Saturday, September 29, 2012

In Case You Missed It - Chasing Lightning

Last month National Geographic ran a story about Tim Samaras a lightning chaser following thunderstorms out in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Writer George Johnson and photographer Carsten Peter, joined Samaras on the hunt for a perfect photo of a perfect storm. “Tim Samaras has a storm in his headlights and the world’s fastest high-resolution camera in the trailer behind. Can it catch lightning in the act?"

Amazing photo by Carsten Peter showing a strike straddling the bridge up ahead.

Above in the video a cloud-to-ground lightning strike severs the sky near Los Lunas, New Mexico. Tim Samaras and his crew chased the slow-moving storm cell until they ran out of road, and now can only watch as it moves on. New Mexico's sparse road system makes lightning chasing difficult. Far easier to navigate are the tight grids of farm roads crisscrossing the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

The full story from National Geographic is here.

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