Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christina Morris Reward Offered

This story is pretty close to home. In fact 485 runs along the back side of the subdivision where I live. The morning of the accident I was out for a run with my Labs when I heard the non stop sirens. 

Every parents nightmare and far too many ass clown drivers in Charlotte. How about we jerk this one's chain good and hard?

An Indian Trail Town Council member's daughter remains in the trauma Intensive Care Unit at Charlotte Medical Center.

Twenty-one-year-old Christina Morris has been there since her car was hit from behind on Interstate 485 near Providence Road two weeks ago. Her parents are hoping someone will come forward with information on the driver.

Troopers say Christina's car was in the right lane, trying to pass a silver SUV in the left, when the SUV accelerated, hitting her back left fender. Christina's car was sent spinning into a tree. The other driver in the SUV bolted.

Christina's mom, Darlene Luther, happened to be on the phone with a passerby at the time.
"Oh my gosh, that car is in the freakin' tree," she said the caller told her. "I'm just thinking oh, my gosh, that's horrible. But you know, you're so removed from it.".

Witnesses describe the SUV as silver in color and say the driver was acting agressively prior to the accident. Christina's parents are pleading with the public to come forward if they know something about the other driver.

"If you have kids, imagine it's your kids," Scott Luther said. "Turn this guy in. I don't care who he is. If you know somebody pontentially, imagine it's your child."

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. If you have informatin call Crime Stoppers, at 704-334-1600.

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Anonymous said...

Actually driving used to be fun but when motorcycles pass on I-85 doing over 80 or when people are talking on cell phones and pass doing over 80 that's when I worry about what's up front. Use to be tractor trailers now it's everything. Giving licenses to illegals who more then likely can't read English in CA is like giving a loaded gun to a con leaving the prison gates. Unfortunately in the USA lives don't seem to be worth much anymore.

Anonymous said...

Traffic enforcement is not and has not been a priority with Rodney....because those numbers do not matter in the almighty "stats".

Crime is off the charts.....have heard from several people that Ole Rodney is planning on leaving pretty soon, seems he wants to get out before he actually has to do real police work, and explain to citizens why crime "stats" are through the roof. Looks like all the cheating has finally caught up with him.

Look for him to push through more "promotions" for his buddies before he leaves.

With the people he has put in "leadership" positions, like V. foster, k. graue, d. gallant, and many, many more butt smooching incompetents, cmpd is screwed for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and every single officer that sits back quietly bitching without coming forward about every corrupt thing that is happening should look in the damn mirror for the person to blame the most.


Anonymous said...

And another homicide.

Anonymous said...

and is it okay because "police say it's not a random killing" ?

or does this one matter?

did Monroe show up? is he wearing shorts? has he been drinking? someone get this guy on camera

Anonymous said...

Lets just say that I know a few officer's that have come forward and brought some of what is mentioned in post by individuals. Lets just say that it didn't turn out to good for them.

Those who show they have ethics and stand up for what is wrong. Lets say they get thrown underneath the bus. I don't blame them for wanting to work for a SORRY ASS CMPD.

Anonymous said...

who did they come forward to?

What did they come forward with?

If they were demoted or shifted or in any way had retaliation for doing it, they should sue. There are laws protecting people for reporting illegal conduct. Enough is enough.

email and your information will be protected and respected. details will be independently verified without using your name or information and the outcome will be published and passed to authorities--probably in that order, for everyone's protection.

Anonymous said...

And a kidapping/carjacking in Hickory Grove......

It's like the Wild West in that Division! People are afraid to go out!!

Of course, seems all of MC is under seige!!

Oh Rodney, how are those crime stats??

Anonymous said...

Crime Stats? what crime stats? I don't remember being told to keep crime stats.

In Macon, we just kept some stuff on slips of paper in a shoe box, then threw them away before Federal Investigators came. Isn't that okay?

The City paid off the million dollar civil suit so the federal government dropped all the criminal charges for spending the grant money, and I got a job for more money somewhere else. And then Curt Walton hired me here. It's really been going great doing things the way I do them. At least for me.

Anonymous said...

Crime stats? Oh don't worry about those. Deputy Chiefs just "fixed" that problem by changing divisions back from a compressed work week (10 hour shifts) to a standard 5 day 8-hour shift. That should "fix" the stats.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that with the focus on the Komen race recently, no one has objected to a non profit that pays 1 or 2 salaries higher than the POTUS and several higher than the Vice President? It seems like finding a "cure" might be against their best interests.

Anonymous said...

How does that fix the stats? by making people happier to shut them up or by shifting the times for calls and reports? or something else?

Anonymous said...

All this bs and no mention of curt the clown's retirement

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at the anonymous posters calling others cowards. Classy! Why don't you people get some vaginas (cuz clearly you have no balls) and show some manhood. Even the blogger is a pussy. Can't even keep his second wife happy. Man up, boys!

Anonymous said...

Cedar has not posted anything in 12 days. I hope everything is ok.

Cedar Posts said...

All is well, have been in Maine without cable or wifi for a while.

As for 7:02 I hate the word vagina!

Pussy is acceptable even when you are speaking of myself.

Now about my "second wife", I never could make her happy so I started dating her best friend who is now my 3rd wife.

Does anyone else have any funny insults that they care to offer?

Anonymous said...

Tell them Cedar amazing that 7:02 wouldn't post his name either. Guess he has a vagina as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand but laugh out loud whenever I see an anonymous poster attacking another anonymous poster for posting an anonymous comment.



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