Monday, September 10, 2012

US Department of Justice Steps Between Chief Monroe and DNC Protesters

One of the interesting aspects of the Occupy protests during the DNC was the appearance of Department of Justice representatives.

In the clip below CMPD Chief Monroe, tells the reporter with the camera the DOJ “just sent them” without any request from the city. Turning the camera on the DOJ/CRS agents at the convention the reporter/camera man gets much the same answer. 

Seems the "higher ups" didn't have faith in CMPD's ability to peacefully handle the situation and sent counselors to "mediate" the protesters interaction with CMPD Command Staff.
Which would explain the "allowed to stay" aspect of the Marshall Park encampment and Bill James sudden silence on the matter last week. One can assume James got the memo late on Monday saying "The DOJ said so".
Which also might explain this little quote from the Charlotte Observer's Editorial Board
"The essence of hospitality is allowing others to be themselves in your home, and we embraced just that. Demonstrators demonstrated, often led in their marches by Police Chief Rodney Monroe himself." 


Jeff A. Taylor said...

The labor unions sat DNC out. Simple as that.

I don't think Team Obama really knew if they were going to try to "punish" the party for picking CLT by providing the protest muscle right up until things got underway, which is why all the DOJ community busy-bodies were sent in (along with scads of TSA goons). But with labor on the sidelines there's no hope of generating 1000s of bodies for street theater. Look around -- they are turning out bodies all over the country today in an anti-Fannie Mae deal (

So typical that the Chief and the Uptown crowd thing they somehow did something to keep protests in check. Dream on.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest "non-issue" post I've ever seen on CP. Slow day or just desperate to type something?

Anonymous said...

Rodney was out and about for one get his face on cameras.

Everything was so locked down there was no real danger for him or anyone.

He was not running the show...the Secret Service, FBI and all the other Federal Government agencies were calling the shots. (Thanks, Eric!)

I heard that several Deputy Chiefs were just horrible to deal with, arrogant and bratty..acting like children to the SS and other Government agencies.

They just go lucky......and with 50 million cops on the street, and everything cordoned off and barricaded....there was very little room for any "protesting".

But rodney will take all the credit, as he usally does. If things had gone sideways, you would not have seen him, he would have thrown others to the wolves, that's how he rolls.

People are just praying for him to leave soon. They are miserable.

Anonymous said...

Not really. The DOJ folks are just a bunch of retired law enforcement federal think-tank moochers that travel to all these big events such as the DNC, RNC, NATO, G-20, G-8, etc. It is just part of the federal PR show and not really a factor in the day to day decisions in the host cities.

Anonymous said...

CMPD did a fantastic job at the DNC. We knew well in advance that DOJ observers would be there. They were at the RNC as well. Sounds like a lot of nitpicking at what was otherwise a job well done.

Anonymous said...

CMPD guys did a great job. But Chief Monroe will claim it is all his doing. That is how it goes and how Monroe rolls.

Anonymous said...

The most senior officer that should get most of the credit is Major Dale Greene. He did a tremendous job running the day to day operations.

Anonymous said...

CMPD did a wonnderful job regardless of any other agencies involvement. As usual, the men and women in blue performed exceptionally regardless of the politics involved. Just another day "stomping and dragging" the streets.

Anonymous said...

Rodney's scrambled eggs are damn stupid looking.

Anonymous said...

7:15am: intelligent comment. Stop whining.

Anonymous said...

Look Rob is back you might have noticed he was missing during the DNC.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if all the negative comments about CMPD are from citizens or officers but the few obvious regulars are def CMPD. With that being said, if its so bad here, go elsewhere. I am proud to be apart of this department. Sorry you got caught doing something stupid down the road and were "mistreated" as a result. Take your negative breeding somewhere else. For the rest of you, especially younger officer, don't less this ass clown undermine your pride of where you work, what you do and what you stand for. Stamd proud, stand tall and appreciate the career you have. Some weasels manage you to squeeze into this police lifestyle and stick around for the ride. For others, its a true calling.......
signed: def not Rob

Anonymous said...

Jeeezzzz Rob, oh wait I mean Def not Rob,

Just because you think promotions based on color, recruiting street thugs, waiving back ground checks, and accepting payoffs is the way to run a police department doesn't you are in a majority.

It doesn't mean the rest of us are slacking on job or not proud to wear this uniform. Just means you are living in some alternative universe.

If you really feel so strong that we are all assclowns leave your name, a cell phone number and place we can have a word with you.

Signed not your mother.

Anonymous said...

The negative comments are not about CMPD. They are about the "leadership" of CMPD. They are about several individuals that should not be in the CMPD. They are not about the rest of the good officers--who should be just as outraged and much more vocal about the bad ones, including at the upper ranks. Helping to hide it helps no one except the people doing wrong things.
It's a tactic of bad leadership to keep trying to say it's disloyal to speak up about misconduct and lower standards. That's what desperate despots do to keep control. Seems to be largely working so far. Except for one RAC. More to come.

Anonymous said...

CMPD Command has lost the respect of the troops. Sure we suck up to your face, but turn your back and we a laughing our ass off.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 11, 2012 4:19 PM

You must be one of the golden knee pad children of CMPD's select few. You must also have the whitest teeth in the department by blowing everyone you can.

Secondly Dale Greene didn't do jack shit. He is one of the countless useless fucks within the department. The only ones responsible in ensuring the safety of the President were the SS and the other governmental agencies.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can't believe some of these comments. The USSS is responsible for POTUS. They were not out handling the protesters at all. This was CMPD and the other police agencies. The planning to pull this off was excellent and it did not happen overnight. Certainly, CMPD planned worst case and luckily that did not occur. Give CMPD leadership credit. It might be hard for you but this was done right. I have been involved in many of these events on the Federal level. This was well done.

As for the petty remarks, seriously no organization is perfect. Live through it and it will pass. There is nothing you can do other than your job.

Anonymous said...

"live through it and it will pass" ???

you are an idiot. you are a fool.

dealing with life and death--officers and the entire city the CMPD is supposed to protect--is not a matter of waiting out corrupt leadership.

you are a fool. how many will not make it through while you sit, stupid, behind a desk, collecting a paycheck?

Anonymous said...

There is some serious whining going on here. Just shut up and do your job for god's sake.

Anonymous said...

and.... he's back

Anonymous said...

To 6:02 pm and 9:30 pm.... Seriously , if I were as miserable as you, I would find a different line of work. Given your attitude, I would hate to have to work with the likes of you. Sad.

Anonymous said...

September 12, 2012 10:26 PM

Burp up some more CUM!!!

Anonymous said...

That was the biggest line of BULLSHIT I have ever heard. The word must be starting to get out about the SHIT that ROMO is pulling. That is why they were here to watch ROMO FUCK UP. You could just look at his face and they were on to him, like stink on shit. Which that is what he is shit.

Anonymous said...

To all you CMPD leadership bashers, get over yourselves. Your group obviously consists of only a limited number as I can see the same pattern of drival over and over again on this site. You continually make claims of corruption, prove it or shut up.

The comment, "live through it and it will pass", I take to mean do your job, leadership changes over time. To 9:30PM, there hasn't been an officer that has died due to corrupt leadership here in Charlotte in modern history.

If you whiners have integrity, and you feel you don't work for an organization with it, then stand up for your convictions and resign. Otherwise, do what your paid to do, protect and serve. If you want to assume a leadership position, then step up and put in the extra time, get the education and learn how to make things happen.

Yes, their are command staff that aren't up to par, that happens. It happens everywhere. It's life.

Anonymous said...

"their" are command staff that aren't up to par?
You're not on command staff, but you sit close enough to get the crumbs.
And your speech about getting an education to get a leadership position is even more stupid, because we all know that's not the way to get a leadership position with this chief.

Anonymous said...

Rob or one of the minions that come on the Blogs tasked with trying to defend the so called leaders at CMPD.

Understand this: To expose corruption on this and other Blogs is not "whining".

The only way to advancement at this CMPD is by kissing major ass or being a minority.

If you are willing to abandon personal and professional ethics, you will be "in".

And many, many at CMPD fall into this category, unfortunately.

They have let their personal ambitions cloud their better
judgment and integrity.

Just wait until Rodney leaves and he gives the interim "chief" position to harold......harold is salivating at the promise made by rodney, he is delirious with the thought of the power he believes it will bring.

Talk about non exstent leadership.....he personifies it.

Just another day at CMPD, folks, move along, nothing to see here!

Anonymous said...

Anon September 13, 2012 10:03 AM

Slobbing the knob must be one of your favorite things to do. I guess you are looking to be ones of those minions in the command staff.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 14, 2012 7:28 PM

I couldn't have said it better myself. You also forgot to add those who enjoy individuals of the same sex. You will also be safe to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:12
Wow, you are such a class act.

And I would not join the "minions" if asked, that is a club I do not wish to be associated with.

Go back in your spider hole, Rob.

Heard there was yet another homicide in Hickory Grove..
wow, Chuckles is doing a stellar job there, must make the chief so proud!

Anonymous said...

guess the fancy shot spotter was not helpful where they put it. How many more murders since then? How many false alarms?