Thursday, November 1, 2012

HMS Bounty Captain "I Must Admit I Love Chasing Hurricanes"

Amazing story of the sinking of the Bounty and the loss of her Captain and one crew member continues to unfold.

Now a video interview has surfaced where Bounty's captain Robin Walbridge is reported to tell the reporter that he loves "chasing hurricanes".

Leaving safe harbor as a storm closes in on you is not a bad idea, "heading east" to avoid the storm, not a bad idea either.

But why the change in course? First reports that HMS Bounty is proceeding due east to avoid Hurricane Sandy, then a change in course to SW to cut across the "bow" of Sandy as her fore
cast calls for the storm to turn into the East Coast.

On Sunday Bounty found herself between the graveyard of the Atlantic and a fast approaching monster storm.

What chain of events caused this tragic sinking to occur?

Comparisons to Andrea Gail and SV Fantome are, as expected everywhere. Andrea Gail, was "working", Fantome was lost when the owners ordered the vessel to sea. Both are working ships, time critical missions that required some risk taking. So what was so important that Bounty cut across the path of Sandy, putting her and her crew in great peril? Sailing directly into the storms path, why?

Why was the vessel taking on water? What repairs or mods were completed in Maine that changed the ship and her ability to "weather" a storm.

Did the NHC's Cat 1 influence the Captain's course change or was it equipment failure?

The facts will come out and what a story this will be.

Some pretty good background information, with much detail is here.

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on to your site.

When I heard the news, they were still trying to rescue the crew. I looked up Bount on ship tracker and something didn't seem right.

The track showed them leaving port, heading East and on a course to be well clear of the hurricane. Then there was a change in course to the SW, as if intending to make port in North or South Carolina, or as if they were going to squeeze between Hurricane Sandy and the East Coast, with the "pinch point" being Cape Hattaras.

It just don't make sense!