding nutcase who had already killed his own father, with nothing more than non-lethal weapons and soft language, you wouldn't do it.

Yes, he was sick and off his meds. But he is the cause of his own demise.